Southwest Airlines At Chicago Airport (MDW) Information

Airline Name Southwest Airlines
Arrivals Terminal Concourse A & B
Departures Terminal Concourse A & B
Check-In Options Online, Mobile, AirportKiosks, Agent
Baggage Policy 2 free checked bags per passenger

Chicago Midway International Airport

Established in 1927, Midway International Airport has been serving thousands of passengers worldwide. 7 airlines run from this airport, and it is a base for Southwest Airlines and carries around 95% of passengers at the airport. The airport having 43 gates serves domestic and international passengers at their best. The airport has five runways, that connect through air taxis. 

What Terminal Is Southwest At Chicago Airport?

Southwest flights fly from Concourses A & B of the Midway Airport. You need to check your flight number and reach your concerned concourse on time. 

Arrival Terminal

Two concourses are set for Southwest flights, i.e. concourses A & B. The flight lands on either of them. When you are at the terminal, you are free to use the airport services available. You get the option to choose any mode of transport to reach your desired destination from the airport. 

Departure Terminal

The departure location for Southwest flights is concourses A & B. This might change in case of an emergency. The same shall be communicated to you beforehand. You need to be flexible if this happens and cooperate with the airline and the airport. 

Services available at Southwest Concourse 

At Chicago Midway Airport, you can find various comforting services offered to passengers who visit the airport. If you are flying to and from the  Southwest MDW terminal, you must know about the following services offered. 

Airport WiFi

When you are at the Southwest Terminal Chicago, you get unlimited free WiFi access. You can connect to it either pre or post-security. 

Power Outlets in Gate Waiting Areas

Keeping in mind today’s digital scenario, for the comfort of passengers Midway Airport has set up power-equipped chairs throughout the terminal and the baggage area, this allows passengers to charge their electronic devices at their convenience. 

Business Centres

To give you a work environment at the airport, MDW has business centers where passengers can hold meetings and do their work. Even if you are not flying to and from the airport,  people are still allowed to come to the business center and conduct their meetings. 

Mother’s Room

If you are traveling with kids, mothers get a separate room for their safety and convenience. This provides a private setting for mothers to breastfeed their kids. 

How to get to and from Southwest Concourse 

To get to and from the Southwest terminal, you get varied options to choose from. Some of them are mentioned below. 

Public transit

There are CTA buses and trains available for you to use to travel to and from the Southwest Terminal Chicago. Public transit is the easiest and most affordable transport to access. The train service is available from 4:30 AM -1:00 AM. Apart from CTA buses, you can also use Pace Buses that cover different routes. 

Taxis and rideshare services

Another way to get to and from the Midway Airport is using Taxis and rideshare services. It is advised to take a taxi from the cab station only for your safety. And also make sure that the taxi has a meter system installed in it to calculate the amount you need to pay. You can also use shared rides if you wish to pay less. While coming from Midway, the rideshare fare charges are:

  • Downtown ($18 per person)
  • McCormick Place ($18 per person)
  • O'Hare International Airport ($35 per person)

Note: Even now if you face an issue you can connect with Southwest Airlines Chicago Terminal Phone Number at +1 773-838-0600

Flight Options and Destinations

While flying with Southwest Airlines MDW Airport, you get the option to choose between non-stop and connecting flights to and from MDW. 

Non-stop Flights to Chicago

Southwest has a large number of non-stop flights flying to and from the Southwest Airlines Chicago Airport. Some of the destinations covered through non-stop flights include:

  • Albany
  • Austin
  • Atlanta
  • Boise
  • Denver
  • Kansas City
  • Ontario

Connecting Flights to Chicago

You also have the option to fly using a connecting flight. Some of the destinations covered by a connecting flight include:

  • Aruba
  • Corpus Christi
  • Fresno
  • Havana
  • Jackson 

Publish Date: 04/26/2023