How Far is Austin From Houston?

Are you planning a family vacation or a trip out of the city? So it’s time to visit Austin. Regardless of your reasons, Austin is the best place for the family Vacation. There are many of the best places like The State Capital and Visitors Center, it's a historic place, Lady Bird Lake, it’s basically a section of the Colorado River, Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, Bullock Texas State History Museum, this museum hosts educational and new release popular films in its IMAX and many of the special events also held there, Zilker Metropolitan Park, it's Austin's most popular place in terms of greenery, Mexic-Arte Museum, you can enjoy here traditional art and culture, Mount Bonnell, it's a picnic kind spot. Also, Austin has great restaurants where you can have the great cuisines that are all around the world where you can have a great experience and can spend a great time with your family.

There is some important information if you are planning a trip to Austin: The total distance between Austin to Houston is nearly 165 Miles, so now you know How far is Austin from Houston? 

Traveling      Distance          Time
By Car (nonstop) 165miles/266km 2hrs 50minutes
By Flight (nonstop) 148miles/ 239km 55 minutes

Airport and Flights to Austin from Houston 

By the Flight to Austin from Houston it will take less time to fly to Austin, there are many flights like Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines, etc. from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport to the Austin Bergstrom International Airport. There are different flight services on this route:

United Airlines American Airlines
Southwest Airlines Spirit Airlines
Emirates Airline Delta Airlines
Qatar Airways Frontier Airlines
JetBlue Airways British Airways

Flying to Austin from Houston

Flight to Austin from Houston will take 55 minutes to reach there. If you want to utilize the day we will suggest you take early morning flights, it’s been around 5.30 am so you can enjoy your day there in the city. Early morning flights are also less expensive compared to day and evening flights.

Other than this, if you want to go on a road trip from Houston to Austin you can drive and cover the way between these cities. With the nonstop journey, you can reach the city early, it will take 2 hr 50 minutes with non-stop driving but on road trips the quick stops are enjoyable. There are many stops that travelers can enjoy like Buc - ee's, it's the area for rest, Chappell Hill Kolaches, and Blue Bell Ice Cream, where you can taste amazing ice cream flavors, Brenham, it's a small town, Texas Big Sky, you can watch some scenic views here, Old Potato Road, it's a byway, Roadside Attractions, Schobel's Restaurant, you can have there a nice meal, Quirky Country Market, after having a meal you go to this market for purchasing many things at the sale, Bluebonnets, these are a beautiful wildflower which you will see all around Texas from March till May, etc. 

Transportation Option for the Trip:

  • For choosing transportation as a mode of convenience you must know how far Austin to Houston is. Airways is the best mode of transportation because it saves us a lot of time. Almost every Airline offers a lot of services to make air travel easier. These services are baggage allowance, entertainment in-flight, lounge access, and priority boarding. Airlines try to make the entire journey more enjoyable and stress-free as much as they can so the customers keep coming back.

  • If you have more time to spend on your trip then taking a train or a bus can be a great way and through this, you will save a lot of money. Airways are expensive but roadways are much cheaper. On roadways, you can travel comfortably and also you can take in all the scenic views without having to worry about turbulence or about other airline issues. This is actually a good way to reach your destination and also to save money.

  • If you are looking for more flexibility then you can rent a car also. For example, take a car on rent and go on your own on a road trip and you can have stops according to your choice for enjoying some attraction points on the line of the journey. In this way, you will get the most out of your travel experience on fewer budget.

Attractions and Activities along the Route

Many times Airline offers special deals on tickets which include sometimes stops at some popular attraction points within the route. Travelers who look the most out of their trip may find these deals attractive. It's actually the strategy used by most of the airlines so that travelers pick them over other carriers which adds up value to the ticket. Airlines may also offer some perks like free baggage, complimentary meals, and priority boarding with these packages so that travelers can save a lot on these deals and also take advantage.

These attractions and activities include guided tours to local cities to outdoor adventures like paragliding, hiking, and kayaking. Airline companies may also offer those packages which combine tickets, adventure activities, and attractions which help travelers to save some money. Travelers can choose activities as per their interests so they can enjoy more as a variety of options are available there. From paragliding, and hiking to tours of the city airline companies provides dream trips to the people.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Journey

  • Choose your seat wisely so that you can have maximum comfort throughout your journey. When selecting your seat onboard the airline, consider important factors such as legroom and proximity to the lavatories. 
  • If you strictly follow some diet, check the special meal offers on the airline and book your seat close to the galley so that if you want anything you can get that easily. 
  • Now you may wonder how far Austin to Houston is and how will you keep yourself entertained throughout the journey.
  • Taking these simple steps can help you to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Most airlines provide entertainment sources like music, films, games, etc so that you can't get bored throughout your journey. In addition, you can also take advantage of complimentary food and drinks. 
  • There is no need to sacrifice comfort, just take the advantage of amenities that the airline offers and get a pleasant travel experience.

A Summary of What to Expect on the Trip

Airlines mostly provide various amenities like food, drinks, and entertainment. During long-haul flights, passengers sometimes wonder how far they will travel. For those, flying from Houston to Austin the distance is 148 miles, and basically, takes 55 minutes to reach the destination. Different airlines offer various flight timing just depending on the route they take, so it's best to check your chosen airline before booking. Airlines also offer some other helpful customer service representatives that can assist with anything from boarding information to finding a lost item onboard. Now you can have a brief idea of how far is Austin from Houston and now with this, you can easily decide the comfortable way to cover this distance. Adding to it Airline passengers can have a more comfortable journey just because of the dedication of these professionals. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The total distance between Austin from Houston is 146.6 miles by the flight and 165 miles by road.


Yes, it is a journey of 2 hours and 50 minutes if you are good and comfortable driving then you are good to go with a road journey.


Houston is hotter than Austin, so Austin weather is more comfortable.


There are many famous places like Quick Country Market, Timeless Texas Classics, Chappell Hill Bakery, etc.


According to the fares Spirit Airline and JetBlue are the best.

Publish Date: 05/06/2023