Avianca Airlines offers several options for passengers to check in and obtain boarding passes. The airline has implemented measures to make the check-in process as smooth as possible. 

In this article, we will provide you with reliable information and guidance on how to check-in and board your flight with ease. Follow these tips to have a hassle-free travel experience with Avianca (AV) Airlines.

What Are The Travel Requirements for Avianca Flight Check-in?

For traveling with Avianca, you need to have a set of necessary documents in hand while doing the check-in process. 

Refer to the table below to know what documents are necessary for your travel.

Flight Type Required Documents
Domestic Flight To travel on a domestic flight to Columbia or Ecuador, all you need is a national identity card 
International Flight For international flights, you are required to bring an ID card and your visa for validation

When Should I Check-in with Avianca Airlines?

For traveling with these Airlines, you must know about the check-in time. Flyers need to ensure that they know the timings the airline has set to complete the check-in process. 

Online/Mobile Check-in Time

Passengers who are doing the online check-in method need to do it between 48 hours to 60 minutes before their flight has to take off. Passengers must complete their process within the time limit to avoid chaos. 

Note: If you are traveling to or from the United States or Canada, the online check-in time for you will be 24 hours before your flight’s departure time. 

Kiosk Check-in Time

Other than Online check-in, you also have the option to check in with the Kiosk machine and reach the airport to perform the check-in procedure 2 hours before your international flight, and 1 hour before if you are traveling via a domestic flight. 

Airport Check-in Time

If your plan is to fly with Avianca Airlines, you can check in at the airport by going to Avianca’s check-in desk. Kindly follow the airport check-in timings, so that there is no chance of you missing your flight. Failure to adhere to these timings may result in a missed flight

International flights: Complete your check-in process by reaching the airport 3 hours before your flight’s time

Domestic flights in Columbia: If you are traveling within Columbia, you need to reach the airport to perform the check-in procedure 2 hours before your flight. 

Local flights in Ecuador: If your travel plan is to board a local flight in Ecuador, you are advised to reach the airport 1 hour and 30 minutes before your flight takes off. 

Check-in and Boarding Gate Closure Time

To make it easier for you, below is the check-in and boarding gate closure time. Kindly follow those if you are planning to fly with Avianca Airlines. 

  • For international flights, the check-in counter closes 60 minutes before your flight’s departure time
  • The check-in deadline for domestic flights in Columbia is 45 minutes prior to your flight’s time
  • The check-in counter closes 35 minutes before your domestic flight in Ecuador has to take off
  • For all Avianca flights, the boarding gates close 15 minutes before your flight departs

Note: If you are done with the check-in process 24 hours before your flight, and do not have any checked baggage, you can arrive at the airport 2 hours before your international flight, and 1 hour before your domestic flight. 

How do I Check-in for my Avianca flight?

The check-in process should be done carefully by all passengers. The airline allows passengers to follow the check-in process using different methods available. Read below to know about various methods offered by the airline. 

Online check-in method

Passengers find it quite convenient to check in using the online method on the airline’s website. To follow the online procedure, you need to complete the steps mentioned below. 

  • Visit Avianca Airlines' official web page
  • Click on the check-in tab, and fill in all the required details
  • Select your desired seat, and confirm the process
  • Download the boarding pass for further use

The web check-in process is restricted for some passengers who come under the following category. 

  • Bookings that have any penalty while paying
  • UMNR passengers or travelers with pets are not allowed to perform the online check-in
  • Flights with a shared code
  • Flyers carrying portable dialysis equipment or oxygen concentrators.


Can I check in using my Mobile Phone?


Yes, you can definitely check in for your Avianca flight using your mobile phone by downloading their mobile application. The application is available for Android as well as iOS users. Follow the steps given below for your check-in process. 

