How Far is Tampa From Orlando?

Wonder!! How far is Tampa from Orlando FL (Florida)? And the different possible ways to reach there?  Through this blog, you will get amazing knowledge about the distance you want to cover.

If you are planning a trip to Tampa Florida we will help you to plan your trip from Orlando to Tampa will provide you with the best flight options to include in your trip planning, we will also suggest you other transport options, attractive places to visit and explore the cities more and also suggest you about the time or best months to plan a vacation in these cities.

Distance between Tampa and Orlando

The important information about the distance when you are planning the trip from Orlando to Tampa, it will be 84 miles away. There are multiple options for covering this distance as you can take a flight it will take less time and if you want to go by road you can take a bus or car. Travel time may vary with the transport.

Travel Time between Tampa and Orlando

If we talk about the time taken by the different transport to cover this distance then on average if you go by car it will take around 1 hour 20 minutes to cover the distance between the 2 cities with non-stop driving but traffic conditions are unpredictable and may hamper your time of covering the distance. If you opt for the bus it will take around 3 hours including its stops. Last but not least the flight is the fastest mode of transportation to cover any distance between two cities so it will take nearly 45 minutes to reach your destination.

Transportation Option for the Trip:

There are multiple options available to travel from Orlando to Tampa, the biggest concern is about the needs and the budget so we are providing you with popular transportation options, you can consider which suits you the most:

Driving: In this option, you can rent a car or can drive your car to cover the distance between Tampa and Orlando. It will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes with non-stop driving, but always keep in mind that traffic can be unpredictable and it may hamper your Tampa to Orlando drive time. There are some rental car agencies to rent a car or you can also rent from Orlando International Airport.

Bus: This option you can opt for if you do not have time concerns and it is the more affordable, comfortable, and convenient transport. There are bus services like Greyhound and Mega Bus. You can take the bus from there. It will take around 2 hours including the stoppages but again the traffic conditions are unpredictable and may change your time of traveling.

Train: The train service called Amtrak connects Orlando from Tampa by taking a time of 3 hours. The option may be comfortable and affordable. The important aspect is the stations located downtown.

Flying: Flying is the fastest mode of transport, and many flights are available to cover this distance when you are choosing the option the main concern is your budget, comfort, time, and convenience. The Flight will take 45 minutes total to cover the distance.

When you’re choosing your transport please consider your time and budget. The best suggestion we already provided above. By comparing the options available choose the best for you which suits you the most for your trip.

Attractions and Activities along the Route

If you are going by road then you will see several attractive points along the route that are worth visiting from Orlando to Tampa. Here are some of the top attractions listed below:

Florida Museum- This museum is specifically made to depict the Aviation history of Florida. Tourists can see the vintage aircraft here and learn about its history. It is located in Lakeland.

Dinosaur World- It is a theme park; there are over 200 life-sized dinosaur sculptures. Visitors can enjoy the park by themselves and learn about the fascinating creatures which create the history on this earth. This park is located in Plant City.

Bok Tower Gardens- Bok Tower Gardens is a Historic Landmark that depicts the beautiful gardens, a Carllion Bell Tower, and a 205-foot art deco tower. It is located in Lake Wales.

  • Legoland Florida Resort- This location is best for the family because it offers a theme park with rides, shows, and attractive activities. The park is designed for the kids and people just need to take a short drive from Tampa to enjoy it here.
  • Safari Wilderness Ranch is the place where you will get the unique experience of a safari tour where visitors see the exotic animals from very close. There are other tools also like Kayak Safari, Camel Expedition, and Horseback Safari.
  • Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is the most popular theme park which has thrilling rides like roller coasters, animal exhibits, and also has live shows. This park also has different species of animals, dining, and a shopping area.

These attractions and activities are there on the route from Orlando to Tampa. You can enjoy your journey fully when you are traveling by road transport.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Journey

Taking the tips from here will help you to plan a trip and tricks can help you to make the most of your trip. The tips are listed down:

  • If you are traveling between the 2 cities try to explore both cities. Both cities have their own attractive places to visit and experience. One of the main attractions in between is Walt Disney World. You must visit there to make the most of your trip.
  • Always have a Plan before visiting any city. Whether you're traveling by car, bus, or train, it's important to plan first. Just keep in mind traffic conditions, travel time, and places you are going to visit in between.
  • Thirdly, I will talk about the outdoor activities you need to keep in mind like Beautiful scenery, a great place for central Florida or if you are interested in hiking, fishing, or kayaking there are plenty of options to choose from.
  • There are some local cuisines you must try like the culinary scene from Central Florida, make sure to local cuisines such as Cuban Sandwiches, Seafood, key lime pie, etc you must try because food is also the main part of the trip.
  • Last but not least, events and festivals are also the main parts which should be pen down in your planning so that you can enjoy each and everything in your trip. There are some festivals like Epcot International Food &Wine Festivals in Orlando and Gasparilla Pirate Festivals in Tampa etc.

These tips are more important to make the most of your trip to Tampa from Orlando and experience Central Florida whether you are traveling alone, with friends, or with the family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Airways is the fastest communication to cover this distance.


It will take near by 1.5 hours to cover the distance from Tampa to Orlando.


Yes, there is only one train available in a day between Tampa to Orlando so plan your trip accordingly.


It depends on the date, time, day of the week and also the airlines you choose. Many people get cheap deals on flights from Tampa to Orlando.


Disney is 63 miles away from Tampa, by car it will be 72.2 miles and you can also take the bus which will take 2 hours and 48 minutes to reach Disney.

Publish Date: 05/06/2023