Southwest Airlines At Wichita Airport (ICT) Information

Southwest Airlines Wichita Terminal, Check-in, and Baggage Options:

Airline Name Southwest Airlines
Arrivals Terminal 1 
Departures Terminal 1 

Southwest Airlines is a well-known airline that has been operating at Wichita Airport since 2013. It is one of the largest carriers at the airport, and it flies to many big cities. The airport is located in Wichita, which is a great place for vacation and exploration.

Southwest Airlines Wichita Airport has been around since 1921, and it has been serving passengers since 1954. It has three runways and covers an area of 3,248 acres. 

What Terminal Is Southwest At Wichita Airport?

Southwest Airlines operates at Wichita Airport from designated terminals and gates. Southwest uses Terminal 1’s gates 4 & 5 for its operations. There is only a single Southwest terminal Wichita holding 12 gates at the airport. Get the details of arrival and departures here- 

Arrival ICT Airport

Southwest Airlines use Terminal 1 for arriving passengers. The terminals can be changed in case of any emergency with prior notice to the passengers.

Departure ICT Airport

The terminal used for departure by Southwest Airlines is Terminal 1. The airlines can change the terminals with prior notice.

Facilities at Southwest Terminal 1 Wichita

The Wichita airport is a domestic airport, there are many facilities provided by the airport authorities in order to make passengers feel comfortable at the airport. Check out all the facilities provided here:

Dining Options

If you are more into flooding, the airport holds lots of varieties you can have easy access to. The Southwest Airlines Wichita Airport does not have access to some of the major food chains, yet these options are not at all bad-

  • Aviators Café
  • Air Capital Bar
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Grab & Fly and a few more.

Shopping Options

While packing in a hurry, you might have left some of the essential things back home. No Worries! There are many retail and duty-free shops, magazines, and news shops at Southwest ICT terminal to help you get the essentials you forgot to pack- 

  • Air Capital Market
  • CNBC News Express
  • CNBC Smart Shop

Lost & Found

If you have any item lost at the airport or have found anything belonging to others, you can inform the airport authorities immediately. You can call on the southwest airlines Wichita terminal phone number- (316) 946-4740 to report the item. You can also visit the lost and found department at the airport to make sure you reclaim your lost items if found.

Other Airport Services

Certain essential services are bound to be at any airport be it international or domestic and Wichita holds most of them. There are numerous other services that you can enjoy while being at the Southwest ICT terminal. Here are some of the services provided by the airport for passengers.

  • ATMs
  • Business Center
  • Free WiFi
  • Lactation Station
  • Vending Machines and many others.

Getting to and from the Southwest Terminal

Now traveling to/from the airport is easy if you know what are the exact means of travel. Here we have mentioned all the possible travel means you can get to/from the airport-

Public Transportation

You can get public transportation to cover your distances at cheaper rates. You can check the travel routes of the buses traveling to the airport. 

Shared Cab/Taxi

Sometimes it's not possible to get public transport, so you can also book shared cabs/taxis for your travel. If you want to travel solo, you can also book private cabs to your destination.

Tips For Navigating The Southwest Terminal

The process of boarding your flight might sometimes be frustrating. So it is advised to take a deeper look at the processes involved-

Check-in And Security

The best way to check in at Wichita Airport is to do it online, if you have the SWA app or can go to Southwest’s official website, you can easily complete your online check-in. Offline check-in might be a bit tedious where you can visit an agent or do it via Kiosks. 

The security check is another time-consuming process, where you and your belongings will be thoroughly checked via an X-ray scanner for possible lethal equipment and unauthorized belongings. 

Finding Gates And Boarding

After the security check, you will move towards boarding the plane. But first, find the gate (usually on your ticket) and get in the queue. There are different queues based on priority and get to your line according to it. Present the boarding pass to the concerned agent and board the plane.

Southwest Flight Options and Destinations

The Wichita airport is a small domestic airport capable of traveling less number of passengers. Yet the airport serves many major cities in the USA non-stop. Here you will be able to find all the direct and connecting flights that are to/from Wichita Airport- 

Direct Flights to Wichita

There are a total of 4 direct flights(non-stop) for Southwest Airlines ICT Airport. The direct flight locations are- Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and St. Louis. 

Connecting Flights to Wichita

The total number of connecting flights from Wichita airport is 107. If you wish to fly using the connecting flights, you will have to wait at hauls during the flight to your destination. Usually, these flights have lower fares.

Publish Date: 05/06/2023