FlexFlight Airlines Baggage Policy, Allowance Weight and size

Undoubtedly, FlexFlight is the best option that flyers seeking unique and flexible flying services can make. The Danish-based airline offers both charter and scheduled flights to several destinations across Europe and the Middle East.

The airline's unparalleled focus on customer satisfaction is the feature that sets FlexFlight apart. All the policies, including the FlexFlight baggage policy, just makes the traveling experience incredible. 

With Flexflight, you don’t have to settle for something less. However, there are certain things that the airline also expects you to take care of. One of those things is the baggage policy of FlexFlight.

Let’s continue to know what the policies are and how you can use them at the time of flexflight check-in.

FlexFlight Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

The FlexFlight airlines baggage policy for Checked baggage on FlexFlight varies depending on the fare you have purchased with the airline. Another factor that can determine the baggage carried is the route and distance of your journey.

You must ensure that the checked baggage size should not exceed 62 inches, and the FlexFlight baggage weight limit should range between 20 kg- 23kg.

Depending on the factors, the airline may charge you some nominal amount for carrying the checked baggage. 

Here is a table representing the checked baggage policy for the seating classes offered by the airline. 

Seating Classes

Maximum Weight per bag

Maximum Size per bag

Total number of bags 


Economy Class 50 lbs

62 inches 

(length width+height)

1 Depends on the route and distance
Business Class 70 lbs

62 inches 

(length + width height)

2 Depends on the route and distance

Prohibited items for checked baggage

It would be best if you were not caught with any of the items below while traveling with FlexFlight Airlines. 

  • Avoid carrying explosive and flammable material such as fireworks, flares, and explosives that are generally not allowed for the flyer to carry.
  • It would help if you did not carry flammable liquids and gases such as gasoline, propane, and butane.
  • Avoid carrying valuable and fragile items like jewelry, cash, glass, or delicate electronic items.

FlexFlight Airlines Carry-On Baggage Policy

While talking about the carry-on luggage size FlexFlight Policy, FlexFlight allows one carry-on baggage for free. but the size of the bag should remain under 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm including wheels, handles, and pockets. 

You can carry additional small bag packs or items like handbags, laptop bags, or duty-free shopping bags.

The FlexFlight airlines baggage policy of the airline is usually updated by the airline. So all the passengers are advised to check the baggage policy of the airline or connect with the representative of the airline.  

FlexFlight Airlines Special Baggage Policy

FlexFlight Airlines has some particular policies when it comes to special baggage. You can consider items like sports kits, medical instruments, and musical instruments as items in the list of special baggage.

The size and the weight of the unique items bag can vary depending on the type of luggage. For example, musical instruments must be transported in a hard shell.

FlexFlight may apply some charges for the flyer planning to carry unique items for their trip. The charge will depend on the FlexFlight luggage weight and size of the thing the flyer carries with them. 

As a flyer, you must remember to inform the airline in advance about the special luggage you will be carrying. You can tell the airline at the time of booking as well. 

FlexFlight Airlines Fees and Charges for Baggage

Every airline implements different prices for different luggage. This is a considerable concern for the flyers. Below is the breakdown for the charges according to the type of baggage the flyer carries with them.

  • Checked Baggage- The FlexFlight baggage fees for the checked baggage depends on the type of fare purchased and the route the flyer is traveling to. Although the fees charged by FlexFlight airlines typically range between €15 to €60 per bag. 
  • Excess Baggage- When the bag exceeds the size and weight, the airline considers it Excess Baggage. The fees for excess baggage can range from €20 to €120 depending on the size and weight of the luggage.
  • Special items- Few passengers want to carry unique items such as sports kits and musical instruments. FlexFlight baggage allowance can charge some nominal amount ranging between €30 to €100 per bag.

FlexFlight Airlines Baggage Claim and Lost Baggage Policy

Sometimes, the flyer can either lose their luggage or receive damaged baggage. This can be the most terrifying and annoying for the flyers. However, there are specific promises that the airline makes for coping with these kinds of situations. 

  • For Baggage Delays: FlexFlight luggage policy takes responsibility for any damage to your property if your baggage is delayed during a trip. However, they are only liable unless they can prove that they took all the possible reasonable and possible steps to do it. So this means FlexFlight Airlines' baggage policy will compensate for the loss of your delayed baggage unless they can prove that they did everything to save your luggage.
  • Destruction, Loss, or Damage to Checked Baggage: If you are traveling with FlexFlight, the carrier is responsible for safely transporting your luggage. If there is any damage to your checked baggage, then FlexFlight airline is at fault even if it’s not theirs. But this only happens if your checked baggage wasn’t damaged before the check-in. 
  • Destruction or Loss to unchecked baggage: In case of destruction, loss, or damage to your carry-on or unchecked baggage, the airline will be only liable if they are at fault. So, you are responsible for taking care of fragile items and keeping them in your carry-on baggage to avoid surprises.
  • Higher Limits for baggage: By paying some extra amount at check-in, you can declare the value of your belongings or luggage. With this, you can receive higher compensation if there is any loss to your luggage. However, this is only applicable to checked baggage.
  • Complaints for baggage: If you received damaged luggage, then complain about it immediately. In case of damage to checked baggage, you must file a complaint within 7 days. For delayed baggage, you must file a complaint within 21 days of when the air carrier makes the luggage available to you.

Tips for Traveling with FlexFlight Airlines

By following these points, you can avoid any hurdles that may arrive during your trip with FlexFlight Airlines.

  • According to the FlexFlight baggage rules, the charges and size restrictions of various fares differ. So after booking your ticket with FlexFlight, go through the baggage policy you are eligible for. 
  • You must try to pack light. By doing this, you will be directly saving yourself from the extra FlexFlight baggage fees the airline might incur.
  • Ensure to label your bags. Put a name tag or recognizable thing to help you quickly identify your bag. Moreover, this will be helpful for the airline to search for and return your lost luggage.
  • To safeguard your belongings, use zap ties or locks to secure bags.
  • If you are carrying any fragile item, then pack it properly. You can put it in your carry-on luggage or place it in the middle of your suitcase. You can use bubble wrap or any other such thing for wrapping it up.

Publish Date: 06/01/2023