Southwest Airlines at Pittsburgh Airport (PIT) Information

Southwest Airlines is known to be one of the top airlines in the industry today carrying thousands of passengers along. It flies to various destinations covering Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Georgia, Florida, and many more. 

If you wish to know about the Southwest journey and Southwest Airlines Pittsburgh Airport, please read through the entire article carefully. 

Southwest Airlines Pittsburgh Terminal, Check-In, and Baggage Option:

Airline Name Southwest Airlines
Arrivals Terminal Concourse A
Departures Terminal Concourse A

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

Pittsburgh Airport is located around 10 miles away from downtown Pittsburgh and is used by both civilians and military personnel. It serves the Greater Pittsburgh area and is a significant international airport, providing flights to North America and Europe. The airport spans 10,000 acres and has four runways. 

What Terminal Is Southwest At Pittsburgh Airport?

Southwest flights are located at Concourse A at the Pittsburgh Airport. You can grab various services when you are at the Southwest PIT terminal. 

Arrivals Terminal

Your Southwest flight will land on Concourse A of the PIT Airport. 

Departures Terminal

To board your Southwest flight, you need to reach Concourse A on time and follow all the procedures that are to be done at the airport. The flight will only change its course, in case of an emergency. And if any of this happens, you will be informed beforehand. 

Southwest Terminal Services and Amenities At PIT

Passengers get attracted by the services available at the airport. These services help in brand building and gaining the trust of passengers. A few services available at the Southwest PIT Terminal are:

Restaurants and Cafes

To cherish some delicacies, the airport has multiple restaurants and cafes you can visit. Some of them include Buford's Kitchen, Dunkin' Donuts, Bellfarm Kitchen, TGI Fridays, Joe & The Juice, etc. You can choose among these or take a terminal tour to look for more. You can also refer to the website to pick the best. 


If you are at the Southwest Airlines PIT Airport, you must shop from 7-Eleven, River Market by Hudson, Sarris Candies, Gaby et Jules, Brookstone, Johnston & Murphy, and a lot more. 

Visit Pittsburgh Information Desk

You can visit Pittsburgh Information Desk to gather all the information you require for your flight or for any procedure to be done at the airport. The executive will guide you in the best they can. And if you have any query, they will try and solve it at the soonest. 


You can also spot a kid sport at the Southwest terminal. This area is beautifully designed for the little ones to enjoy themselves. You will find board games, swings, and a lot more at the kid sport. 

Indoor Pet Relief Area

They also have an indoor well-developed Pet Relief area for your furry friends to relax and feel comfortable. Your pets can be left free at the pet relief areas. Since pets are left in these areas, other passengers are not disturbed at the airport. 

Getting To And From The Southwest Terminal

For traveling to and from the PIT Airport, you get various modes of transportation. You can pick anyone up at your convenience. Some of the transportation options are mentioned below: 

Public Transportation

The most used method of transportation is public transit. It covers various routes to and from the airport. The bus departs Approximately every 30 minutes outside Baggage Claim Door #2. 

Taxis And Rideshare Services

PIT Airport offers different taxi options available to choose from. You can either book a taxi online or pick one outside of the airport. There are different car companies available for you to choose from. 

Tips For Navigating The Southwest Terminal

Tips to navigate through the airport are mentioned below. You can check those so that you are not confused when you are at the Southwest terminal. 


To book your flight at the airport, reach Concourse A. Once you are there, you will see various sign boards available indicating the boarding section. Follow them, and once you reach the booking section, connect with the executive, and get your flight ticket booked. 

Check-in and security

You can find the check-in and security section as soon as you reach Concourse A. The check-in and security sections are aligned with one another and can be located easily. 

Finding Your Gate

To find you ate, first, you need to check your ticket number, and then follow the marks that lead you to the gate. You can also check those large screens placed at the terminal for getting a better idea of your gate. 

Flight Options and Destinations Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines flies to multiple destinations covering a large number of cities to and from Southwest Airlines Pittsburgh Airport. 

Direct Flights to Pittsburgh

To catch a direct flight to or from the airport, you need to choose from a few cities. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Cancun
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Fort Myers

Connecting Flights To Pittsburgh

For those willing to catch a connecting flight, you need to choose from specific destinations. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Corpus
  • Havana
  • Jackson
  • Los Cabos
  • Los Angeles
  • New York

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, there are no hotels located at the airport. However, there are several hotels nearby that offer shuttle service to and from the airport.



Yes, there are luggage storage facilities available at the airport. The facilities are located in the landside terminal, near the ground transportation area.

Publish Date: 05/06/2023