Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Honolulu

Were you looking to escape to a tropical paradise? Switch to this gateway of Paradise, and look no further! All the Flights from lax to Honolulu offer breathtaking views, warm sands, and a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. With turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, and the aloha spirit awaiting you, get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to the beautiful island of Honolulu. Let your adventurous journey begin! Stop wasting time and book your flight now.

Route from LAX to HNL

Before moving ahead, there are certain distance graphs that you must look at for the basic information on the route from LAX to HNL. 

  • The total distance between Los Angeles to Honolulu is 2560 miles.
  • The flights that cover this route take 5 hours and 7 minutes to cover the distance. The flight time may vary according to the airline the flyer is opting to fly with.

Right Airline for Your LAX-HNL Flight

There are several airlines that work on operating Lax to Honolulu flights. Different airline has different specification and uniqueness. Depending on several factors like timing, fare prices, and in-flight services, flyers can book with any airline. The list of the operating airlines from LAX to HNL includes several names, such as;

  • Delta Airlines: Known for its vast global network, Delta Airlines focuses on making its customer travel experience the best. The in-flight services provided by Delta Airlines include Wi-Fi availability, entertainment screens inside the planes, and mouthwatering dining options. For the passenger in business and first class, Delta airline offers a “Delta One” experience with luxurious amenities. 
  • American Airlines: One of the largest airlines in the world. American Airlines focuses on providing a comfortable flying experience for its passengers. Apart from all the other things, America Airlines’ “Admirals Club Lounge” is the one that sets this airline apart. Flyers can access this lounge to relax on their trip.
  • Hawaiian Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines is amongst the most loved airline. The in-flight services include a section of Hawaiian-inspired meals, enjoyment of traditional Hawaiian music, and hula performances throughout the journey in the flight. Hawaiian also provides a reward program called “Pualani Elite” for frequent flyers. With this program, frequent flyers can get deals and discounts while booking flights for their trip. 
  • Alaska Airlines: Alaska Airlines shows its concern for sustainability and environmental responsibilities. The airline offers a good range of food while traveling on the flight. The reward program of Alaska Airlines is known as the “Mileage Plan,” which allows flyers to earn and redeem miles on a variety of partner airlines. 

Tips and tricks for finding cheap flights from Los Angeles to Honolulu

Traveling is all fun, but the cherry on top is the pocket-friendly trips. Planning and executing the plan without emptying your pocket can make a flyer the happiest. The most expensive deal for your whole journey can be booking flight tickets. But don’t worry. We have listed some tips to help you pick the cheapest fare for your trip. 

  • January is when you can expect approximately a 30% decline in ticket prices for Flights from lax to Hawaii. So you can book your flight during this time.
  • Avoid purchasing tickets during July because, at this time, the fare price increases by approx 29%. 
  • $139 is the lowest price for booking a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu.
  • Be flexible with your plans; if you have any plans in June, July, and August, try to postpone them or book flights before this month.
  • Booking in advance can also be helpful as you will get plenty of time to find the ongoing deals and discounts for booking a flight. 

Airports Information

We got you all covered with the flight information, but you should also have some basic and little information about the airports. 

Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport is the primary international airport serving the greater Los Angeles area in California, USA. It is one of the busiest airports in the world and is located in southwestern Los Angeles, approximately 18 miles from downtown. LAX has nine terminals, with a total of 128 gates. The airport serves more than 88 million passengers annually. The airport offers various services, including restaurants, shops, lounges, and airport hotels.

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport is the main airport serving Honolulu on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. HNL airport is located 3 miles northwest of downtown Honolulu and is the busiest airport in the state of Hawaii. It has three terminals with a total of 80 gates and serves more than 20 million passengers annually. HNL is a hub for Hawaiian Airlines and is also served by several major domestic and international airlines.

Publish Date: 05/04/2023