Frontier Airlines is a US-based ultra-low-cost airline. Its headquarters is in Denver, Colorado. Frontier allows its passengers to apply for a name correction up to 24 hours from the day of flight booking for free. 

If you want to make any corrections to your confirmed reserved ticket then you might have to show all the necessary documents to the airline authority. If you apply after the time slot then you might get charged. 

Changes and fees may differ depending on the type of fare you purchased. In case you cancel Frontier flight tickets certain deductions may apply. Frontier may not allow any name change prior to 24 hours from the scheduled time of departure. This airline does not allow anyone to transfer their ticket to someone else.

Who is Eligible for a Name Change?

Frontier Airlines does not allow full name changes it only allows minor name changes. You can request a modification to your ticket if it contains any sort of spelling errors. 

  • Check all the details thoroughly on the tickets after purchase within 24 hours. If you apply for any changes within the given slot then you will be able to request a free correction. The Frontier Airlines name change policy is valid for all ticket types.
  •  If you have purchased a refundable ticket, you may apply for a name change on the ticket within the above-mentioned time slot or you can even apply for cancellation at your convenience. 
  • You may need to pay some charges during the name change procedure if you apply after some days from the day of purchase. Even if you have bought a non-refundable/ non-flexible ticket still Frontier allows you to request a name modification on your flight ticket but it also comes with a few restrictions. 
  • You can apply for the modification only if there are some sort of spelling mistakes. For the spelling modification on your ticket, you will have to provide some legal documents to the airline authority like your passport or driving license, or other government-issued certificates/ ID.
  • As per the Frontier Name Change Policy, if you have got married or got divorced after some time of flight booking in both scenarios you can apply for a name change/ correction. Frontier will provide its best service to help you with the name change procedure. Even in case of adoption, you may apply for a name change. 


When Can I Apply for a Name Change? 

As mentioned above, Frontier (F9) Airlines allows passengers to apply for ticket modification. After booking your airline ticket, if you notice your name on the ticket is different from the name on your documents due to some error then you may apply for name modification. Passengers are advised to check the ticket after purchasing and rectify the error (if occurred) and apply for modification within 24 hours of booking for a quick and easy name-changing procedure without being charged for it. Check the below circumstances to know when you can apply for a name change;

Spelling Errors

Frontier (F9) Airlines knows that humans are prone to make mistakes. So if you want to make a name change on a ticket due to spelling errors you can contact the customer service of the airline. You must apply as soon as you can to avoid heavy charges. You can reach them through their website's contact page. Frontier provides 24/7 customer service to its valuable passengers.

Due to Marriage or Divorce

You often book a flight a few months prior to our journey to get some discount and seat according to your convenience. In between those months, you may likely get married or divorced. In that case, you can contact the airline customer service or you can directly apply through the website to change your name on your flight reservation. You can apply for cancellation of the ticket or correction. The airline authority may ask you to submit some documents such as your marriage certificate or divorce certificate and your legal name change proof. 

Due to Personal Reasons

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there can be some other issues as well due to which you might apply for some name corrections or name changes. In that case, you might get charged some fee for the name change procedure.

Due to Adoption

In case of adoption, you may have to provide some legal documents that can prove the name change to the airline authority. After the verification of the document, your application for a name change will proceed forward. For Frontier Airlines Change Name on Ticket, you may contact customer care service.

Note: Frontier Airlines may charge you some fee for name changes or spelling corrections, and their name change policy may vary depending on the circumstances.

Procedure to Apply for Frontier Airlines Name Change

Based on any of the above-mentioned situations, if you want to correct minor spelling mistakes or legal name change on your Frontier Airline Reservation, check the detailed procedure given below;

Check the Eligibility

If you are planning to apply for some spelling corrections on your ticket, then you need to check the name change standards made by Frontier Airlines to know whether you are eligible for it or not. This Airline allows only spelling changes or any legal name change with valid proof. In case of correction on a reservation ticket, Frontier Airlines offers to cancel or rebook the reservation.

Contact Customer Service 

If you want to apply for spelling correction or legal name change on your Frontier reservation, then you can visit the official website of Frontier Airlines. To apply for Change Name on Ticket you can follow the following steps;

  • Visit the portal of Frontier Airlines
  • Then go to the “manage to book” section
  • Then enter the reference booking number and the passenger’s last name
  • Click on the “Change Name” option
  • Make the changes 
  • Submit important information and documents
  • Then click on proceed
  • After that proceed with the payment
  • After completion, you will receive the new booking changes on your registered email id.


You can reach out to its 24*7 customer care center, they will assist you further. For these changes, you must submit some necessary information/ documents to the airline authority.

  • Firstly, you have to submit your booking number/ flight details to the customer service representative.
  • Current- legal name issued by government authority such as a passport or driving license.
  • In case of marriage or divorce if you want to apply to change your name on your reservation, then you have to submit your marriage/ divorce certificate.
  • In case of any other reasons like adoption or something then you have to submit legal documents like a court order.
  • Then they will ask you to pay.
  • After paying they will provide you with new booking details.


Pay the Required Fees

After following all the above-mentioned procedures you may proceed with the payment. If you are applying for the name change within 24 hours of purchase then you do have to pay any penny but if you are applying after the given time slot then you might get charged. As per the Frontier (F9) Airlines name change policy, the fees can differ on the basis of the ticket you bought for your journey. 

Frontier Airlines Fee for Name Change

As per the Frontier Airlines Name Change Fee policy, if you are applying for the name change within 24 hours of purchase then you do have to pay any penny but if you are applying after the given time slot then you might get charged. Frontier prohibits a name change policy on confirmed reservations.

Name Correction

Frontier may charge a fee for spelling errors only if you apply after 24 hours of booking. The fees can differ based on the mistakes in your flight ticket. Frontier will charge approx $75 per mistake (if Applicable). 

Marriage or Divorce

According to the Frontier Name Change Policy, minor name corrections within 24 hours are non-chargeable. However, if you got married or divorced and are planning to correct the name after 24 hours then you may have to pay some charges. The fee will be starting from $75. In such cases, the airline might offer to cancel the ticket and rebook.

Other Reasons

In case of any other reason for name change like adoption or anything else, you might need to pay a chargeable fee of approx $75 to $100. Frontier offers cancellation and rebooking options as well. You might get credits on your refundable ticket.


Frontier Airlines is one of the major US airlines. Frontier is very flexible with its name-change policy. The airline will not charge any fee for spelling errors if you apply within a day of purchasing. However, you might need to pay $75 for a last name change or spelling change if you exceed the given time slot. To apply for the name change procedure you can apply by visiting the official website of Frontier Airlines or you can also reach out to the customer care center. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frontier Airlines allows the correction of the passengers’ first or last name spelling mistakes up to 3 characters only. The correction can be done by contacting the Call Centre or through the official website.

In case you select the wrong date or time or destination while booking the flight ticket or there is some mistake with your name spelling, Frontier Airlines allows you to ask for the change within a day from the date of booking. If the time slot exceeds then some chargeable fees can be applied.

For a name change, you will need your correct and current ID proof such as a license, government-authorized document, or passport.

The name-changing procedure in Frontier Airlines may take a few business hours or days depending on the type of mistake and type of fare you bought.

No, Frontier Airlines does not allow any name change if you book a reservation from a third-party source.

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