Finnair is the largest airline in Finland and officially represents the country. Finnair has a check-in policy that allows you to check-in for your flight online on their website or mobile app or at the airport, whichever is more convenient for you.

What Are The Finnair Check-in Timings And Deadlines?


  • Finnair Early Check-in allows you to complete your web check-in up to 36 hours before departure for your flights departing from Finland or other countries.
  • For passengers departing from the United States, the Finnair web check-in service is open 24 hours prior to your departure.
  • When it comes to airport check-in for Finnair, the service opens at least 2 hours before the departure of your flight. You must be done with all procedures for check-in, baggage drop, and security screening prior to gate closing time and 15 minutes prior to the flight departure.
  • Bag drop opens 2 hours prior to departure and closes 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to departure.

Note: Finnair check-in times may differ if you are traveling with a partner airline, so it is always best to be cautious and check with other airlines to be correct with check-in times.


Finnair has a policy that requires passengers to complete the check-in process before the flight departure time. This policy helps ensure that passengers arrive at the airport in a timely manner and complete all necessary procedures before the flight departs on time.

  • For flights departing from Finland to any destination within Finland or Europe, the check-in deadline is 45 minutes before departure.
  • For flights departing from Europe to any destination within Europe or to Asia, North America, or the Middle East, the check-in deadline is 45 minutes before departure.
  • For flights departing from Europe to the United States, the check-in deadline is 75 minutes before departure.
  • For flights departing from Asia, North America, or the Middle East to any destination, the check-in deadline is 60 minutes before departure.
  • It's always advisable to arrive at the airport well in advance of the check-in deadline to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience.
  • The deadline is 90 minutes if you check in at Kowloon Railway Station, Hong Kong.


What Are The Finnair Check-in Methods?


You can choose from two options for Finnair Check-in: Advance Check-in, which allows you to check in before you arrive at the airport, or Check-in at the airport.

Advance Check-in

Advance check-in services have two methods of check-in using Finnair web check-in or the mobile application, these methods can help you to check in even before you arrive at the airport.

Note: Please also note that Finner does not have online check-in for the following airports - Dalman, Dubrovnik, Rimini, Salzburg, and Split.

Web Check-in:

If you want to do Finnair online Check-in the steps that you must follow are written below:-

  • To check in for your Finnair flight, visit their website and click on the "Check-in" option at the top of the page. 
  • Fill in your information and review your booking details before downloading or printing your boarding pass. 
  • Bring your boarding pass with you to the airport on the day of your flight.


Check-in with Mobile Application:


If you want to check in by using the Finnair mobile check-in application then you must follow the following steps:-

  • Check in for your Finnair flight using the mobile app by logging in and entering your name and booking information. 
  • After reviewing your details, download, print, or display your boarding pass on the app for easy access at the airport.


Airport Check-in


To simplify the check-in process and avoid any potential delays, it is best to complete your check-in online before arriving at the airport. 

But if this is not possible for whatever reason, Finnair offers three different ways for you to complete your check-in process at the airport.

Kiosk Machine

To check in for the Finnair flight, there are hundreds of Kiosk machines available at destinations all around the world. The steps in the Kiosk machines are very simple as they are designed to complete your check-in process and make your Finnair boarding pass.

All you need to do is head towards any Finnair Kiosk machine available at the airport, opt for the check-in option, fill in all your travel and passenger details, and press the option to get your Finnair print boarding pass.

Note: Self-service Bag Drops are a convenient option available at select airports for passengers to quickly and efficiently drop off their checked luggage. 

  • In Finland, this service is available in Helsinki, Kittilä, Oulu, Tampere, Turku, and Vaasa. 
  • Meanwhile, international airports including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, London Heathrow, Reykjavik, Stockholm-Arlanda, Stockholm-Bromma, Umea, and Visby also provide this service to streamline the check-in process for travelers.


Airport Desk Check-in:


If you have not completed your check-in online or you do not have access to the Finnair Priority Check-in Desk and even if there is no Kiosk machine available at the airport. You do not need to take any stress, you can simply check-in in the traditional way by visiting the Finnair flight check-in Desk available at the airport. 

Priority Check-in:

  • To offer a more efficient and streamlined check-in experience for eligible passengers, Finnair provides a dedicated Priority Check-in Desk at the airport. 
  • This service is available for Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo, Platinum, Gold, or Silver members, as well as travelers with a Business Flex, Business Classic, or Business Saver ticket.


How To Download a Finnair Boarding Pass?


Below are the steps to print a Finnair boarding pass.

  • Log in to your account on the website or mobile app
  • Go to the Check-in section and enter your flight details
  • Click on the Print button to get the physical copy of your boarding pass
  • If you can't print it, email it to yourself or show it on your mobile device at the airport.


What Are The Reasons for the check-in delay at Finnair?


There are several reasons why you may encounter an obstacle in your check-in process with Finnair.

  • You're trying to check in too early, before the 36-hour (24-hour for the US) window before your flight.
  • Your name or booking reference does not match the information on your ticket.
  • Your flight is operated by an airline other than Finnair or Norra.
  • Pet transportation services are not available at the airport you are traveling from.
  • Your ticket information is not updated correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finnair does not have any special phone number regarding the Check-in process but you can contact the airline by calling 1800 102 1233.

Yes, Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese language options are available in Finnair self-service check-in kiosk machines at the airport.

You will need to provide your Passport, Travel Visa, and National ID Card if you are traveling with Finnair. Some more or fewer documents could be needed based on your travel origin/destination as well as your health condition.

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