Southwest Airlines at Omaha (OMA) Airport Information

Southwest Airlines Omaha Airport Terminal, Check-in, and Baggage Options:

Airline Name Southwest Airlines
Arrivals Terminal Terminal B
Departures Terminal Terminal B

Southwest Airlines at Omaha Airport (OMA)

Omaha Airport has been serving its passengers to the best of its ability. Several airlines operate out of OMA airport, one of which is Southwest Airlines. There are many reasons why Southwest Airlines Omaha Airport should be your next option. Airport services are one of the most important factors for Southwest travelers.

  • Airport services attract passengers and encourage them to travel more from that particular airport. The services provided by Omaha Airport have always gained the attention of the passengers which in turn has given them greater growth. Some of the services provided by the airport include
  • If you lose any of your items at the airport, you can reach out to the Lost and Found area available at the airport for assistance. In case, you are unable to locate the area you can call +1 402-661-8017, and get your query registered. 
  • The airport has charging stations placed at different areas of the terminal, that can be used to charge your electronic devices. You can make use of this service any time your device runs out of battery. 
  • If you are an international traveler, you need not worry about currency exchange. The airport has designated currency exchange counters, where you can visit and collect your desired currency. 
  • If you are traveling with your furry friends, Southwest OMA terminal has special relief areas for your pets where they can feel comfortable, and also the other passengers are not bothered because of the pets. 

Traveling with Southwest Airlines from OMA

You should always practice the habit of buying cheap flights while traveling. This is so because by doing this you save upon some amount that can be used for your trip. Some of the tips to book a cheap flight to Omaha Airport are:

  • Try using incognito mode, this will open more new options for you to book a flight ticket
  • Go ahead with Southwest Rapid rewards which might help you get great discounts on your flight ticket
  • Avoid booking a flight ticket during peak time
  • Browse through different websites and compare all the flight ticket rates
  • If it is a planned trip, book your ticket well in advance

What Terminal is Southwest at Omaha Airport?

Omaha Airport is a huge airport with multiple flights and 20 gates. Reach the terminal on time, so that you do not miss your flight. 

Arrivals Terminal:

Usually, Southwest flights arrive at Terminal B. The flight changes its landing location only when there is some technical issue with the flight or some unwanted weather disturbance. When your flight arrives at the airport, you can catch hold of some of the services like restaurants and lounges, rental cars, transportation services, and a lot more. 

Departures Terminal:

Your Southwest flight takes off from Southwest Terminal Omaha concourse B. Before boarding the flight, you are offered different amenities like WiFi availability, ATMs, currency exchange counters, a wheelchair facility for disabled passengers, and a lot more. 

Southwest Flight Booking Procedures From Omaha

Southwest flights can be booked using different methods. The most widely used method is the online method. To book a flight online, you need to visit the airline’s official website, follow the given procedure, and collect your flight ticket. If not online, you can visit the Omaha Airport, reach the Southwest terminal, and get your flight ticket booked. You can also connect to an agent who will get the ticket booked on your behalf. 

Routes and Destinations covered

Southwest flights fly to multiple cities helping passengers to reach their desired destinations. Southwest uses both direct and connecting flights enabling passengers to choose depending on their desired destination. Usually, the prices of connecting flights are lower than direct flights. 

Direct Flights:

Southwest has direct flights to some of the destinations to and from the OMA Airport. You can board a direct flight if your desired destination lies in the following destinations:

Chicago Las Vegas
Dallas Nashville
Denver Orlando
Houston Phoenix
Tampa Washington, And Many More

Connecting Flights:

You also have the option of connecting flights to reach your destination. Although it will take extra time than the direct flight, you will be able to cut down some of your expenses, since connecting flights are of low cost. If you are traveling to the destinations listed below to or from Omaha Airport, you need to board a connecting flight:

Amarillo Columbus
Aruba Fresno
Austin Havana
Boston Jackson
Little Rock Long Beach, And Many More


Publish Date: 05/06/2023