Before you fly with Porter Airlines, you should do good research about the airline and its services. One of the trickiest and longest processes for flying is the check-in process. Therefore, it is very important to have a solid knowledge of the Porter Airlines check-in process.

Along with that, here are some additional tips for you to get your boarding pass without much struggle.

Does Porter Airlines Offer Flexible Check-in Options?

Yes, Porter Airlines is a popular airline because of its flexible check-in options. If you are traveling with this airline then you will get 4 options for check-in for Porter Airlines. The options are;

  • Online Check-in
  • Mobile Check-in
  • Counter Check-in 
  • Kiosk Check-in

To know more, scroll down and read the article below; 

What Are The Porter Airlines Check-In Timings?

Every airline has its own check-in timings. The check-in timings of Porter Airlines are mentioned below; 

Online and Mobile Check-in

The online and mobile check-in starts 24 hours before the flight time and ends 60 minutes prior to the departure time. If you do not want to miss your flight then you must complete the check-in within the given time slot. 

Counter Check-in 

If you are going to proceed for counter check-in then you must need to reach the airport at least 60 minutes prior to the domestic flight departure. However, if you are flying on an international flight then you have to reach the airport 90 minutes before the flight time. Details about the counter check-in timings are given below; 

If you are traveling within Canada, then take a look at the context given below; 

  • At Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport the Check-In/ Baggage Drop-Off time closes 20 minutes prior to the scheduled flight. 
  • If you are traveling with Toronto Pearson International Airport then you must complete your check-in and baggage drop-off procedure at least 45 minutes before the flight time. 
  • For all the other airports in Canada, the closing time is 30 minutes before the flight time.

If you are traveling to/from international destinations, then check the timing details below; 

  • The Check-In/ Baggage Drop-Off time closes 45 minutes prior to the scheduled flight at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. 
  • At Toronto Pearson International and Other Airport, the Check-In/ Baggage Drop-Off time closes 75 minutes prior to the scheduled flight.


If you have any relation with the below situations, then it is advisable to reach the airport at least 2 hours prior to the domestic flight time and 3 hours before the international flight departure time. 

  • The counter check-in procedure can take a bit of time if you are applying for some special assistance.
  • If you are traveling with the pet then the Porter check in procedure can exceed by some extra minutes. 
  • An unaccompanied minor situation can be a reason for extra time. As it may have many proceedings and other stuff. 
  • If you have oversized or overweight baggage then also your counter check-in procedure timing can stretch. 


How Can I Apply for Porter Airlines Check-in? 

The check-in procedure of Porter Airlines is very easy and flexible. However, if you are not fully aware of the check-in procedures then you may take a quick look below; 

Online and Mobile Check-in Procedure

For Porter Airlines online check-in and mobile check-in you can follow the below-given steps; 

  • For online check-in, you can visit the official website of Porter Airlines or you can directly go to the “Web Check-in”; Or
  • For mobile check-in, you need to download the mobile app on your smartphone or tab. 
  • Go to the manage booking option. 
  • Search for the check-in option. 
  • Enter your last name and booking number.
  • Then, confirm the allotted seat and choose the option “Baggage or No Baggage”.
  • Review the details thoroughly. 
  • Then, after the completion, you will get your boarding pass. 


There are certain situations under which you cannot apply for online check-in. Details are given below; 

  • If you have done some recent modifications to your reservation, then you are restrained from online check-in. 
  • If you have not paid your reservation dues, then also you cannot apply for online check-in. 
  • You cannot apply for online check-in for an international flight if you do not have a passport of US or Canadian.
  • You will be restrained from the online check-in facility if you have any special service requirement such as an unaccompanied minor or an attendant. 

Counter Check-in Procedure 

Counter Check-in is the most stress-free procedure because in this procedure all you need to do is to provide your ticket information and government I’d to the counter agent. The rest of the things will be done by them. 

During the counter check-in procedure, you can also purchase some additional travel options at your convenience. After the procedure is done, the agent will hand over the boarding pass and baggage tag if any. 

Kiosk Check-in Procedure

Porter Kiosk Check-in facility is only available for domestic flights and transborder flights. For a seamless Kiosk Check-in, you can try the below-given steps; 

You must reach the airport before the given time, in order to avoid last-minute chaos. 

