With the national airline of Switzerland or the Swiss Confederation Swiss International Airlines, you can travel to over a hundred destinations in more than 50 countries around the world. But to board the aircraft, one process is very crucial which is the Swiss checkin process. We will discuss all the ways and how to obtain a boarding pass as well as how to check baggage in this article further.

What Are The Timings for Swiss Airlines?

Swiss International has a very precise timing given for its check-in process, the airline expects you as a passenger to follow the timings punctually so that your Check-in process will be done properly. Read the following points to know about the timings of Swiss Airlines:-

  • The Automated Check-in process will be done 24 hours prior to your flight departure.
  • If you are doing your online check in swiss air through the website or your mobile devices, then you are allowed to do your check-in process 23 hours before your departure flight.
  • For check-in at the airport, you should reach the airport 2 hours and 3 hours before your domestic and international flights respectively.
  • The deadline for check-in is the airline's advice to reach the airport or if you are doing online check do it as early as 2 hours before your scheduled flight departure.


What Are The Methods For Swiss International Check-in?


The Swiss air checkin process is very simple and easy on the airline. You can check in for Swiss in various ways such as Automated check-in, online web check-in, and mobile check-in.

Automated Check-in

Your check-in will be completed automatically and you will not need to do anything, the automated Checkin swiss air is designed in this way for you.

The benefits you have in automated check-in are that you can do the booking of a maximum of 9 people, your registration is anytime past booking up to 24 hours, and automatically your boarding pass will be delivered to you via phone text, or email, it is Convenient, secure and you just need to go straight to the security gates if you just have a handbag.

  • While you are booking the Swiss Airlines ticket you just need to select the automated Swiss checkin in the sixth step of the booking process.
  • When you make the online booking of your flight with Swiss depending on the route and class of your flight, you can also choose a seat in the aircraft free of charge or for a fee.

Note: Automated check-in is not available for all the flights and destinations with Swiss.

Swiss Airlines Web/Mobile Check-in

There are many benefits of the Swiss online Check-in process, starting from that it is comfortable and safe as well as accessible 23 hours before your flight departure. You can select your seat online and Print the baggage tag at home which can save you Swiss air checkin time at baggage check-in. All you need to do is just go straight to the gate with your baggage.

Steps for Website Check-in

On swiss.com you can do your checkin Swiss air flight in a very simple way, all you need to do is visit the website, and on the very first page click on the ‘Fly’ button situated between the ‘Prepare’ and ‘Discover’ buttons. 

  • After that, you will see many options of which ‘check-in information’ is the very first one with the top option of online check in swiss air click on it.
  • On the next page, you will have the complete information regarding the online check-in and at the bottom, you can see the ‘Check-in/My Booking’ option with blank spaces to fill in your ‘Booking Code’ and your ‘Last Name’ as per the booking.
  • You can have your boarding pass downloaded as the Swiss mobile boarding pass.

Steps for Mobile App Check-in

The mobile Swiss checkin application is as simple & easy as the Swiss web check-in process.

  • The application is available for all Android OS & iOS supported devices and you can download them from their app stores.
  • After downloading the app, launch it and log in to it, now go to my flight's option and tap on the check-in option.
  • After you will be done with your swiss international airline's checkin process for Swiss International, your boarding pass will be sent to you.

Mobile Boarding Pass

You will be given a mobile boarding pass if you do Swiss air checkin via your smartphone device or web check-in or even if you have an automated check-in as well. Your boarding pass will be sent to your Smartphone device in the following ways:-

By Text Message

  • You will need to enter your mobile number in the SWISS app before using the swiss air online check in to receive a boarding pass via SMS.
  • After receiving the SMS tap on the link given in the SMS text, and your boarding pass will open as well as make sure that your device must have internet access so that the boarding pass could be opened any time when you need it.
  • You can also add your boarding pass to your mobile phone wallet, just tap on the ‘Add to Wallet’ button given in the button of your boarding pass.

By e-mail

As you received your boarding pass via SMS you can also receive it in your e-mail, before using the online check-in in your smartphone application you will need to enter your e-mail. You can download your boarding pass as well as open it even without internet access. 

With the App

Your boarding pass will be stored in your mobile application as well you can open and download it anytime. It is better to download the boarding pass because you can open it anytime even without internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions;

If you have an issue regarding the check-in process with Swiss International Airlines then you can contact +41 848 555 100 the number is available from Mon-Sun between 07:00 am and 09:00 pm.

Swiss International Airlines recommends its passengers check in as early as possible. If you have an automated or online check-in then you are allowed to check in even 23 hours before your flight departure. And if you are going to check in at the airport then you can check in as early as 2 and 3 hours for your domestic and international flights respectively.

If you are check-in at the Airport you will be required to provide certain documents written below:- You will be required to provide a hard/soft copy of your ticket. Your Passport or other ID proof. Your boarding pass.

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