Airlink Airlines Web Check-in & Flight Boarding Pass Print

Airlink Airline Check in

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Airlink Airlines Web Check-in & Flight Boarding Pass Print

Air Travel is the modern way of transport which is now an essential part of people’s life because of the busy lifestyle of people, it will be a time-saving travel and also very comfortable for long journeys. For flying the check-in process before any flight is compulsory whether you are traveling in business class or first class or going to any destination.  

Through the airlink check-in and boarding pass process, passengers can confirm the travel details, select the seat in advance, get the boarding pass, and get their luggage checked. Because it is crucial thing airlines provide many options for check-in which can make this easy and manageable. To get complete information about the check-in process go through this article.

Table for Airlink Airlines check-in method and timing:

Check-in Method

Check-in Time

Boarding Time

Online Check-in

24 hours before departure

30 minutes before departure

Mobile Check-in

24 hours before departure

30 minutes before departure

Self-service Kiosk Check-in

2 hours before departure

30 minutes before departure

Airport Counter Check-in

At least 1 hour before departure for domestic flights; 90 minutes before departure for regional flights; 2 hours before departure for international flights

30 minutes before departure


Types of Check-In Options Offered by Airlink Airlines

Airlink flights provide their passengers with significant options for check-in which help passengers to choose the best suitable option for them according to their preference. The different flight check-in options offered by Airlink like online web check-in, mobile check-in, airport check-in, and self-service by Kiosk check-in.

1. Airlink Airline Web Check-In

Online check-in is also known as web check-in, passengers can use the official website of the airline to complete this. Airlink Airline Web Check-in is the popular and convenient way to do the check-in. It will open 24 hours before the departure flight time and will be open up to 90 minutes before the departure flight.

Follow the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of FlyAirlink Airline 
  • Click the option of Check-In beside the Book a Trip option
  • You can select the seats in this process
  • Once all these formalities are over, a boarding pass will appear on your screen 
  • Download and print the boarding pass and show it at the airport security.

The online check-in will it convenient for the passenger to go directly to the security check by avoiding the ques of check-in at the counter

2. Airlink Flight Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-in is another suitable option for check-in Passengers can do this from anywhere once the check-in for their flight is open. Airlink Mobile App can help to do the  Mobile Check-in of Airlink Airline. It will also open 24 hours before the departure flight. 

To complete the process of the Mobile Check-in follow these steps:

  • Passengers should download the mobile app on their mobile 
  • Log in to your account with Airlink Airline and enter the flight details
  • You have a seat selection option too
  • Complete the check-in and after this boarding pass will be there 
  • Save the boarding pass and show it at the airport

In the case of Mobile Check-in also passengers can move directly to the security check at the airport once the mobile check-in has been completed.

3. Airport Check-In

Our basic and traditional method of Airlink flight check-in is Airport Check-in. Commonly people who have checked bags are suggested to go with the Airport Check-in at the counter because they need to drop off the baggage also. Open 3 hours before the departure and close 45 minutes before the departure. 

Follow the steps to complete the airport check-in:

  • After arriving at the airport directly to the Airlink ticket counter
  • Show all the travel documents to the agent
  • Verify your flight details then help the agent with seat selection
  • Drop your luggage for check-in 
  • The agent will help you with a printed boarding pass.

Passengers who have not taken the option of online or mobile check-in have to go to the counter to complete the check-in process.

4. Self-Service Check-In

Airlink Kiosk Self Service is the modern method of check-in to avoid the queue of passengers going with the self-service check-in for their flights. It is available at the airport only and it is a fast way of completing the process.

There are the following steps for completing the Kiosk Check-in take a look:

  • Go to the Airlink Self-service Kiosk desk
  • Activate the check-in process by following the instruction given on the screen
  • Add your flight details and select the seats for you
  • If you have luggage, checked it through the system 
  • Print the boarding pass and go to the security check-in

Passengers after completing the kiosk self-service kiosk can go directly to the security check.

Benefits of Using Online and Mobile Check-In

The online services are provided to customers on the basis of offering benefits and convenience to the passengers. If we talk about the Airlink online check-in service of the airline includes time-saving and choosing the preferred seats and meals priorly. 

Convenience and Time-Saving: Online and mobile check-in provides a convenient way of check-in from the home or office. By doing this passengers can save time and can avoid reaching early to the airport. Passengers can save time from long queues for check-in at the counter. Passengers who have already done the mobile or online check-in go directly to the security check.

Choosing Preferred Seats and Meals: Airlink Online and Mobile check-in also provide you the option to choose the seats and the meals priorly. This makes the journey stressful less and satisfying. If you have not chosen the online check-in option may be passenger not able to select the seats of your choice. 

Benefits of Using Airport and Self-Service Check-In

Airport check-in and Airlink self-service Kiosk check-in have their own benefits as it is the traditional method the people who are old and not friendly with technology which is very convenient for them. They will get assistance from the staff, help in making the last minute change, and also in check-in the luggage.

