Aeromexico Airlines Missed Flight Policy & Refund Guide

If a passenger misses their Aeromexico flight after making a booking, the airline can provide assistance. The Aeromexico flight missed flight policy provides guidance for passengers on what to do if they have missed their flight. The process for getting a refund for a missed flight depends on the type of ticket purchased and the way the booking was made.

Missed Flight Policy and Refund Rules

It is quite unfortunate if you have missed your flight however it is based on the conditions or the reasons that how the flight was missed.

Below here we have covered the basic rules and guidelines to understand the scenarios. 

  • If you have missed your first flight or connecting flight due to unforeseen situations, you are most likely to get assistance from Aeromexico Airlines to either rebook a new flight or get a refund of your flight ticket
  • Events such as bad weather, unexpected air traffic or diversion of your flight, airport closure due to operational issues, airlines not operating the flights, flights canceled, or anything which is not in your control.  You can either request the airliner to provide an alternate option to complete your travel or ask for a refund irrespective of your ticket/fare rules.
  • On the other hand, if you have missed your flight as you could not make it to the check-in counter, late check-in, the gate closed, and check-in is not allowed. The first priority is to immediately seek assistance to get your flight canceled. You have to make sure to cancel your flight before your flight departure. By doing this you can avoid the “NO SHOW” penalty which may lead to forfeiting the ticket value.

Now as you have canceled your flight, kindly look into the fare types that you have purchased to get assistance on either rebooking to the next available flight or possibly getting a refund. 

Let us describe the general guidelines of Aeromexico Airlines ticket rules below:

Fare Types Changes/Re-booking Refund
Basic Changes not permitted Refund not permitted
Classica Changes allowed with a 200 USD penalty Non-refundable
Classica Flex Changes are allowed anytime without the change penalty Refund allowed anytime
AM Plus Changes allowed with a 200 USD penalty Non-refundable
AM Plus Flex Changes are allowed anytime without the change penalty Refund allowed anytime
Premier Changes allowed with a 200 USD penalty Non-refundable
Premier Flex Changes are allowed anytime without the change penalty Refund allowed anytime

Note: In case of NO SHOW, Aeromexico Airlines has the right to either reschedule your flight or forfeit the ticket value. All penalties are subject to change. Fare difference may apply.

What happens if You Have Missed Your Flight with Aeromexico?

There are ways for you to get assistance on your missed flight with Aeromexico Airlines.

  • Check how you booked your flight at first such as flight ticket was booked directly with Aeromexico or through a Travel Agency.
  • If you booked your ticket with your travel agency, you need to get in touch with your travel agency to apply for a refund or reschedule to the next available flight.
  • However, if you have booked your flight directly with Aeromexico, you need to contact the Aeromexico Airlines representative to either reschedule your flight or apply for a refund.
  • In both of the above situations, you need to contact the respective source to reschedule your flight.
  • While rebooking your next available flight, you may need to pay the additional fare difference and rebooking penalties if any.

Ways to Connect with Aeromexico Live Person for Missed Flights

  • Call Aeromexico: To inform the airline about a missed flight, passengers can call Aeromexico at +1-800-237-6639. Follow the IVR menu carefully to connect with a live person.
  • Through Official Website: You can also make changes or apply for a refund online via the official website before the show.
  • Contact Closest Airport: If you reached the Aeromexico Airlines check in counter and were denied boarding the flight, you can ask the airline’s representative for further help.
  • Chat with Aeromexico: For those who prefer not to call or need additional clarification, Aeromexico offers a live chat option on their website. Look for the "Live Chat" option and start chatting with a live agent.

How Do I Get a Refund For Aeromexico Missed a Flight?

As per the missed flight policy, the refund depends on the type of ticket purchased. Moreover, it also depends on the source the passenger has booked a ticket with. If the passenger has booked a ticket directly with Aeromexico, then the agent at the airline must be contacted. However, the traveler should contact the travel agent when the ticket is booked with the travel agency.

  • According to Aeromexico's missed flight policy, the Passengers can seek a refund if the ticket is refundable.
  • Depending on the uncertainty of the reason for missing the flight, the passengers can ask for a refund. 
  • To get a full refund, it is suggested that the passenger should cancel the flight before the flight departure
  • The passengers can also speak with the agent at the airline to claim a refund.

Steps After You Miss your flight with Aeromexico

Don’t panic even if you have missed your flight. The missed flight policy of Aeromexico is there to assist you. You must ensure to take a few quick steps after missing your flight. 

  • Get in touch with the airline or the travel agent you have booked your ticket with.
  • Immediately inform the agent about your missed flight.
  • Try rebooking another earliest available flight. 
  • Try to contact the closest airport. 
  • Check for stand-by flights.

Now, if you are booking your flight with Aeromexico Airlines, you don’t need to worry about the circumstances you might face after missing a flight. You must act calmly and coordinate with the airline for better results. There are several quick methods that you can easily take and proceed with your journey even after your flight is missed.

Publish Date: 05/29/2023