Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away: Fare Information

Out of four travel classes offered, the cheapest one that passengers can purchase is the Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away. No other airline can beat the price range that Southwest Airlines have to offer. Especially the Wanna Getaway fare can be considered the cheapest fare type any airline has to offer. Considering all other classes wanna get away still offers plenty of services and amenities lacking in many other major airlines. 

Read the following article to consume more about the travel class in detail.

How The Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away Works?

If you want to fly using Wanna Get Away, you need should book them in advance with the website or the SWA app. The program is very lucrative as it attracts most of the fliers due to its low cost. 

There are many advantages that the program has to offer however, we will get to it eventually. Here we have mentioned all the basic amenities you get with the Wanna Get Away program-

  • You receive Free flight credits whenever you cancel your flight.
  • Enjoy the onboard entertainment, in the form of movies, TV shows, and others.
  • Rapid reward points to help you later in your journey.

What Are The Benefits Of The Wanna Get Away Program?

The low-cost fare type has been designed for low-budget passengers who want to enjoy the maximum benefits during their flight. 

While traveling with other major airlines at low-fare tickets, you surely get to face a lot of trouble during your journey.  However, in this case, you can make the most use of the basic amenities provided with the base fare. 

Here are all the benefits you get to enjoy with the Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away tickets-

  • Cheapest fares of all, yet have ample amounts of amenities to offer.
  • If your ticket is non-refundable, upon cancellation, you get flight credits which you can accumulate for later use and even for bookings. 
  • You get to fly with two checked bags, however, size limits will apply to both. 
  • You can cancel your flight for free (if the tickets are refundable).
  • You can change your flights for free but up until 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. However, if there is any fare difference you need to pay for that.
  • Here you will earn 6 Rapid Reward Points per Dollar per qualifying flight. You can use those points to book further travel plans.
  • You can utilize your time onboard with unlimited movies, live TV, and in-flight messaging.

So, even the base fare has this many benefits, just imagine what the top-tier class would offer. Well, let’s not talk about it here as it would go beyond the page for you to read.

Tips for Booking Wanna Get Away Fares

The Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away fares have a great impact on your travel, if you are saving some extra buck you can surely use them somewhere else. 

Usually, the flight prices for these fare types are low, however, some great tricks exist to get the tickets even at cheaper rates. Here are some great tips to help you get your tickets at cheaper rates-

  • Book Early- As the name suggests, make your bookings at the earliest possible. A preplanned travel will surely cost you lower if you make your bookings in advance. 
  • Use Southwest’s Email alerts- Southwest often sends their customers, offer emails where you get notified of ongoing offers and discounts. 
  • Make One-Way ticket booking- This trick can help you get even better deals as compared to round trips. 
  • Look out for sales- Southwest often comes up with sales on the programs and you can grab some exciting deals there. Sometimes you might lucky to grab exciting offers.
  • If you are eager and patient enough, you will surely get an amazing deal, however, to make the travel even cheaper use the Rapid Reward Points. 

Using these tips and tricks you can extract the most out of the program and also maximize your rewards as a traveler.

What are the Restrictions and Limitations?

With great advantages come significant limitations as well. The Southwest Airline Wanna Get Away program will not only benefit you but also has some disadvantages that you can’t ignore. 

Although it is the lowest fare plan, it has comparatively okayish drawbacks that most travelers are comfortable with. While booking a Wanna Get Away fare you need to be aware of these limitations you will face- 

  • The first limitation is that your tickets are non-refundable and can’t be canceled for money back. Instead, you will get flight credits to use in future travels.
  • As different packages are designed to enhance user accessibility, there are certain features that you might not be able to enjoy that you can enjoy in the higher fare types. 
  • You will probably be at the least prioritized queue and boarding gate. However, you can buy priority check-in services before departure. 
  • You are rewarded fewer Rapid Reward Points compared to other travel classes. With priority membership, they get even more points per dollar. 
  • You will have limited service of food and beverages, while on board. However, higher-class travelers can enjoy complimentary food and drink multiple times.

What are the Alternatives to Wanna Get Away Fares?

Wanna Get Away still holds the record for the cheapest flight in Southwest. If you are still willing to find a better alternative, here are other options you find at Southwest Airlines-

  • Wanna Get Away+ is the closest relative. 
  • Going higher up, we have, Anytime that is quite expensive. 
  • And lastly, the Business Select plan is the most expensive one. 

So, comparing the other fare options you must be already clear about what Wanna Get Away has to offer. However, with Wanna Get Away

  • All the features of the previous option.
  • You can change your flights.
  • Get into the same-day standby list. Book your next flight on the same calendar day. (However, you must submit your request 10 minutes before the flight departure.)
  • You can share your earned flight credits with someone else. 

The Anytime fare option is an expensive one with

  • You get all the features from the previous options.
  • You will get refundable flight tickets. If you cancel them 10 minutes before the flight departure, you get your money back. 
  • You can enjoy overhead bins, more space, and early arrival. Get early access to the seats with the help of the EarlyBird Check-in facility. But you need to purchase your tickets at least 36 hours before the departure. 

How to Manage Wanna Get Away Bookings?

  • Via the SWA app, the management of your Southwest Airlines Wanna Get Away bookings is simplified. Got an emergency problem? No worries you can cancel/change your flight in no time. 
  • Open the app, go to the ‘Manage Bookings’ section and alter your travel plans accordingly. The process barely takes any time and you can do it all by yourself.
  • With the SWA app, you can cancel/change your flight with a single click. The app is very interactive and using it to add or make changes is very simple. 
  • While managing your Rapid Rewards Points, use them as per your will, booking tickets, buying services, or anything you like, as they never expire. 

Don't need them? transfer it to someone else who needs them more. But the restrictions say that you need to travel at least via the Wanna Get Away Plus fare plan.

Publish Date: 05/10/2023