Frontier Airlines Pet Policy And Fees

In this guide, you can easily understand Frontier Airlines Pet Policy and its travel fees. 

Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

If you are flying within the United States, then you can travel with domestic, household dogs and cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other household small birds. However, a one-way directional charge will be applied. If you are flying internationally then only domestic dogs and household cats are allowed. 

Note: For the safety of the pet, passengers, and crew, you are required to keep your pet in the carrier during the travel journey. 

Rules and Regulations Imposed on Pet By Frontier Airlines

Before traveling with a pet, there are some rules and restrictions that you should be aware of. Details are listed below; 

  • One-way Frontier Airlines pet fee of $99 will be applied to your fur baby. This fee can be paid in advance. If you don’t do so then you can make the payment at the airport while Frontier check-in your pet. 
  • Along with your pet, you can carry one additional personal item (8” Height x 14” Weight x 18” Length) or a carry-on bag (10” Height x 16” Weight x 24” Length). 
  • If you carry a carry-on bag, then an additional fee will be imposed. 
  • Before you carry your pet along, be sure to be fully informed about the laws, customs, and other governmental regulations, requirements, or restrictions of your destination. 
  • Before boarding the flight, you are required to submit all the health-related documents of your pet to the airport authority. 
  • Do not feed your pet at least 4 hours before the flight departure time as the stress and the motion of the aircraft can make your pet uneasy. 

What are the Rules of Frontier Airlines Pets in Cabin?

  • Not all pets are allowed in the passenger cabin. There are certain pets who are allowed in the cabin. Check the details below; 
  • Domestic cats and dogs, small household birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters
  • The dog and cats should be at least 8 weeks old. 

Frontier Airlines pet prohibited breeds in the cabin are; 

  • Large birds such as parrots, macaws, cockatoos, and birds of prey are not allowed.
  • Rodents including mice, rats, and squirrels are restricted.
  • Beavers, ferrets, reptiles including snakes.
  • Amphibians, spiders, and other insects
  • Lions, tigers, and bears. 
  • Only if you are flying to/from the Dominican Republic and Mexico, then you can bring your pet along in the cabin.
  • If you are traveling with a pet, then you cannot sit in the first row or near the exit row. 
  • During the flight journey, the pet should be inside the carrier. If it becomes disruptive, then you must calm him/her immediately. However, in any circumstances, you are not allowed to take your pet out of the carrier. 

Note: You are not allowed to give your pet sedation or tranquilizers as the side effects can be unpredictable. 

  • As per the Frontier Airlines pets in cabin policy, you have to make sure that your pet is harmless, odorless, and should not require any attention during the flight.
  • Your pet should be healthy to board a flight as no oxygen supplementation will be given in an emergency. 

Does Frontier Airlines Allow Pets in Checked Baggage?

No, Frontier Airlines does not allow any pet as checked or cargo. Only some small animals are allowed to travel as carry-on pets. 

Pet Carrier Requirements 

There are a few things that you must know and abide by about the pet carrier in order to travel. 

  • The pet carrier should be large enough for your pet. The pet should be able to stand, stretch, sleep, lie down, and turn around comfortably inside the carrier. 
  • Keep in mind that the carrier should get fit beneath the seat assigned in front of you. 
  • However, the dimension of the carrier should be under 18" in length x 14" in width x 8" in height. 
  • For the comfort of your pet, the carrier should be soft from the inside.

Frontier Airlines Pet Health and Wellness Restrictions

Frontier AirIine does not require a health certificate for the pet traveling within the US. However, if you are traveling internationally then a health certificate for your pet is required. Your pet should have vaccinations for all diseases. It is advisable to consult with your veterinarian for more details.

A few points that you need to know about your pet's health certificate;

  • After entering Puerto Rico, you need to take the pet health certificate within 30 days. 
  • If you are in the US, then within 10 days
  • Similarly, if you are in the Dominican Republic, then you must take the certificate for your pet within 15 days. 
  • If in Costa Rica, then within 14 days. 
  • After entering Mexico, do not forget to take the pet health certificate for your fur baby within 5 days. 

The certificate must include the following details;

  • The full name and current residential address of the owner. 
  • The species and breed of the animal 
  • The origin/destination country
  • Domestic flights: For all the destinations except Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, the traveling animal should be vaccinated within 12 months, if he/she is above 3 months old. And for Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, the animal above 4 months old should be vaccinated within 6 months. 

Note: If you are flying internationally, then the rabies vaccination must not be administered more than a year and not less than 30 days before the flight date. Due to some emergency, if your pet had to receive the vaccination within 30 days then you have to show proof of the prior rabies shot to the airport and airline authority. 

Some additional requirements by countries are; 

  • If you are flying to Mexico or the Dominican Republic, then you have to show a health certificate that states, your fur baby is free from parasites and he/she has been vaccinated or treated for parasite prevention. 
  • Apart from rabies vaccination, hepatitis, PIP, and leptospirosis vaccinations are also compulsory. 
  • If you are traveling to Puerto Rico, then you must have to put a sturdy collar on your pet along with that you need to put two identification tags. On both tags, your permanent address and contact number should be mentioned. Apart from that, your address and phone number, where you will be reachable while traveling. 

If you are traveling to Canada with your fur baby, then you are required to show both vaccination and health certifications. Some rules on the certifications are;  

  • The rabies vaccination certificate of your fur baby should be issued in English or French. It should be issued by a licensed vet from the country of origin. After the vaccination is administered, there is no need to wait. You can also show a three-year rabies vaccination certificate. 

Note: If the certificate does not show the validity date then the certificate will be considered a one-year vaccination certificate.

  • The certification must have the identity of the animal, the dates of vaccination, the manufacturer, and the expiration date of the rabies vaccine.
  • A parasitic treatment should be added to the health certification.

Frontier Airlines service animals

If you are differently abled and want to travel with a service animal, then you are required to inform the airline at least 48 hours prior to the flight departure date. Frontier Airlines does allow a service animal to travel with a needy person free of charge. To travel on board the service animal should be fully trained and should be obedient. 

However, only dogs are allowed to travel as Frontier Airline's emotional support animals. If you want to travel with one then you have to submit the DOT’s Service Animal Air Transportation Form online. This form is need to be submitted at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. 

If you have made a reservation less than 48 hours before the scheduled flight time then you have to submit the form in-person to the customer care agent. You need to submit the form just after you arrive at the airport to board the flight. 

No service dog is allowed to sit in the aisle or another passenger seat. If the dog is small enough then he/she can sit on the passenger’s lap. If the animal is big then it can sit at the passenger’s feet. 

If you are traveling with a service animal then you will be assigned any seat except the emergency exit row and seat. 

Pet Policy Contact Information

If you want to add your fur baby during the initial booking then the first that you need to do is enter your last name and booking confirmation code to see your itinerary. After that, you have to go to the “Manage Your Booking” option. Then, you will see an option to “Add Special Service”. After clicking on that option, you will be able to add your pet. 

Publish Date: 04/25/2023