Southwest Airlines at Charleston Airport (CHS) Information

Southwest Airlines Charleston Terminal, Airport Code, and Phone Number:

Airline Name Southwest Airlines
Arrivals Terminal Concourse B
Departures Terminal Concourse B

About Charleston International Airport

Charleston International Airport is a joint civil-military airport that serves around 5.3 million passengers every year. It was the busiest airport in South Carolina in 2022. The airport provides many facilities to keep passengers entertained during their travels.

If you choose to fly with Southwest Airlines to Charleston, you will arrive at the Southwest CHS Terminal. The terminal offers various facilities such as ATMs, charging stations, restaurants, and cafes. Southwest Airlines operates flights to and from Charleston International Airport to many destinations across the country with both direct and connecting flights available. make it short

Southwest Terminal At Charleston International Airport

The Charleston International Airport has one main terminal with two concourses. The central area of the terminal is where you'll find the ticket counter, check-in, security checkpoint, and baggage claim section.

Arriving At Charleston Airport 

If you're flying with Southwest Airlines, you'll arrive at Concourse B in the main terminal. 

Departing From Charleston Airport with Southwest 

Southwest Airlines flights depart from Concourse B at Charleston Airport.

Facilities of Southwest Concourse B

Here's a quick overview of the facilities available at the Southwest Terminal of Charleston International Airport.

Lounges Facility

The main terminal at Charleston International Airport offers a premium shared-use lounge called Club CHS. It has received positive reviews so far, but there are other lounge options available as well. These include The Centurion Lounge and Habana.

Wheelchair Accessibility 

If you require wheelchair accessibility, it's important to inform the airport authorities at least 48 hours before your scheduled flight time.

Transportation Facility

Traveling to an unknown place can be very challenging if you are not aware of the routes and transportation facilities. Do not panic. Read the below-given context and get all the details without any fuss. 

Taxis and Rideshare Services

If you want to book a taxis you can go to the ground transportation booth located outside the baggage claim here. The minimum taxi charge starts from $15.

  • You can also rent a car as per your comfort. The car rental service is located at the Rental Car Center near the baggage claim area. You may have to drop off your rented car at level 1 at the five-tier parking deck. 
  • You can also for rideshare service. For this service, you can use the Uber and Lyft apps. You may have to go to the roadway or you can also walk to the right of the last sidewalk of southwest airlines Charleston Airport for the cabs to pick you up. 

Routes Navigation At Concourse B

Check the route navigations of the below-given area to avoid the last-minute fuss.  

Booking Counter

For booking you can apply online by visiting the official website of Southwest Airlines or can also use the mobile app. For offline booking and queries regarding the booking, you can go to the booking counter at CHS airport. To reach the counter enter the airport from gate number 2. 

Check-in Counter 

You will find the check-in counter next to the booking counter or you can follow the signboards. 

Security Checkpoint Area

For the security checkpoint, you have to go behind the booking/ check-in counter. If you are at the Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Grill food court then the security area will be on your left near the southwest terminal Charleston Airport Concourse A. 

Baggage Claim Area

The baggage claim section is very next to the rental car pavilion area near Concourse B. 

Flight Options and Destinations from Charleston Airport

Apart from Southwest Airlines, several other airlines operate from Charleston International Airport, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and JetBlue Airways. Some of the popular destinations from Charleston International Airport include Atlanta, Baltimore/Washington, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston.

Direct Flights To Charleston

Southwest Airlines operates 101 direct flights to Charleston International Airport from cities such as Austin, Chicago, Denver, Nashville, St. Louis, and Missouri.

Connecting Flights to Charleston

Southwest Airlines also offers 101 connecting flights to Charleston International Airport, with connecting cities including Atlanta, Burbank, Columbus, and Harlingen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


All passengers are requested to feel free to connect with the customer care center for any queries regarding the airport service. The number is +1 843-767-7000. 

Publish Date: 04/26/2023