WestJet Airlines Missed Flight Policy & Refund Guide

Sometimes people get frustrated that they are facing this problem, but the Airline overcomes with their WestJet missed flight policy, technology, and customer services so that they can cut down the number of passengers on missing flights.

WestJet also upgraded its baggage tracking system and also the other system. Despite this, there is a good percentage of flight delays due to climate conditions, technical issues, etc., and the airline is working on rectifying the situation.

What Happens If You Missed Your Flight on WestJet?

Some airport delays, weather conditions, flight cancellations, or overbooking may cause customers to face the experience of missed flights. In this situation, the airline has to reimburse the passengers for the inconvenience caused, or the airline has to rebook the flight for the customer within 24 hrs without any additional cost.

Passengers must have to contact the West Jet Airline to check the eligibility of this policy within 6 hours of their scheduled flight time.

Here are some West Jet Airline Missed Flight Policy rules:

  • The airline will cover the entire cost of the missed trip if the passenger's West Jet Airline trip is missed because of any airline issue.
  • Due to weather problems, if the airline cancels the flight, then West Jet airline compensates the cost for the flights or makes a rebooking for the flights.
  • West Jet Airline books the next available flight to your original destination.
  • According to the WestJet missed flight policy, the airline provides a refund or a voucher for a future flight if the flight is delayed or canceled.
  • If the passenger misses the flight due to an error or another reason, they will be charged.

How Do I Contact WestJet For Missed Flights?

There are numerous ways for customers to contact WestJet. Every flyer is filled with many questions after missing a flight. Following several steps mentioned below the flyer can easily contact the live agent.

  • To reach the 24/7 customer service line for WestJet dial 888-937-8538/403-444-2446. 
  • The flyer can easily get in touch with the live agent by dialing the above number. 

By going to the airline's official website, you can also get in touch with them. Follow a few easy steps to access the website of WestJet

  • You can do so by going to visit the official website 
  • The "Help" option can be found in the right corner.
  • You can select the “Contact Us” option under the help section.
  • Now, you can connect with the agent at WestJet Airline.

How Do I Get a Refund For Missed WestJet Flight?

The refund for the missed flight can be only processed while considering the terms and conditions of the ticket purchased by the flyer.

  • For the Westjet Airlines refund policy, the flyer gets in touch with the live agent.
  • The flyer can also check the terms and conditions mentioned on the official website and then claim a refund.
  • If the flyer feels that he/she can’t get westjet boarding pass anyhow then canceling the flight is the best option. Once the flyer cancels the flight he can claim a refund with WestJet

Publish Date: 05/11/2023