Bring a Helmet On a Plane

Can You Bring a Helmet On a Plane? - Helpful Tips

Amidst the swirling currents of excitement and anticipation, a traveler prepares to embark on a journey of epic proportions. Standing at the airport gate, they suddenly wonder if bringing a helmet on the plane is allowed. They are eager to[...]
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Skateboards on a plane

Can You Bring Skateboards On a Plane? - Know Before You Go

All the passengers out there who are planning to carry their skateboards with them on their flight don’t have to stress out or worry about the airline questioning their special item. The rules and regulations of TSA state that[...]
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Calculate Linear Inches For Luggage

Calculate Linear Inches For Luggage? - Packing Made Easy

Before considering how to calculate linear inches for luggage, let’s actually know what are linear inches.  The term linear inches is a measurement used to determine the size of luggage. You can calculate it by adding the[...]
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Take a PickleBall Paddle On a Plane

Can You Take a PickleBall Paddle On a Plane?

Yes, almost all the major airlines in the USA allow you to carry PickleBall Paddle in both carry-on and checked baggage. Most airlines do not classify it into the list of prohibited items for carry-on baggage. The Transportation Security[...]
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Bring Tennis Racket On Plane

Can You Bring a Tennis Racket On a Plane? - Tips & Guidelines

Traveling with a tennis racket is quite hectic for tennis players. Have you ever wondered if you can bring a tennis racket on the plane? Then the answer is yes. According to the rules of TSA, passengers can bring a tennis racket with them[...]
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