Flights from Houston to Dallas (IAH to DFW)

Flying to Dallas from Houston? You surely need some information that will make your journey wonderful. Travelling without knowledge will keep you occupied in unwanted troubles and you might not enjoy or fulfill the real purpose of your trip. 

So here we will be providing you with all the information regarding the routes, distance, time taken, airlines to choose from, conveyance options, in-flight amenities, and tips to get cheap tickets. All of these are covered in the article below, so make sure to go through them before booking your Houston to Dallas flights.

Flights from Houston to Dallas Guide

Below are the routes and other details for it.

Route from IAH to DWF

Usually, a flight from Houston to Dallas takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes in total. However, you spend only about 45 minutes in the air during your flight. The least time taken by any flight to cover the Houston to Dallas route in a non-stop flight is 59 minutes. The distance between Houston and Dallas is 239 miles.

Right Airline for Your IAH to DWF Flight

There are numerous airlines connecting flights from Houston to Dallas but the key is to find the best among all. Here your opinion might differ based on various factors, but according to us, the best would be the airline that provides affordable rates along with the best amenities. 

Here we have mentioned some of the top carriers that will surely grab your attention;

  • Being the flag carrier of the United States, America aims to provide the best services in all aspects. It has maintained its safety rating for a long time now. The loyalty program of the airline is one of the best of all. Even at reasonable rates, the airline offers amazing seats that are comfortable and spacious.
  • No doubt, United Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in North America. It is well known for its premium cabins and flat-bed seats that are very comfortable. If you book anything above economy, you must go for the loyalty program as well. Its loyalty program also provides great value for your future travels.
  • Even cheaper than a low-cost carrier, Spirit Airlines makes it hard to believe your eyes while looking at the base fare. However, they also gotta run a business so selecting seats or carrying extra luggage costs additionally more. 

Book Flights IAH and DWF by Different Classes

if you are planning to book flights on these routes then you can select common Classes like Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class.


You can book round-trip and multi-city tickets with different airlines like delta, American and much more.

Premium Economy:


First Class:

Getting to and from IAH and DWF Airports

Below are the details for airport transport options.

IAH Airport

Travelling to/from IAH is very convenient as you will find a lot of public transportation as well as taxi services. Public transportation metro buses run on specific routes, costing less fare than any other transportation facility. 

You can get a rented car from, Alamo, Alvis, Budget, and many more. If you want to go next level, you can also book limousines and sedans as your ride.

DWF Airport

Dallas Airport has a well-established ground transportation system. For passengers travelling to/from the airport is very easy and convenient. 

You can find taxis that will charge moderately to transport you, you can contact these taxis at the airport itself. If you opt for public transportation there are various buses that can carry you anywhere in the city. For booking your private cab you can use these apps- Uber, Lyft, WINGZ & Alto.

In-Flight Experience on IAH-DWF Flights

The most important aspect of travelling via plane is the in-flight experience and services. While many airlines tend to provide amazing booking, check-in, and other experiences, many of them lack the in-flight experience customers want. 

Here are the top airlines serving Houston to Dallas flights and their in-flight amenities provided on the route:

  • American Airlines does provide you with enough space on the seats while flying. If you book a Business Class or First Class ticket, you will surely get comfortable as well as spacious seats. While in Economy class the seats typically range from 30 - 32 inches of space. Each passenger has access to WiFi and can access free movies, TV shows, and music that you can stream on your personal device.
  • United Airlines has very decent inflight amenities that it provides during the flight from IAH to DWF route. During your flight with United Airlines, you can get private screens for watching TV, movies, songs, and others. All the aircraft are WiFi enabled along with a power supply to keep your devices charged. You can always order special food items and beverages on board, however, it comes for a price.
  • Spirit does not provide high-class amenities in its flights, however, all the basic amenities are available for passengers to enjoy. Being a low-cost carrier majority of the services need to be accessed by paying a certain fee.

How to Find Cheap Flights from Dallas to Houston

Cheap flights are hard to find especially if you are in a hurry. Although this is not the case always, if you have enough time in hand, you can possibly land on a deal that will surely hit less on your pockets. Here are some tips to pull less money out of your pockets:

  • If you really want to book cheap flights then you should have your travel plans flexible. As per the booking data, the month of June, July, and August is the busiest and during that time you will get high-priced tickets. So you must book your tickets during the month of January as it is the cheapest month to fly.
  • Early booking is the biggest key to getting a cheap flight even during a peak travelling season. You must book your tickets at least 6 months before your travel so you will find cheaper flights than average.
  • You can also compare prices for different carriers here on our site for this route and get to know which day and time of the day has the cheapest flights available. If you can land on one, don’t let it go, book your tickets right away. 

Houston Airport

Houston Airport is the largest airport in Houston, Texas. This airport is a hub for United Airlines and Spirit Airlines keeps it as a focus airport in its list. It accommodates 5 runways in total and operates a total of 40 million passengers yearly.

Dallas Airport

Being a hub for American Airlines, Dallas airport is one of the major airports in Dallas, Texas. Frontier, Spirit, and Sun Country Airlines keep this airport on their focus list. Commuting over 73 million passengers each year, the airport accommodates a total of 7 runways.

Publish Date: 04/29/2023