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Traveling and booking flight tickets are very expensive. And after spending so much money on flight tickets, you might want to experience the best treatment and services, right? So, if you are planning a trip and want an amazing flight journey then book a flight with Air Transat. 

This airline has a good safety record, with no major accidents in its history. They offer free meals and drinks in all cabins. 

Not just that, they also offer many other facilities to their passengers such as various booking methods. So, without any further ado, let’s gather all the essential information that we should get about this airline from the article mentioned below; 

About Air Transat Airline

Founded December 1986
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Main hubs Montreal–Trudeau
Fleet size 31
Destinations 76
CEO Annick Guérard (President and CEO)
Phone Call the Air Transat reservations department at 1-877-872-6728 to book flights and manage reservations.
Parent company Transat A.T.

Air Transat is a Canadian leisure airline headquartered in Montreal. Some facts that you must know about this airline are given below; 

  • Air Transat was established in 1986.
  •  It operates scheduled and charter flights to over 60 destinations in more than 25 countries in the Americas and Europe.
  • The airline has a fleet of 37 aircraft, including Airbus A321neos, A330-200s, and Boeing 737-800s. 
  • On 14 November 1987, it made its inaugural flight from Montreal to Acapulco.
  • Air Transat has won numerous awards for its service and product offerings, including being named "North America's Best Leisure Airline" by Skytrax in 2022. 

Details About Air Transat Destinations And Hubs

To book a flight with Air Transat, you must know whether your destination is included in the airline’s route list or not. In the below-given pointers, you can check out the destinations and hubs of Air Transat. 

  • The major hubs served by the Air Transat airline are Montreal-Pierre Elliott International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, and last but not least Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport.
  • The popular domestic destinations of Air Transat are Orlando, Florida, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City.
  • Some demanded international destinations are Paris, France, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Los Cabos, and Mexico.  

Seating Class Offered By Air Transat

As per your budget, you can make a seat selection to enjoy your journey in a pleasant and relaxed manner. 

In the below-given table, you will get all the information about the classes. 

Economy Class Premium Economy Class Club Class
Economy Class seats have a pitch of 31-33 inches and a width of 16.5 inches. They have a personal entertainment system with a touchscreen display, and they come with a USB port for charging electronic devices. Premium Economy Class seats have a pitch of 34 inches and a width of 18 inches. They have a larger personal entertainment system with a touchscreen display, and they come with a few additional amenities, such as a pillow and blanket, and priority boarding. This Class seats have a pitch of 41 inches and a width of 21 inches. They have a fully reclining seat, a large personal entertainment system with a touchscreen display, and a dedicated service counter.

Air Transat Airline Amenities

You can have the benefit of various facilities provided by Air Transat. All the amenities that you might get are given below; 

  • Air Transat allows you to watch movie shows, TV series, and kid's shows.
  • You can also enjoy a variety of food items as per their menu. All the food items are very affordable in price and reasonable in nature.
  • If you are a South, Europe, and American flight passenger then you can get the free boutique offer. There is a wide range of duty-free products so that you can order them before 21 days of departure. Your product will be delivered to you when you board your flight. This way you can save 15% to 40% off the actual retail price.

Different Air Transat Flight Booking Processes

Air Transat offers various booking processes that can be the most reliable and efficient methods for you.

Below we have listed some of the ways to book flight tickets, read and follow them very carefully as the steps are mentioned in a very useful and detailed manner.

Method 1 - Online Booking and Reservations

Online booking and reservations can be the most convenient method for you. If you do not want to struggle much to book a ticket, then you follow the below-given steps; 

  • The first and foremost point is to visit Air Transat Flight's official website. 
  • Select a city or an airport from where you want to go. 
  • Identify your trip whether it's a one-way or a round trip. 
  • After filling up the city or an airport, enter the departure date and return date as per your trip plan. 
  • Now select the number of passengers, and those who are going with you, and also state the seating class.  
  • Click on the continue button to access all the further information regarding flight availability. 
  • Now, this step is all about considering or selecting a flight that probably suits your budget. 
  • After selecting the appropriate flight, start filling up your personal details such as your good name, contact number, justifying your gender, and many more details for the smooth functioning of the booking process.
  • Do not forget to submit your government-issued id. 
  • After completing all these procedures, you have to make a payment for your tickets to make it confirmed. 
  • Once the payment is done, soon you will receive all the important information on your registered email id. 

Method 2 - Booking via Phone

To book Air Transat cheap flights by calling the airline, check out the pointers given below; 

  • Call on the Air Transat Reservation number at +1-514-636-3630.
  • Listen to the IVR menu and select the appropriate option.
  • Then you will get connected with the agent. 
  • Provide him/her with all the details including your desired departure and arrival cities, your travel dates, the number of passengers, your preferred class of service, and any special requests, such as seat selection, extra baggage, or dietary restrictions.
  • The reservation agent will search for available flights and provide you with a quote. If you find a flight that you like, you can book it over the phone.
  • After booking the flight, you will receive an email that will consist of your travel details. The mail will be sent by the Air Transat email address (

Tips for a Smooth Phone Call Booking

Here are some additional tips for booking an Air Transat flight ticket over the phone;

  • Be prepared with the information that you need, such as your desired departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and number of passengers.
  • Have your credit card ready to make the booking.
  • Be clear about your special requests, such as seat selection or dietary restrictions.
  • Be patient. The reservation agents may be busy, so it may take some time to book your flight.

Method 3 - Booking At The Airport 

If you are going to book a flight by visiting the airport, then the pointers mentioned below can help you to complete the process easily. 

  • Go to the nearest airport. 
  • Visit the Air Transat Flight counter and ask the agent to book your flight ticket. 
  • State all your mandatory details with the agent. 
  • After that, you have to pay for the flight tickets. 
  • After giving the payment, the representative will share the status of your flight with you. 

Best Time to Book a Flight With Air Transat 

To get great deals on your flight ticket, check out the details that are mentioned below; 

  • 3-6 months in advance: This is typically when you'll find the lowest fares, especially if you're flexible with your travel dates.
  • On a Tuesday or Wednesday: Airlines typically release new fares on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so you may be able to find a better deal if you book your flight on one of these days.
  • During the off-season: If you're not traveling during peak season, you'll likely find lower fares.

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