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If you are looking for an airline that offers safety and excellent in-flight services, then choose to book a flight with Aeromexico Airlines. This airline offers various booking methods that are very easy to complete without any hassle. 

If you are going to book your flight for the first time, then no worries. This article has been specially prepared for you. 

In this article, you will find a guide that will help you book your reservation in less than 15 to 20 minutes. 

About Aeromexico

Founded In 1934
Headquarter Torre MAPFRE, Mexico City, Mexico
Main hubs Mexico City and Secondary hub Guadalajara, Monterrey
Fleet size 110
Destinations 89
CEO Andres Conesa Labastida
Phone Call Aeromexico's reservations department at 1-800-237-6639 to book flights and manage reservations.
Parent company Grupo Aeromexico
  • Aeromexico is the flag carrier of Mexico, based in Mexico City. More than 90 locations in Mexico, North, South, and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia are served by its scheduled routes. 
  • Along with Air France, Delta Air Lines, and Korean Air, Aeromexico is one of the original four members of the airline alliance known as SkyTeam. Additionally, it belongs to IATA, the International Air Transport Association.
  • This airline was established in 1934 as Aeronaves de Mexico. It was the first airline in Mexico to run flights abroad. Grupo Aeromexico, which also controls Aeromexico Connect and Aeroméxico Cargo, purchased it in 1988.

Details About Aeromexico Destinations and Hubs

Aeromexico has daily scheduled flights to around 90 destinations in Mexico as well as around the world, with the airline primarily serving Mexico, but it also has services in many countries, mainly in Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America.

Flights with Aeromexico are also serving some other countries outside the American continent such as Europe it is serving the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, and Italy as well as South Korea, Japan, and China in Asia. 

Aeromexico has three Hubs:

  • Mexico City International Airport (Main Hub)
  • Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Guadalajara International Airport
  • Monterrey International Airport

Seating Classes offered by Aeromexico

There are three types of sitting available on Aeromexico flights, read the following information for more details -

  • Main Cabin Economy
  • AM Plus
  • Clase Premier

What are the Aeromexico Airlines In-Flight Amenities?

Some general amenities that you will enjoy regardless of the ticket you have purchased are; 

  • Food/Beverages- All refreshments/meal items are complimentary on every Aeromexico Flight. There are plenty of options available that you can enjoy for free.
  • Alcohol- Alcoholic beverages start serving after 11 am.
  • Entertainment- During the in-flight journey, you can enjoy free movies/series streaming along with the latest newspapers and magazines. 
  • Wifi- You can purchase WiFi service on all Aeromexico's international flights, for a 24-hour pass. The cost of wifi accessibility is $8.99 
  • Free messaging- You can get messaging service on your phone for free, it works on iMessage, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger.

Methods To Book a Flight With Aeromexico Airlines

Aeromexico Airlines offers multiple ways of flight booking so you can book your tickets and reserve your seat easily. Some of the traditional methods are given below;

Method 1: Booking Aeromexico Tickets Online

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to book Aeromexico Airlines cheap flights, then you can check out the online booking steps elaborated below; 

  • Go to the Aeromexico website and click on the "Book Flights" button.
  • Enter your travel information, such as your departure and destination cities, the dates of your travel, and the number of passengers.
  • Select your preferred flight and click on the "Continue" button.
  • Choose your fare and enter your contact information.
  • If you are a member of the Aeromexico Club Premier loyalty program, you can enter your membership number to earn miles.
  • Review your booking and click on the "Book" button.
  • You will be given a confirmation number for your booking.

Method 2: Flights Bookings via Phone

Apart from online mode, you can book your flight by offline methods as well. The first offline method that you can use to book a flight reservation is phone booking. The details to complete the booking are given below;

  • Gather your travel information, such as your departure and destination cities, the dates of your travel, and the number of passengers.
  • Call Aeromexico's customer service number and provide the customer representative with your travel information.
  • The customer representative will search for flights that match your criteria and provide you with a list of options.
  • You can choose the flight that you want and the customer representative will process your booking.
  • The customer representative will provide you with a confirmation number for your booking.
  • Most likely, the airline will send you an email with your confirmation number.

Note: To get the Aeromexico Airlines email address, visit its official website.

Here are the customer service numbers for Aeromexico:

  • United States: 1-800-237-6639

  • Mexico: 55-5133-4000

  • International: +52 55 5133 4000

Method 3: Flight Reservation at the Airport

Another offline method to complete the Aeromexico Airlines flight booking process is Airport counter booking. The steps for a seamless booking are; 

  • Go to the Aeromexico check-in counter at the airport.
  • Provide the agent present at the counter with your travel information and ID.
  • Then, the assigned agent will search for flights that match your criteria and provide you with a list of options.
  • You can choose the flight that you want and the agent will process your booking.
  • After completing the booking process successfully the agent will provide you with a boarding pass and a confirmation number for your booking.

There are some tips for you that you must follow to book an Aeromexico flight at the airport. The tips are; 

  • You must arrive at the airport as early as possible, especially if you are traveling during peak travel times.
  • Be prepared to provide your travel information and ID.
  • If you are booking flight reservations for multiple passengers, then you have to be sure to have all the details about each passenger handy.
  • In case you have any special requests, such as a specific seat, a dietary requirement, or wheelchair accessibility for a physically challenged person then be sure to mention them to the check-in agent.

Note: To know the best time to book a flight with Aeromexico, you may connect with the airline representative. You can also opt to check the official website of the airline on a frequent basis to know more details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Aeromexico Airlines Customer services number is 1-800-237-6639. You can call this number is make flight reservation, change your existing reservation.

Yes the service of flight Attendants at Aeromexico is very good and helpful.

Passengers can bring their own alcoholic beverages up to five liters per person. Though the alcohol content should not exceed 70% by volume. The bottle or container should be seal pack and protected to transport.

AeroMexico fly to over 17 destinations in United stated. Schedule flights with AeroMexico to Atlanta GA, Austin TX, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Detroit MI, Fresno CA, Houston TX, Las Vegas NV, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, New York City NY, Orlando FL, Sacramento CA, Salt Lake City UT, San Antonio TX, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Minneapolis MN, Portland OR, San Jose CA, and Washington DC

It is complimentary with no fee if you carry a Personal Item and a Carry-On bag in Aeromexico.

No actually it is cheaper because there are many discounts on the internet that you can avail.

Yes you are able to make any changes within 24 hours of your ticketing with at least 7 days prior to departure.

Aeromexico has flights to Seoul (ICN) in South Korea.

Aeromexico does include complimentary refreshments and meals with every flight.

As of now Aeromexico flies to 89 cities across the world. Including 48 destinations in Mexico, 17 destinations in United States, 15 destinations in Latin America, 5 in Europe, 1 in Asia and 3 in Canada

Aeromexico is Certified as a 3-Star Airline with an average rating of 7.6/10

The Aeromexico will automatically assign the seat on its own from the remaining available seats.

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