LATAM Airlines has a variety of options for completing your check-in, depending on factors such as your route and fare price. The airline has a unique feature where they can automatically complete your Latam online check in and boarding process for you. 

This is done using the information you provided when booking your flight, so you don't have to worry about checking in yourself.

When you can Check-in with Latam Airlines?

  • LATAM Airlines offers automated check-in service for domestic flights in some countries such as the United States, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Ecuador, and Colombia.
  • However, it is important to note that the check-in cutoff time may differ depending on the country of origin.
  • Passengers traveling within Brazil must arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes before their scheduled departure, while passengers on international flights must arrive at least 90 minutes prior.

For more detailed information on check-in timings, passengers may refer to the table below.

  • Rio De Janeiro (GIG): You need to check in at least 45 minutes before your flight.
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU), Bogota, Columbia (BOG): You need to check in at least 60 minutes before your flight.
  • Barcelona, Spain (BCN), Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE), Casablanca, Morocco (CMN), Madrid, Spain (MAD), Miami, Florida (MIA), Lima, Peru (TLV): You need to check in at least 75 minutes before your flight.
  • Caracas, Venezuela (CCS), Georgetown, Guyana (GEO), Maracaibo, Venezuela (MAR), St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (STX), St. Kitts and Nevis (SKB), St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (STT), Tampa, Florida (TPA): You need to check-in at least 90 minutes before your flight.


What are the Different Methods for Latam Airlines Flights Check-in?


Automatic, online, mobile, and at the airport are the Methods by which you can do your Latam Airlines flight check-in easily. You can read briefly about the different check-in processes below:-

Automatic Check-in

When you book a flight with LATAM Airlines and you have the option for automatic check-in, they will give you a temporary boarding pass. This pass lets you do things like change seats or add extra luggage, but you may need to pay more for any extras. Any changes you make will be reflected on the pass when you check in at the airport.

If you are traveling internationally or booked through a third-party site, you will need to provide some additional information to receive your automated check-in. You have 72 hours before your flight to do this, and you can do it on the LATAM Airlines website.

Web/Online Check-in

If your flight has an online or web Check-in facility then you need to follow some simple steps so that you do Latam Airlines online Check-in on your own for your flight.

  • Visit the official website and navigate to the My Trips webpage
  • Fill in the details the webpage is asking you to fill
  • Your Latam Airlines flight boarding pass will be open on your screen
  • You can download or print this pass so that you can show it at the airport.




You can also Check-in with the help of Latam Airlines mobile check-in, follow the steps mentioned below so that you can save time and check in for your flight without any stress.

  • Install the Latam Airlines mobile application on your mobile phone or other devices
  • You can see a Check-in button on the very first page of the mobile application
  • In the next step, you will need to provide the details so that you can open your boarding pass
  • When you will have your boarding pass open on your phone, download it and keep it to show at the airport.


Airport or Kiosk Check-in


If you are unable to check in for your LATAM Airlines flight online, you can do so at the airport you are departing from. Just make sure to reach on time before the check-in deadline.

Once there, walk to the LATAM check in counter and ask the staff to assist you in obtaining your boarding pass. Alternatively, you can use the self-service kiosks located at the airport to check in for your flight. The steps to check in using the kiosk are simple and easy to follow.

Look for the kiosk machine at the airport, there are plenty of these machines placed at all the airports.

  • Fill in your identification and flight details in the Kiosk machine
  • Confirm or change the seat assigned to you
  • Provide the information about your bags if any you have
  • You will have your boarding pass, tap on the print button to print the boarding pass for Latam Airlines. 


Baggage Check-In


LATAM Airlines offers an automated check-in service, which is especially useful if you're traveling with luggage. If you only have personal items and a carry-on bag, you can board the plane without checking in at the airport. Pets are also included in personal items. You can also take your pets with you on the plane, but there are also restrictions for this. Whose information you will find in the Latam Airlines pet policy.

However, if you have checked luggage, you can still use the self-service kiosk to tag them and then take them to the LATAM counter for checking. On the other hand, if you choose to check in online, via mobile, or at the airport, you will need to check your luggage in the normal way at the airport.

How Do I Download Latam Airlines Boarding Pass?

Here are the steps to download or print your boarding pass for a Latam Airlines flight:

  • Go to the Latam Airlines website or mobile app.
  • Find and click the section to access your reservation, and enter your confirmation code.
  • Choose the flight you want to download the boarding pass.
  • Look for the button that says "Download boarding pass" and click on it.
  • Your boarding pass will be available to download or print, or you can save it to your phone or tablet.


Details For Group Boarding


Check-in for Latam Airlines has distributed the passengers into 6 categories calling the groups for boarding. When you board a plane, you'll be assigned to one of six groups based on your ticket type. There are also special accommodations available for those who need them. The boarding process is divided into three phases. This is how it works:

1. First Stage Of Boarding

During the first stage of boarding, passengers who need assistance will be given priority. This includes senior citizens over the age of 60, passengers traveling with children under 2 years old, and pregnant women. They will be allowed to board the plane first and given any necessary help during the process.

2. Second Phase Of Boarding

During the second phase of boarding, passengers will be allowed to board on the basis of their assigned group number. The first three groups to board will be Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3.

  • Group 1 includes passengers with LATAM Black Signature or Black Category Elite memberships as well as premium seating cabins.
  • Group 2 includes elite members with Platinum, Gold Plus, and Gold category status as well as Delta SkyMiles Gold, Platinum, and Diamond category memberships.
  • Group 3 includes passengers who have purchased a premium boarding product with a LATAM airline, passengers with LATAM+ seats, passengers with LATAM Top fares, those with premium boarding benefits and bank cards from partner banks, passengers with Delta SkyMiles Silver class membership, and members of the corporate elite.

3. Third Stage Of Boarding

During the third and final stage of boarding, the final three groups (Groups 4, 5, and 6) will board the aircraft.

  • In Groups 4 and 5, passengers who have been assigned a particular seat location (such as window, middle, or aisle) will be allowed to board first.
  • Group 6 is the last group to board and consists of basic fare passengers who are carrying only one handbag with them. It doesn't matter which category they fall into, they will board eventually.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have booked a domestic flight, then you must complete the check-in process 2 hours prior to the departure of the flight. However, bookings with international flights must be completed 3 hours before the departure of the flight.

No, TSA Precheck doesn’t work for international flights with Latam Airlines. However, Latam Airlines does offer a similar program called Latam Pass Priority. It is a paid membership that allows passengers to access the dedicated check-in line, priority boarding, and expedited security screening at selected airports.

Yes, if you have checked in online and have your boarding pass on your mobile phone, then you can show it at the airport. You download the mobile app for Latam Airlines or can access the main website of the airline to download the boarding pass for Latam Airlines.

Boarding pass in the form of soft copy is accepted by Latam Airlines. So if you can’t print your boarding pass, then don’t worry. You can download it from the main website of the airline or the mobile app of Latam Airlines. You can show the downloaded boarding pass at the airport.

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