Aeromexico Airline Web Check-in & Flight Boarding Pass Print

When you're checking in for your Aeromexico flight, it's important to follow the steps carefully as outlined by the airline. Fortunately, Aeromexico offers several check-in options, so you can choose the one that works best for you. You'll also have different choices for getting your boarding pass, and both the check-in and boarding pass printing processes are quick and easy.

The airline assures that the passengers do not have to feel any sort of discomfort while doing the check-in process, but for that, you need to abide by the timings set by the airline. To know and understand the check-in process in detail,

Here's a useful table with check-in and timing information for Aeromexico Airlines:

Type of Flight Check-in

Aeromexico Check-in Time

Aeromexico Boarding Time

Aeromexico Gate Closure Time

Online Check-in

24 hours before departure time.

45 minutes before flight departure

10 minutes before flight departure

Mobile Check-in

24 hours before departure time.

45 minutes before flight departure

10 minutes before flight departure

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in

Available 12 hours before flight departure

45 minutes before flight departure

10 minutes before flight departure

Counter Check-in

Available 4 hours before flight departure

45 minutes before flight departure 

10 minutes before flight departure

Required Documents

The airline requires the passengers to have a list of documents while they do the check-in process. These documents are mandatory for all passengers. The required Aeromexico Airlines check-in documents are as follows:

  • Your ticket number or the reservation code should be kept handy at the time of the check-in process
  • Your passport, or any other valid government-issued ID, with the correct name and date of birth
  • When you reach the airport for boarding the flight, you should have one photo ID in hand
  • If you are traveling internationally, you should have your VISA with you


Aeromexico Airlines Check-in Process

The check-in process of Aeromexico Airlines is smooth, and it provides you with different ways to complete the process with ease. You can complete the process hassle-free provided that you follow the scheduled timings set by the airline for the check-in process. 

Aeromexico Web Check-in

Online check-in is the easiest method of doing the check-in process, plus it has numerous advantages too. This process helps you with the early check-in and saves you time. If you are up for the online check-in process, you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Land on the official website of Aeromexico Airlines, and click on the check-in tab available on the website
  • Once you open the tab, it will ask you to fill in certain details, like your booking number, etc. fill in all the asked details
  • Select the desired seat, and confirm the process
  • The website will give you the option to save and print your boarding pass, also the pass will be sent to your email ID


Along with the ease, the Aeromexico check-in online has many advantages. Have a look at some of them below:

  • The online check-in process grants you the advantage of early check-in since you do not have to wait at the airport for the check-in process
  • This process saves a lot of your time, since everything is digitalized, and you can do it by sitting back at home at your convenience.
  • You get the opportunity to select your seat in advance


While traveling with Aeromexico Airlines, make sure you are aware of the opening and closing times of the check-in process. Also assure that you do not miss out on the time, or else you may have to pay an additional fee for that.

Online Check-In Time

If you are traveling with Aeromexico Airlines, and choose to check in using the online method, note the opening and closing timing of the check-in portal. The online check-in process time is 24 hours to 60 minutes from the scheduled time of your flight’s departure. If the passengers complete the check-in process between 24 hours to 2 hours, you may get a complimentary seat as well. 

Mobile Check-in

If you are not willing to check in for your flight using the online method, the airline offers you another way too, which is doing it with your mobile phone using the airline’s application which is available on both the Play store as well as the App store. Follow the given steps for doing the check-in using the mobile application:

  • Download the app to your device, which is available on the Play store and App store. 
  • Open the app, and tap on the check-in option displayed on the screen.
  • Fill in all the details that are asked, and move to the next step.
  • You will get the option to choose a seat, pick the one you like, and confirm the process.


However, apart from this, the passengers need to make proper note of the Aeromexico flight check-in time while using the airline’s application too so that they do not miss out on the check-in process at all. To avoid that read the following article carefully, and note the timings. 

Mobile Check-in time

To check in using your mobile phone, with the help of their mobile application, the first thing you should take care of is the timing. The opening and closing times for the check-in process should be noted without fail. Well, the check-in process for Aeromexico flights for mobile users starts 24 hours before the flight’s departure time and closes 60 minutes before the flight takes off. Make sure to make proper notes of check-in for Aeromexico Airlines. 

Kiosk Check-in

Another way to do the check-in process with the airline is the self-service kiosk, which will be done at the airport itself. A lot of passengers tend to choose this process because of its time-saving benefits, and it sounds convenient for them. If you are one of those who wish to go ahead with the check-in process using this method, go through the following steps carefully. 

  • Go to the airport that has the self-service kiosk available
  • Provide all the required details, that are displayed on your screen, for example, your booking number, or the reference number
  • Select and reserve the seat you like
  • Review all the details you entered, and click on the confirm tab
  • The next step is to print your boarding pass


The most important thing that you should make note of during the check-in process is its opening and closing time. If you are using the self-service kiosk process to check in with Aeromexico Airlines, please make note of the timings, so that you do not have to face any sort of problem thereafter. 