  • Download the airline’s mobile application to your smartphone
  • Open the app, and click on the check-in option
  • Wwe the booking code, and your ticket number, and complete the process
  • Upon that, you can download your Avianca mobile boarding pass


Service Availability


Passengers cannot perform the check-in process using their mobile for domestic flights in Brazil. Also, if it is a code-shared flight, you cannot check in using your mobile. 

Kiosk Check-in

You can skip the airport lines by performing the check-in process via a self-service kiosk. To check in by the self-service kiosk method, follow the steps mentioned. 

  • Look for the kiosk machine at the airport
  • Fill in your identification method
  • Fill in the required information, and remember to check it again
  • Select your desired seat, and get over with the process




The check-in process is smooth to perform. However, there are some restrictions in the process that are to be noted. You can not do the kiosk check-in when:

  • The flyer needs to pay a penalty
  • You request special services
  • You have opted to fly with a code-shared flight
  • Traveling with harmful substances


Cities that do not have Kiosk service


There are a few cities that do not have kiosk services available. Some of them are as follows:

  • Columbia
  • Netherlands
  • Bolivia
  • Brasilia
  • San Jose


Airport Check-in Method


You can also opt for Airport check-in for your Avianca flight. Go through the steps given below to check in at the airport. 

  • Upon reaching the airport, make your way to the check-in desk
  • Provide the agent with all the necessary information
  • Choose the seat you wish to travel in and make the required payment
  • Collect your boarding pass and luggage tags


Airport check-in requires passengers to pay the fee for the check-in process. You can refer to the table given below to note the amount you need to pay if you are following the airport check-in procedure. 

Region  Charge 
Domestic flights Colombia COP 30.000
Domestic flights Ecuador / Guatemala USD 10
International USD 10
From Spain EUR 10
From the United Kingdom GBP 9

Note: Prices are subject to change at any time without notice and are non-refundable.

Methods to Download Avianca Boarding Pass

Upon doing the check-in process, the next thing you are required to do is to collect your boarding pass. To obtain your flight boarding pass, you can follow different methods. Let us now discuss the ways to download Avianca’s boarding pass

Online Downloading Method

Passengers usually prefer and find it convenient to follow the online method for downloading their boarding pass. It is time-saving and can be done by following certain easy steps that follow:

  • The first thing is, that you need to get over with the online check-in process
  • Upon that, click on the download boarding pass option
  • After downloading the pass, save it to your device, and get a printout of it


Downloading via Mobile Phone


To collect your Avianca Airlines boarding pass, you can also do it using your mobile phone. All you need to do is, follow the steps that are given below.

  • Get over with your mobile check-in process, using their mobile application
  • Upon that, download the mobile boarding pass to your phone
  • You can directly take a screenshot of it to show at the boarding gate

However, in Cancun, Havana, Porto Alegre, Punta Cana, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Cruz de La Sierra, and Santo Domingo, you need to have a printout of your boarding pass, even if you have done the mobile check-in. 

How to Print boarding pass at Kiosk?

To download and print your boarding pass using the kiosk machine, you need to follow the given steps. 

  • Evaluate all the information via the kiosk machine
  • Once everything is verified, download and print your boarding pass
  • Collect your luggage tags at the same time

To download your luggage tags via Kiosk, follow the steps given. 

  • Choose the baggage you need to check 
  • Select the number of bags, and click on Continue
  • Print the selected number of tags
  • Do not forget to attach those tags to your luggage

Note: If you face any sort of an issue, you can connect with Avianca Airlines check-in phone number - 1-800-778-4838.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you encounter any issues during check-in, you can contact Avianca customer service for assistance. Additionally, you can visit the Avianca website or mobile app for further information and support.

If you miss your Avianca flight's check-in deadline, you may not be able to board the flight. It's recommended to arrive early at the airport and complete your check-in as soon as possible to avoid missing your flight.

Yes, you can check in for your Avianca flight if you are traveling with an infant. However, you may need to provide additional documentation, such as a birth certificate or passport for the infant.

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