Sky Airlines: Book A Flight and Cheap Tickets Price

Sky Airline

Av Del Valle Sur 765, Santiago, Metropolitan, 8580678, Chile

786 405 0680

Sky Airlines Book A Flight and Cheap Tickets Price

Book A Flight with Sky Airlines as it is one of the "most important" airlines in Chile and South America, carrying 26% of domestic passengers. It is the first low-cost airline in the region.

About Sky Airlines

Founded 2001
Headquarters Santiago and Chile
Main hubs Comodoro Arturo Merino and Benítez International Airport
Fleet size 28
Destinations 18
CEO Holger Paulmann
Phone Call the Sky reservations department at  786 405 0680 to book flights and manage reservations.
  • Sky Airlines is a Chilean airline based at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago.
  • It is the second largest airline in the country after the flag carrier.
  • LATAM Airlines was the first airline in the country to use the low-cost model.
  • International flights are available to Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Uruguay. It also offers charter flights to Chile and South America, as well as internal flights within Peru.
  • On November 15, 2012, Sky launched a service between Sacramento and Guadalajara. On December 8, 2012, Sky Chile launched a service between Denver and Mexico City.
  • In addition, Skyline Airlines offers ViPass, which can be compared to Spirit's "$9 Fare Club".

Destinations and Hubs

Sky Flights were created by Jürgen Paulmann (1930-2014), a German-Chilean businessman and the brother of retail entrepreneur Horst Paulmann. It initially flew from Santiago to Northern Chile in June 2002. It has been a full member of IATA since 2005. With 18 destinations and 28 fleet sizes, skies Airline offers its services to its customers at a great price. Skyline Airlines hubs and destinations are listed below: 

  • Buenos Aires
  • Cordoba
  • Rosario
  • Mendoza
  • La Paz
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Florianópolis Rio de Janeiro
  • São Paulo


  • Snacks like spaghetti, bread, and pretzels are available to passengers. Skyline Airlines provides complimentary soft drinks on all itineraries.
  • Passengers who purchase Plus fare tickets can select standard seats,' but Full fare tickets allow them to select whatever seat they want at no additional cost.
  • From the first to the ninth row, passengers will have more legroom and more comfortable seats. 

Booking a Flight with Sky Airlines: 

Sky Airlines offers extremely low-cost flights. Booking flights with Sky Airlines is a breeze; simply follow these instructions. 

Method 1: Sky Airlines Flight Reservations Online

  • First, visit the Sky Airlines website.
  • Enter the travel information and press the search button. 
  • A website will appear with a list of flights that will travel to your location. You can proceed by selecting your selected flight and clicking the Continue button. 
  • A new website will be launched, allowing customers to select seats and access additional amenities on Sky Airlines Chile flights. 
  • Finally, pay for your reservation. 
  • After successful payment, you will receive an email at your registered email address with all of your Sky Airlines ticket booking details. 

Method 2: Over the phone

Booking by phone will benefit individuals who have difficulty accessing the internet; you can also book your airline tickets with Skies Airline Chile via phone.

The following are some of the steps: 

  • Dial 600 600 2828 for Sky Airline customer service.
  • Pay close attention to the IVR and choose the options for booking a new flight.
  • After some time, the representative will answer the phone.
  • Finally, you must specify the specifics of the flights you wish to book.
  • Once you have secured your preferred flight, provide the passenger's information to the representative.
  • Finally, make your payment whenever it is most convenient for you.
  • At the conclusion, your itinerary will be mailed to you. 

Method 3: Make an airport reservation

This way of booking flights with Sky Airlines is less convenient and easy than booking the ticket at the counter. since you must travel down to the airport to buy your airline tickets.

Here's how you book Sky Airlines Chile at the airport: 

  • Go to a local airport where Sky Airlines flies.
  • Go to the counter and inquire about the available flights for your trip dates.
  • Share your itinerary and passenger information.
  • Pay for your tickets with a debit or credit card or cash after selecting the suitable flight.
  • Obtain your flight confirmation code and itinerary information. 

Seating Classes by Sky Airlines 

Sky Airlines offers three different sorts of rates based on the fare criteria and limits. The following advantages are listed: 

Farezero- This is the lowest pricing type available when booking flights with Southwest Airlines. It also comes with certain limitations. However, you will still receive the essential advantages, such as one handbag, one travel ticket, and one flight change. 

FarePlus- This is another popular fare category among Skyline Airlines travelers. You receive all of the benefits of FareZero with this sort of fare. You will also receive one piece of hand baggage, one piece of hold luggage, and one regular seat. This is one of the most effective and least-priced options. 

FareFull- This is the most costly option, but it offers even more amenities than the other seating classes. This package includes not just what is included in Farezero and Fareplus, but also some additional perks like a star pass and a name change. You will undoubtedly appreciate this seating class because it is the most costly with the most features. 

More Information About Sky Airlines


It occurs when the original departure time of your flight is delayed or advanced. This delay or advance does not arise from a voluntary change made by the passenger but is due to a force majeure circumstance that prevents the trip from taking place at the initially scheduled time. In order to generate the least possible impact on your travel experience, when this happens, we will always provide you with options to change the time or date or refund your ticket. 


It means that the originally scheduled flight cannot take place, so we will provide you with an alternative flight, the option to generate a change of date, or, alternatively, arrange for the refund of your ticket. The Sky Airlines check-in procedure is substantially easier.

Flights inside the United States

If you have a domestic flight inside Chile or Peru planned, you do not need to check in; we will handle it for you automatically. Learn more about our new automated check-in service and save time!

Flights to other countries

If you are flying to another nation, you must check in using the customary method. Simply follow the instructions outlined below: From the web, navigate to the "Check in" area at the top of the website. Remember that digital check-in is accessible between 48 and 1 hour before your flight's scheduled departure (even if you are traveling with infants).

Additional Services

It's easier and faster than going through airport security! You will be able to choose which goods to include in your vacation (a seat, baggage, and Star Pass). Continue if you do not wish to add any other services. Check your baggage for forbidden goods and agree to the terms. Confirm your check-in to receive your boarding card. 

Important! If your ID does not have an expiration date, put 12/31/2024 as the date to check-in. Please keep in mind that even if you have an international flight, you will not be allowed to check in online in the following situations: 

  • Individuals with specific needs who require assistance at the airport
  • Passengers who are traveling with pets
  • Children serving as unaccompanied minors
  • For security concerns, you may be assigned an airport seat in certain instances. Don't be concerned if you have an overseas flight and find it difficult to check in online. It is possible to do it for free at the airport.

Publish Date: 05/19/2023