Cheap Flights from Denver to Dallas

If you are looking for Denver to Dallas flights, this might be the perfect paradise for you. You can grab amazing deals and offer flights to Dallas at the cheapest fare possible. Check out how!

Route from DEN to DFW

Statistically, DEN to Dallas route is one of the busiest in the US. There are several airlines operating via this route. A usual flight takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes without any stops. However, Southwest Airlines provides the fastest flight from DEN-DFW taking 1 hour and 55 minutes in total. The flight distance between Denver and Dallas is 651 miles (1047 Kilometres). 

Right Airline for Your DEN to DFW Flight

When you search online for Denver Dallas flights, you get to see only numbers like prices, time, and dates but no one suggests the best airlines that you can choose according to your needs. So we came up with this to inform you about the facilities that the frequent flying airlines on this route provide you with.

  • Frontier has the cheapest fares for this route which usually start at $100 and above. Frontier provides multiple flights in a day with a non-stop connection between Denver and Dallas. 
  • Southwest Airlines provides the fastest travel. It is the only airline that allows 2 checked baggage and a personal carry-on onboard for free. The price for the fare usually starts from $150 onwards.
  • United Airlines provides the best overall experience with a fare range starting from $200 for Denver to Dallas route. You can get 2 non-stop flights operating in a day.

Getting to and from DEN and DFW Airports

You have booked your ticket and you are new to Dallas or Denver, how would you travel? You must have a fair knowledge of what options are available for you to commute between places in an unknown city. So here we have mentioned all the facilities available to you for transportation for both the airport. 

  • Denver Airport- Transportation at Airport includes A-line commuter trains, Car share services, Charter buses, Hotel shuttles, Limousines, Mountain carriers, Public bus services, Ride app services, Shared-ride services, Taxicabs, and Car rentals.
  • Dallas Airport-Transportation services at the airport include Airport Shuttle, Rental Cars, Public buses, Trains, Ride app services, Shared-ride services, and Taxicabs.

How to Find Cheap Flights from Denver to Dallas?

Finding a cheap flight ticket, especially when you are in a hurry, won’t be that easy. However, if you wish to travel via LCC(low-cost carrier), you must be prepared for some discomfort during the flight. Here are some tips that will surely help you get cheaper tickets but you must be patient to follow them all.

  • If you book your tickets before 46 days the departure you will likely get the cheapest flights from Denver(DEN) to Dallas. 
  • If you have flexibility, make your reservations in the month of January as the prices drop up to 30%, and avoid booking during the month of November as the prices go high up to 20% during that time.
  • If you are traveling in just a few days, book a flight departing in the morning as prices are 4% cheaper compared to the evening rates.
  • If you are patient and curious enough, you can check out the official websites of all the airlines flying in the Denver-Dallas route. You will have a high probability of landing on a good deal.

Denver International Airport

Denver Airport is one of the largest airports in Colorado. It is a hub for Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, Denver Air Connection, and Southern Airways Express. Southwest Airlines marks this airport as its focus city.

The Airport was opened in 1995, and currently, it has a total of 6 runways. The airport sees an annual footfall of more than 69 million passengers.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport

This airport is the second busiest airport in terms of passengers. It has an annual footfall of more than 73 million passengers. It was opened in 1973 and now incorporates a total of 7 runways.

It is a hub for American Airlines, Ameriflight, Southern Airways Express, and UPS Airlines. Also, the airport is highly focused by Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Sun Country Airlines.


Publish Date: 05/04/2023