Kiosk Check-in time

The Aeromexico flight check-in timings for the self-service Kiosk are the same as that of the mobile check-in process. This states that you can start with the check-in process 24 hours before your flight has to take off, and the process needs to be done at least 60 minutes before the flight takes off. 

Airport Check-in

The most commonly used method for the check-in process is doing the check-in at the airport. This process implies various steps that should be followed to complete the check-in process at the airport successfully

  • Reach the airport on time, from where you have to board the flight
  • Reach out to the check-in desk, and request the agent for help
  • Handover all the required documents for the validation process
  • Choose, and select your desired seat
  • Request the executive to handover you the boarding pass and luggage tags


There are a few benefits that you can take advantage of while doing the check-in process at the airport.

  • You get proper assistance and guidance from the executives
  • It sounds convenient to those who have no time, or access to the online or mobile check-in
  • Your checked bags can be dropped off at the same time as you do the check-in process


While doing the check-in process at the airport, one needs to make sure to abide by the timings scheduled by the airline to avoid any last minute-hassle. Therefore to avoid that read through the timings carefully, and follow the same. 

Airport Check-in Time

To check in at the airport, you should reach there on time. The Aeromexico check-in time at the airport starts 2 hours before and closes 60 minutes before the domestic flight takes off. If you are traveling internationally, reach the airport 4 hours prior to the flight’s departure time since the check-in desk closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. 

Tips for Aeromexico Airlines Early Check-in

Most of us wish to take the early check-in while traveling with the airline. To do so, there are certain things that need to be followed. A few Aeromexico early check-in tips are given below:

  • Try using the online method for doing the check-in, this will save a lot of your time, and will help you with early check-in
  • Reach the airport at the scheduled time, if you are willing to check in at the airport
  • Abide by the scheduled timing laid down by the airline
  • Keep yourself updated with the airline’s policies, and make note if there is any change made by the airline


Aeromexico check-in fees

As per Aeromexico Airline’s policies, the airline asks the passengers to pay a certain amount of fee during the check-in process. 

To understand the fee charged in a better way, refer to the table given below:

Type of fees

Online check-in

Mobile check-in

Self-service kiosk check-in

Airport check-in

Domestic flight (USD)





International flight(USD)





Seat selection (USD)

Depends upon the fare rule.

Depends upon the fare rule.

Depends upon the fare rule.

Depends upon the fare rule.


How to Download Aeromexico Airlines Boarding Pass

The downloading process of the airline boarding pass is very easy. Keeping in mind the comfort of the passengers, the airline has set a list of methods, from which you can choose the best that suits you, and collect your boarding pass. The methods are listed below

Method 1: Downloading Your Passes at an Airport Kiosk

The airline provides you with the opportunity to download your boarding pass at an airport kiosk. If you are willing to go ahead with this method, follow the steps given below

  • Once you are at the airport, reach out to the kiosk service area
  • Choose your preferred language and click on the next tab
  • Fill in all the required details and recheck them once done
  • Click the option that asks you to print your boarding pass, and collect it from the system itself


Method 2: Collecting your passes from the Airport check-in desk

To print the boarding pass for Aeromexico Airlines, you can also do this process at the airport check-in desk. Here you get full guidance from the concerned executive. The steps to collect your boarding pass from the check-in desk are

  • Reach out to the airline check-in desk
  • Give all the required details to the agent
  • Once all the details are verified, request your boarding pass, and luggage tags


Method 3: Downloading the pass using your computer

One of the most commonly used methods for downloading your boarding pass is by using your computer. This process is quick and easy, and also saves a lot of time. The steps to download your boarding pass using your computer are given below

  • First, you need to complete your check-in process
  • Then the airline will allow you to download the boarding pass
  • Download it, and get a printout of it for using it at the airport


Method 4: Using a Mobile Boarding Pass

Aeromexico Airlines mobile boarding pass can be downloaded using their mobile application, which is available on both the Play store and App Store. For this process, you need to follow certain steps mentioned below

  • First, you need to have the airline’s mobile application and complete the process by using it
  • Tap the option to download the boarding pass
  • Once you have downloaded the pass, you can take a screenshot of it for further use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


You can connect with the airline’s executive on a call, and do the check-in process up to 1 hour before the flight has to take off. You can connect with them at - +52 (55) 5133 4000


To collect your boarding pass, the airline provides you with four options, namely: at the airport kiosk, at the airport check-in desk, using your computer, and using your mobile phone.


For airport check-in, you need to reach the airport 2 hours prior if it is a domestic flight. In case of an international flight, reach the airport at least 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.


Yes, you are liable to pay some amount of fee to check in with Aeromexico Airlines. For domestic flights, if you are using the kiosk service, you need to pay USD 25, and USD 50 for international flights. If you are doing the check-in process at the airport, then you need to pay USD 50 for a domestic flight, and USD 100 for an international flight. No fee is charged for online and mobile check-in.


The check-in process varies according to the method you opt for. Like if you are doing the web, mobile, or kiosk check-in you can do it from 24 hours to 60 minutes from the flight’s departure time, and if you check-in at the airport, you need to reach the airport 2 hours before for domestic flights, and 4 hours before for international flight.