Southwest Terminal At Portland Airport (PDX) Information

Southwest Airlines Portland Airport, Check-in, and Baggage Options:

Airline Name Southwest Airlines
Arrivals Terminal Terminal E
Departures Terminal Terminal E

Portland Airport (PDX)

Portland Airport has been serving travelers since 1957. It is one of the largest joint civil-military airports in the United States. The airport is small and not very crowded which enables the passengers to get through the airport procedures easily and swiftly. The airport has multiple services to offer the passengers to make their journey a comfortable one. 

  • Passengers are attracted by the services and amenities that the airport provides. Southwest Airlines Portland Airport has a complete set of services designed in a way that provides complete comfort to passengers who would be visiting the airport. A few services that you would want to know about at the Portland Airport for Southwest Airlines are listed below:
  • Portland Airport offers to help you pick up a rental car at the airport, which works out well for people who aren't in their city. To book a rental car, you can visit page, and fill in your pickup and drop location along with the date you want to rent the car. 
  • For all the big foodies out there, the airport has multiple food joints for you. While waiting for your flight, you can go and enjoy the delicacies from Caffe, Yum, Cha Cha Cha, Jamba, Portland Coffe Roasters, Starbucks, and many others. 
  • The airport also has free WiFi and internet access placed in different areas of the airport, for you to entertain yourself or if you have some important work to do while waiting at the airport. 
  • Many international passengers arrive at Southwest Airlines PDX Airport, for them the airport has a currency exchange service, which enables them to collect the required currency to continue with their journey. 

What Terminal Is Southwest At Portland Airport?

Below are the Arrival and Departure terminals details for this airport.

Arrivals Terminal:

The Southwest flights arrive at Terminal E of the Portland International Airport. 

Departures Terminal:

If you are taking a Southwest flight, then your flight’s departure from Southwest Terminal Portland will be at Concourse E. 

Note: If you face any sort of issue with your terminal you can call Southwest Airlines Portland terminal phone number - +1 503-460-4234. 

Destinations Covered By Southwest Flights To Portland Airport

When flying out of Portland Airport, Southwest Airlines covers plenty of destinations for travelers to explore. Some destinations are by direct flight, and for some, you'll need to take a connecting flight. The prices of both direct and connecting flights differ from each other.

Direct Flights Connecting To Portland 

Travelers coming from certain cities can get a direct flight to Portland Airport. Usually, the prices for direct flights are higher than the connecting flights. Therefore choose your flight ticket wisely. However, some of the cities having direct flights to Portland Airport are:

  • Burbank
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Kansas City
  • Las Vegas
  • Oakland
  • Palm Springs
  • Phoenix
  • San Jose

Connecting Flights To Portland

If you're looking for an affordable flight to Portland Airport, you might consider booking a connecting flight, although it may take more time. This could help you save money on your trip. Some cities that offer connecting flights to Portland Airport include:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Columbus
  • Fort Myers
  • Jackson
  • Los Angeles

Publish Date: 05/06/2023