Assistance from Airlink Airlines Staff: At airport check-in, you will get the assistance of the staff for doing the Airlink check-in procedure you just need to show your document otherwise all the things will be done by the airline staff. Passengers have any last-minute doubts or queries they can ask.

Flexibility for Last-Minute Changes: Airport and Kiosk check-in will also give you the option of a last-minute change. If passengers want to make changes to their upcoming flights they can make the changes in their bookings before completing the check-in.

Checking in Bulky Items: If passengers select the airport check-in it will help them in doing the check-in of large items like their luggage, any musical instrument, sports material, etc. Also, passengers get the staff helps with bulky items at the airport.

Airlink's Boarding Pass Download Steps

Worried about how to print or download the Airlink Boarding Pass? here are some steps listed down, follow these:

  • Go to the Airlink Airline website and select the manage booking option 
  • Fill in the booking reference number and the name of the passenger in the space
  • The upcoming flight's details will show on the screen 
  • Click the option “download the boarding pass”
  • If needed enter the additional information on the passport
  • Once the details are entered download the boarding pass of Airlink and take the printout

Airlink's Boarding Pass All Options to print

There are different ways in which Airlink Airlines that can help passengers to get boarding passes once the check-in process is completed. We can take a look here at Significant ways and some tips on how to use it.

1. Electronic Boarding Passes

An Electronics Airlink Boarding pass reduces the stress of printing the boarding pass and being careful with the documents so will be convenient. if you have the boarding pass in your device no need to worry about losing it. You can easily access it from email or text and show it at the security.

Passengers will get the Airlink electronic boarding pass by following these steps:

  • Passengers should check in online by mobile app or website check-in
  • Once the check-in process is completed you will get the boarding pass by email or it reflect on the screen from where you save it on your mobile.
  • Once it is saved you can show it to airport security.

2. Mobile Boarding Passes

Airlink Mobile Boarding Passes you will get when you use the mobile app of the airline to check-in it is just similar to an electronic boarding pass. This option is available for those who don't want to carry their documents and roam around in the airport.

Let's take a look at how will get the Mobile Boarding Passes:

  • Mobile-friendly users need to download the app of the Airlink Airline
  • After downloading the app they can choose the option of check-in 
  • After completing the check-in procedure you will get the boarding pass on your phone 
  • Passengers can directly show it at the security check and at the time of boarding the plane

Note: Mobile device or any other device from which the passenger going to show the boarding pass have enough power backup for completing the process.

3. Printed Boarding Passes

Airlink Printed Boarding Pass is easier to access for your security check and boarding of the plane. You will be free from any technical glitch or if something happens with your mobile or any other access device from which you have planned to show the boarding pass. 

Passengers can get the boarding pass from Airlink Airline after any option they choose for the check-in at home they can do the web check-in, download the boarding pass and take the printout of it, or if they do it at the Self-service Kiosk desk after the procedure of check-in done to take the print out of the boarding pass.

What If Airlink Airlines Web Check-In is Not Working

There are many technical issues because of which Airlink web check-in will not work. The various reasons for not working the web check-in are website technical glitches, internet issues,s or any issue with the airline system:

  • Passengers have options at the time of maintaining the website issue passenger can try to do the process from different devices.
  • Passengers can contact customer service and complain about the glitch and also take help from the agent for check-in
  • In the end, if the above 2 option will not work, we will suggest you do the counter check-in or the check-in at the Airlink kiosk desk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The Airlink Airlines deadline to check-in is 30 minutes before your departure flight time. The online check-in will open 24 hours before the departure and the offline check will open 3 hours before the departure.


Yes Airlink Airline has a mobile app that can install on smartphones you can open the app select the options of check-in and complete the process on the phone.


The document which is needed to finish the Airlink Airline check-in is A valid government-issued photo ID, other documents needed for traveling like a passport depending on the traveling destination, and the passenger should have a confirmation number or e-ticket number with them.


The online check-in is open 24 hours before the departure flight time and the offline which be at the airport will be 3 hours before the departure flight.


You are eligible for online and offline check-in but if you have the baggage for check-in will suggest you do the counter check-in because after the online check-in you need to go to the counter for bags, so better to go with the counter check-in.


Yes you are allowed to pay for your bag at the time of check-in but will suggest you pay online for adding your bag before that will be cheaper.


Yes, passengers can choose their seats at the time of check-in Airlink Airline allows the passenger seat selection or change during the check-in process.


Airlink Airline provides the option to the passenger to change or select the seat at the time of check-in so, yes you can make the changes in seat selection at the time of check-in.


If a passenger will miss the check-in deadline and does not get the boarding pass will likely miss the flight. It will be a show.


Yes, you can download and print the boarding pass once the process of check-in is completed. The print option is applicable for both online and offline check-in.