Flights from Boston to New York

Each time you journey to a new place, you gain fresh perspectives that open your minds and stir your souls. One such mesmerizing journey is from Boston to New York. These Flights will surely enhance your traveling experience.

The Route of BOS to JFK

Boston and New York are around 75 miles apart in distance. No time adjustment is needed when traveling between the two cities as they both are in the same Eastern time zone. Commercial flights between Boston and New York airports have a very short duration. They last only 50-90 minutes. It's easy to explore both cities and enjoy all they have to offer. You could take in Broadway shows, explore museums, stroll historic neighborhoods, or just enjoy amazing food from each city. 

Choice of Airline for your Boston to New York

There are many airlines that provide their services between these two cities. We have jotted down the key factors of some specific airlines for your comfort. It will surely help you in making the right choice.

  • American Airlines offers multiple direct flights daily between Boston and New York. Flight time is around 55-70 minutes. They offer lie-flat seats in business class, extra legroom economy seats, and complimentary snacks/drinks. 
  • Delta’s direct Bos-Jfk flights takes around 1 hour. They operate over a dozen flights on weekdays and weekends. DeltaOne business class has lie-flat pods and excellent service. Comfort+ economy seats have extra legroom.  
  • JetBlue provides these flights every day. They are known for good service and amenities on short-haul flights. Their All-coach cabin has extra legroom seat options at the front, free TV, comfortable cushions, and blankets.
  • Some discount airlines like Southwest, Frontier, Spirit, and Alaska generally have the lowest fares under $500 roundtrip for economy seats. Seats and service are limited with additional fees for carry-ons, checked bags, seat selection, blankets, and entertainment. 

Cheap Flights Booking from BOS to JFK

Planning to go from Boston to New York on a cheap flight? You should know these factors before booking: 

  • The cheapest month to fly from Boston to JFK is considered to be January.
  • The peak season for flights between these two cities is October-December.
  • You should do the booking of your tickets at least 3 weeks before traveling. 
  • The common round-trip price from BOS-JFK is $533 or less. For one-way flights, you can book them for $162 or less.
  • Booking an evening BOS-JFK flight tends to be 7% more expensive than a morning flight.

Airports Information

Boston Logan International Airport

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is mostly in East Boston and partially in Winthrop, Massachusetts. This airport includes six runways and four terminals. All terminals are connected by shuttle buses and A, B, and E have moving walkways.

Our Lady of the Airways is the first airport chapel in the US at BOS.

There is also a general aviation terminal known as Amelia Earheart at Boston Airport. It is currently not in use for traveling.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

JFK is the main airport in New York City. It serves flights to various destinations around all six continents. There are around 90 airlines in operation at this airport. 

It is in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens. JFK began working in 1948. 

This airport was also known as Idlewild Airport before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the US. 

There are around five active terminals and 130 gates in total at JFK.



Publish Date: 05/04/2023