  • Find the check-in counter. Generally, you can find it near the entrance of the airport or near the counter check-in section. However, you can take some help from the airport staff or ca follow the signboards. 
  • Select a language that suits you the best. 
  • Enter your last name and confirmed ticket details on the screen. 
  • Confirm your pre-allotted seat. 
  • Choose the option “Baggage or No Baggage” 
  • Cross-verify your details. However, this step is optional. But you must follow this step because precaution is better than cure. 
  • Get your boarding pass and you are ready to fly. 

Note: The kiosk facility is available at Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, and Toronto Pearson Airport.

What Porter Airlines Check-in Documents Are Required? 

If you are traveling within Canada, the following documents are required;

  • If you are above 18 then you must show one Canadian government-issued I’d. It is advisable to show an I’d that has your photo, your full name, and your date of birth. 
  • If you are below 18 then you must show your id that has your name and date of birth. You can also show a government-issued I’d with or without a photo. However, that is not mandatory. 

Note: Any hunting, fishing, or boating I’d is not acceptable as an I’d proof. And if you do not have any Canadian government-issued I’d then you can submit any travel documents used to enter Canada.

For other international destinations, the following documents are required; 

  • If you are traveling to/ from international destinations via the US then you must show your valid passport and visa. 
  • If you are a citizen of some other country, then you are required to contact your consulate or embassy for boarding requirements. 

Note: While submitting documents for the check-in procedure, you must keep one thing in mind, the US passport card may not be used for international air travel.

Advantages of Porter's early check-in

If you check in earlier for your Porter flight, then the below-given advantages you may get; 

  • You can save up to $10 + additional tax per bag when you check in and pay in advance or purchase additional travel options. 
  • You can save enough time to proceed with further pre-boarding procedures. 
  • There is a high chance to get a nice in-flight seat if you check in early. 
  • If you have any loyalty points then you can even choose a seat that suits you the best. 

How to Get a Porter Boarding Pass?

To board a flight to reach your destination, the most important thing is a Boarding pass. Have no idea how to get it? Woosh your worries and follow the below-given steps to get your pass without any stress. 

Online Boarding Pass 

To get your pass online, read the below-given points; 

  • Go to the website and complete the check-in procedure.
  • After you are done, you will get an option to download your board pass. 
  • After you have downloaded the pass, you can take out a print of it to show it at the airport. 
  • If you are unable to arrange the printout, then you can send the pass directly to your mobile and can show that easily at the airport. Fly paperless!

Boarding Pass Via Mobile

Have no idea to get your Porter Airlines mobile boarding pass? No worries. Just follow the below-given steps to get your pass. 

  • Download the mobile app on your Android or ios.
  • Complete the check-in procedure.
  • Then, you will receive an option to “download boarding pass” 
  • Click on that option and save the pass on your device. 
  • You can even take a screenshot of it. Or
  • You can save the QR code for scanning at the airport.

Kiosk Boarding Pass 

If you have completed your kiosk check-in procedure, then a tab will be flashed on the screen “Print Boarding Pass”. Just tap on that option to get your pass. If you have baggage then you can print your baggage tags as well. 

Note: After you got your pass, it is advisable to reach the terminal gate at least 10 minutes prior to the flight time. However, the gate closing time will be shown on your boarding pass as well.  

Frequently Asked Questions

All the passengers are suggested to complete the check-in process 60 minutes before the departure in case of domestic flights and 90 minutes prior to the departure if booked with international flights.

Online check-in is much easier and more convenient if compared with airport check-in. You can complete the check-in process from your home or office 24 hours before the departure to the flight. By doing so, you can avoid the long waiting lines.

There is no harm in arriving early at the airport. However, if you have booked a ticket with a domestic flight from Porter Airlines, then you must reach the airport 60 minutes before the scheduled take-off. In case of an international flight, you must reach the airport 90 minutes prior to the departure.

Porter Airlines shares your boarding pass directly on your mobile device. You will receive your boarding pass on your mail id. After receiving your boarding pass, you can either save it in the Passbook app or save the OR code for scanning at the airport.

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