Flair Airlines: Book A Flight and Cheap Tickets Price

Flair Airlines

4032 1000 Airport Road, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 1J7, Canada

(833) 711-2333


Flair Airlines Book A Flight and Cheap Tickets Price

Book a flight with Flair Airlines a Canadian low-cost budget airline. offers you the cheapest fares in Canada to travel to over 35 destinations across Canada and North America. The user-friendly website interface of Flair Airline helps you book your flight tickets online as well as complete your other important procedures online.

About Flair Airlines


August 19, 2005


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Main hubs

Abbotsford, Calgary Edmonton, Kitchener/Waterloo, Ottawa, Toronto–Pearson, Tucson, and Vancouver

Fleet size





Stephen Jones (President and CEO)


Call the Flair Airlines reservations department at (833) 711-2333 to book flights and manage reservations.

  • Flair is a Canadian low-cost carrier (ULCC) airline headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • The company runs with the slogan Plain and Simple.
  • It started its journey in 2005 as Flair Air.
  • Cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax, Ottawa, and Victoria are served by Flair.
  • It covers over 35 destinations in Canada and North America.
  • The Boeing 737 Max 8 and the Boeing 737-800 are the two fleets on which Flair Airlines flight will operate until the end of 2022 with 27 aircraft, and a capacity of 189 and 186 passengers, respectively.

Amenities Provided by Flair Airlines 

  • Flair Airlines is used to deliver world-class cuisine with its uniquely talented chefs for your carvings towards food.
  • These airlines provide onboard services for food, beverages, and snack items. Available on selected flights with prices in Canadian Dollars.
  • One personal bag is allowed free of charge. Checked-in weight and bag size apply.
  • It offers animal services, assistance services, special seating for disabled passengers, wheelchairs, scooters, mobility aids, etc.

Booking Flair Airlines Flights

Booking a flight with Flair is very easy with some simple steps to be followed you can book your flight on your own, just follow the following steps:-

Method 1: Flair Airlines Booking Tickets Online

  • First, open the official Website of Flair Airlines
  • Select the trip type you want Round Trip, One Way 
  • Enter all your travel details such as arrival & departure city, dates of travel, and the number of travelers also if you have any promo code you can add it too.
  • Select the flight timing suitable to you
  • You can also choose the addon services like bundles
  • Provide all of your information as per your ID on the next page
  • Add bags if you have any and select a seat you like and add Travelfkex if you want in the next options
  • In the next option, you have flair check-in and boarding options 
  • Continue to Make the payment with various payment options available
  • On the confirmation page, You will receive the Flair Airlines confirmation code and itinerary details in your email.

Method 2: Booking via Phone

  • Make a call to Flair Airlines reservation phone number - (833) 711-2333
  • Through IVR Select the options to book your flight 
  • When a Flair Airlines representative responds to your call Give the information about your travel plans
  • Pay for the flight you want to book
  • A service fee of $15 + tax is charged extra for bookings on call 
  • Receive your flight confirmation code along with itinerary details in your email.

Method 3: At the airport

  • Go to the Flair Airlines counter at the airport
  • Ask for the tickets according to your travel plan
  • Share your travel and personal information with the person at the counter
  • Pay for your booking & reservation 
  • Collect the itinerary details and your flight ticket confirmation code

Seating Classes offered by Flair Airlines

FLAIR's planes only have one type of seating class, but they do offer some special accommodations on their planes if you so desire.

  • Standard- By paying an extra $10-$20 + tax you can select the back of the plane for a good value and to sit with others in your group. 
  • Front- By paying an extra $15-$25 + tax you can get off the plane faster. 
  • Extra legroom- At $25-$45 + tax these seats provide extra space for those who want bigger legroom.
  • Emergency exit- Enjoy the comfort of emergency exit seats with  $35-$45 + tax

Other Useful Information About Flair Airlines

Baggage Policy- Purchase in advance to save money, at the airport the prices for flair airlines baggage will be very high compared to online.

Personal item bags- Flair permits one free personal item per passenger with a maximum size and weight, not more than 15 x 33 x 43 cm (6 x 13 x 17 in) 7 kg (15.5 lb). Examples include small backpacks, purses, briefcases, and laptop bags. Bags bigger than the specified size and weight will be considered carry-on bags.

Refund Policy- If your trip is more than seven days away from when you made your reservation, you have 24 hours to cancel and receive a full refund.

Changing Policy- Every time you make a change, you have to pay a change fee. Up to three hours prior to the scheduled flight departure, changes can be made. 

Publish Date: 05/29/2023