Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy Guide

If you book a flight with Volaris Airlines and want to cancel then you need to remember some initial terms and conditions. these conditions are related to Refunds and their fees also.  in this case, you should read the things below: 

Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy & Refund Rules

  1. All the bookings with Volaris international flights are eligible for a refund if cancellation is made at least 7 days before the departure.
  2. For bookings with domestic flights within Mexico, you can follow the Volaris airline's 24-hours cancellation policy. However, there is a condition that your booked flight leaves more than 24 hours later.
  3. Suppose your domestic flight is scheduled for departure within 24 hours of booking. Then make sure to cancel the flight 3 hours before the departure to claim a Volaris airlines refund.
  4. Suppose your booked flight is delayed or canceled for more than 4 hours. Additionally, this happens because of the error at the airline’s end then you are provided with 2 options. You can opt to fly with another available flight without any extra charges or ask for a full refund from the airline.
  5. Sometimes the airline denies boarding. If Volaris denies boarding because the flight is overbooked, they will compensate you at least 25% of the ticket price you paid while booking. Additionally, you can fly to your destination free of cost or ask for a full refund from the airline.
  6. Passengers can claim a full refund if they cancel the ticket to/from the USA or Central America within 24 hours of booking, as long as they purchased it 7 days before the scheduled departure.
  7. For canceling the first part of your connecting flight to/from Colombia or Volaris. It would help if you informed Volaris Airlines before the first flight departs through Call Center or airport counters. If you have yet to cancel with Volaris, the airline may cancel your next segment or return flight.
  8. Flyers can opt to cancel the non-promotional ticket to/from Colombia or Peru if you inform them 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and if you haven’t checked in. Volaris Airlines will deduct 10% of the fare and refund the rest to the source account. The refund process may take 5 working days to get completed.
  9. In case you are buying a ticket for a flight in El Salvador, Guatemala, or Colombia from any other source of booking other than Volaris Airport Counter. Then you can proceed to cancel it within 8 business days after purchase. Make sure you haven’t checked in yet. The airline will transfer you the full refund through a wire transfer within 15 working days.

What is Volaris 24 Hours Cancellation Policy?

The 24-hour cancellation policy is made by Volaris Airlines to assist the flyer in canceling the flight and claiming a full refund. However that there are certain things that you must take care of being a flyer;

  1. With Voalris Airlines, you can cancel and get a full refund for all domestic flights within Mexico. Adding to it, it is also applicable for flights to/from the United States/Central America.
  2. For domestic flights, cancel it within 24 hours or purchase, provided the flight is scheduled for more than 24 hours.
  3. For the flight that is going or coming from the United States/Central America, try to buy a fare 7 days before the departure. Doing so will make you eligible for a full refund if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking.

How To Cancel a Volaris Flight?

You are stuck in a situation where you can’t board the flight? Now you may feel annoyed after thinking about the cancellation process. The points jotted down below can make your cancellation process easy and handy. 

However, the Volaris Airlines flight cancellation policy states that you can only cancel if you haven’t checked in through any method. You can move ahead with the cancellation policy either offline or online mode.

Through Online mode 

  • Visit the website https://www.volaris.com/ 
  • Look for the “Flight Cancellation” bar.
  • Fill in all the flight details.
  • Click on the “Cancel” tab.
  • If the airline applies any cancellation charge, then pay for it.
  • Volaris airline will share the cancellation details on your mail id or phone number. 

Through Phone,

If you don’t want to opt for online mode or you feel that it is more time-consuming then you can opt to cancel your flight on a phone call. To cancel Volaris flight through a phone call opt for the steps below:

  • Call on the customer care number of the airline.
  • Follow the IVR menu and get connected with the live agent.
  • Ask the agent to cancel the flight.
  • Share all the flight details.
  • Pay the cancellation charges.

Below is a table for the number you can opt for according to your location.

Country  Phone Number 
USA  1-844-933-2065/1-855 VOLARIS (8652747)
Canada  1-844-933-2065/1(55)-11028000
Peru  511-644-9040 (TTY: 855-425-2002)
EL Salvador 511-644-9040 (TTY: 855-425-2002)
Guatemala 502-2301-3939


How To Request A Refund For Volaris Airlines 

Flyers are only eligible for a full refund if they opt to cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking.

After the 24-hour portal, the airline may apply some sort of cancellation charge on the flyer.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps for requesting a refund online.


For requesting the refund through the online mode you can adhere to the steps that are mentioned below for your assistance.

  • Visit the main website of the airline.
  • Search for the “Cancel” option.
  • Provide your flight details.
  • Click on “Cancel the flight” from the menu.
  • Choose “get a refund” to begin with the cancellation process before continuing.
  • Once your flight is canceled by the airline, then you will receive a cancellation notification from the airline.
  • The airline will refund the amount to the source account between 7-20 working days.

Volaris Compensation for Cancelled Flights

Flyers can receive a discount voucher if their flight is delayed for more than 1 hour or less than 4 hours. These vouchers are provided in the form of an Electronic voucher that can be used in future bookings. However, there are certain guidelines released by the airline for these vouchers. 

  1. Delays for 1-2 hours make you eligible for an Electronic Voucher worth USD/MXN 50.
  2. Simultaneously the airline provides an Electronic Voucher of USD/MXN 250 or 7.5% of the ticket price if the flight is delayed is between 2-4 hours.

If your flight is delayed for more than 4 hours, Volaris offers you several options:

  • Volarish Airlines will refund you the ticket price or the unused part of your ticket. Adding to it you can expect 25% of the ticket price as compensation.
  • You can also opt to fly with another available flight without paying any extra amount. The airline will also provide some additional benefits such as phone calls, meals, and hotel accommodation.

Publish Date: 05/06/2023