Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy and Refund Fees

Spirit Airlines assists passengers in the event of a flight cancellation with the help of their policy known as Spirit Cancellation Policy. Apart from canceling flights, the airline also tries to provide refunds depending on the type of fare purchased by the passenger. 

In order to proceed with the refund process for a canceled flight, the passenger has to go through the terms and conditions mentioned on the tickets.

Overview of Spirit Flight Cancellations And Refund Policies 

Details about the flight cancellation and refund policies of Spirit Airlines are given below; 

  • With Spirit Airlines, you can cancel your flight ticket. The refund will be available within 7 days (168 hours) from departure. However, to claim a refund you must request it within 24 hours of the initial reservation.
  • If you have a Spirit Saver Club membership then you can cancel your flight within approximately 24 hours of departure.
  • Spirit Airlines' cancellation policy is in effect for 24 hours after the purchase of all tickets. If you cancel within 24 hours of purchase then you will not have to spend a single penny. 
  • According to the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, the airline will charge the passenger if a ticket is canceled after 24 hours of purchase.
  • As per Spirit's refund policy. If the flight ticket is purchased directly from the airline ticket counter, whether online or offline, the passenger can cancel and request a refund.
  • The customer is responsible for canceling the reservation 60 days prior to departure.
  • If you miss your Spirit flight, then the airline will cancel your flight and you may not get any refund unless you have a valid and genuine reason to justify your missed flight situation. 

Note: If any passengers want to cancel flights then they can get in touch with the customer care executive at 844 989 7283. 

What are the Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellation Charges?

The fees that might get charged after completing the flight cancellation procedure are given in the table below; 

Cancellation Time Cancellation Fee
0-6 days from departure $119
7-30 days from departure $99
31-59 days from departure $69
60+ days from departure Free

How Do I Cancel My Flight on Spirit Airlines?

There are various ways to cancel a flight. You can check the details given below;

  • The flyer must visit the main website to cancel the Spirit flight. The flyer can proceed with the cancellation of flights through the “Manage Booking” option available on the website.
  • The flyer can be found on the official website. 
  • The flyer can opt for canceling the flight even by paying a visit to the airport.
  • The live agent at Spirit Airlines can also be contacted to cancel the booked flight.
  • If the flyer has booked a ticket with any travel agency or a third party then the airline won’t provide any assistance in cancellation and refund policy.


Procedure to Cancel a Flight


If the flyer wants to cancel a Spirit flight through the official website, then, below mentioned steps must be followed.

  • Make a visit to the Spirit Airlines website.
  • Search for the option “My Trips.”
  • On the next page fill up all the credentials.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • Select “Cancel Reservation.”
  • Then your cancellation will be done.


What Measures Can I Take to Claim a Flight Cancellation Refund?


As per the Spirit Airlines refund policy, if you have a refundable flight then you can claim a refund for your Spirit flight cancellation by following the below-given measures; 

  • The first thing you should do is check the airline's website to see if they have any information about flight cancellations. Many airlines will post information about canceled flights on their website, including the reason for the cancellation and how to request a refund.
  • If you can't find any information about flight cancellations on the airline's website, you should contact them directly. You can usually do this by calling their customer service number or sending them an email.
  • When you contact the airline, be prepared to provide them with some information, such as your name, flight number, and booking confirmation number. You may also need to provide them with your contact information, such as your email address and phone number.
  • It may take some time for the airline to process your refund request. Be patient and don't give up.


Spirit Airlines does not have a no-show fee, but if you do not show up for your flight without canceling or changing your ticket at least 1 hour before departure, the fare paid by you will be forfeited (except for applicable taxes). You will not be entitled to a refund (other than applicable taxes), nor will you be eligible for a free or discounted ticket for a later flight.

You can get a Spirit travel credit if you have a Spirit credit card and you meet the following requirements: You must have made at least $1,000 in purchases on your Spirit credit card within the first 90 days of account opening. You must have activated your Spirit travel credit within 60 days of account opening. You must use your Spirit Travel credit to book a flight on Spirit Airlines.

It depends on your situation. If you are within 24 hours of your flight and you want to get a full refund, then you should cancel your flight. However, if you have crossed the 24-hour cancellation time span, you will only be eligible for a credit to use on a future Spirit flight. If you don't care about getting a refund or credit, then you can simply not show up for your flight. However, you will forfeit the entire price of your ticket.

By following the below-given points, you can avoid paying the flight cancellation fee. Book a refundable ticket to get rid of paying cancellation fees. Buy travel insurance that covers cancellation fees, as well as other travel expenses, in the event of a trip cancellation. Check for travel waivers that waive cancellation fees for certain reasons, such as inclement weather or a medical emergency. If you have to cancel your flight, be polite and understanding to the customer service agent. They may be more likely to waive the cancellation fee if you are nice to them.