Interjet Airlines ensures the comfort of its passengers. They make sure to be with their travelers from the very scratch. From the check-in process to boarding the flight, each step is taken care of. The airlines provide passengers with different methods for both check-in and retrieving the boarding pass which makes the process smoother and simpler. Now, let us dive into the check-in process in detail so that we do not miss out on any of the important steps.

When Should I Check-in for my Interjet Flight?

The Interjet flight check-in time should be well catered to. Passengers should ensure that they are aware of and follow the check-in timings precisely. Otherwise Interjet flight may be missed. If this happens then there is no need for you to worry. Interjet airline also provides Interjet missed flight policy, in which you will get solutions.

Let us now discuss at what time should you check in for your Interjet flight.

Online/Mobile check-in time

The online check-in process for Interjet flights is 48 hours to 2 hours for international flyers, and if it is a domestic flight, you need to start the Interjet Airlines mobile check-in process 24 hours prior and finish the process 2 hours before your flight has to take off. 

Airport Check-in Time

The airport check-in time is different for domestic and international travelers. Passengers should ensure to reach the airport on time to perform the check-in procedure. 

  • All international travelers should reach the airport 3 hours prior to their flight’s time
  • If you are traveling on a domestic flight, make sure to reach the airport 2 hours before the flight’s departure time


What Are The Flight Check-in For Interjet Airlines?


Flight check-in can be easily done by following any of the methods laid down by the airline. For the comfort and convenience of the flyers, Interjet Airlines allows passengers to check in for their flight using various methods. The methods that can be used are discussed below. Ensure to follow each step carefully.

Check-in Online or via Mobile

Online check-in through the airline's webpage or via mobile application is the most commonly used method by all travelers. This method saves a lot of time and energy for passengers flying with Interjet Airlines. The check-in steps are given below.

  • Visit the airline's webpage or download their mobile application
  • Click on Manage Booking to perform the check-in procedure
  • Fill in all the necessary information displayed on the screen
  • Get all the details verified and confirm the check-in process


Check-in via Kiosk


Interjet Airlines have kiosk machines at airports that enable passengers to perform their check-in process smoothly. The process is quick and easy without any hassle. You need to perform the following steps for kiosk check-in:

  • Reach the airline’s kiosk machine.
  • Tap on the kiosk screen and start the check-in process.
  • Fill in all the details including the e-ticket number and booking reference number.
  • Double-check the information and click on the confirm button.


Airport Check-in Method


Airport check-in sounds quite comforting for those who find it tough to check in on their own. At the airport check-in desk, you get proper assistance from the airport staff whoever is responsible to attend the check-in counter. For Airport check-in, follow the steps given below.

  • Reach the airport and locate the check-in desk
  • Shoe all your documents including the one that has your ticket number and booking reference number
  • Allow the agent to verify all Interjet Airlines check-in documents.
  • The agent will let you know if the check-in process is successful or not


How to Download Interjet Airlines Boarding Pass?


After doing the check-in process by any of the above-mentioned methods, passengers need to download their boarding pass and get a printout of it to show at the boarding gate. When it comes to downloading the boarding pass, the airline is flexible enough to allow passengers to download their Interjet boarding pass smoothly. Let us now discuss various methods that can be used to download the flight boarding pass. 

Downloading via Kiosk

To collect your boarding pass through a kiosk machine, follow the steps given below. 

  • Upon completing the Interjet check-in process on the kiosk machine, confirm the process and click on the download boarding pass
  • The machine will print the boarding pass and luggage tags for you
  • Show it when you reach the boarding gate for your Interjet flight


Collecting the Boarding Pass at the Airport


To get your boarding pass from the airport, you need to look for the airline’s check-in desk and request the executive to provide you with the boarding pass. Once the executive verifies all the details and documents, he will print the boarding pass and luggage tags for you. Collect it and make your way to the boarding gate for your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can check in for your Interjet flight at any airport where Interjet operates. However, it's a good idea to check the specific check-in options and deadlines for your departure airport before you travel.

If you have a connecting flight with another airline, you will need to check in separately for each airline. For example, if you are flying Interjet for the first leg of your journey and then connecting to a different airline, you will need to check in with Interjet first and then check in again with the other airline for your connecting flight.

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