Air Canada Missed Flight Policy & Refund Guide

One of the most popular airlines in Canada, Air Canada, is appreciated for the kind of services it provides. Even in bad situations, when somehow you miss your flight, you are secured with the policies of Air Canada.

Missed Flight Policy and Refund

According to the policy, the airline can rebook another flight after missing a flight. However, you must report to the airport within 2 hours of the departure. The airline helps to complete your trip by arranging another flight on the same ticket. While talking about the refund, Air Canada usually doesn’t provide a refund unless you have a valid reason.

Missed Flight Policy

Air Canada is renowned for its services and policies. The Missed flight policy is among the ones that can save a passenger time, making his journey hustle accessible. Although, you must remember a few key points of the policy that you can seek advantage with.

  • If you have arrived at the airport and checked in, you still miss the flight. Then the airline will rebook another flight for your trip.
  • Even if you miss your flight due to any delay, the airline will book another flight to complete the trip.
  • As soon you know you will miss the flight, inform the airline so that the airline can book another flight and take further action.
  • According to Air Canada's missed flight policy, the passengers can rebook another flight in a similar class and for the same destination.
  • Your late arrival for rebooking at the airport can cause trouble. The airline won’t consider your request. 
  • In case your booked flight was the last. The airline will try to book the earliest flight the next day by checking on its availability.


What happens if you Miss Your Flight on Air Canada Airlines?

You can follow several ways to take action after missing your flight. A passenger can miss a flight, and even the missed flight policies are made by the airline to tackle such situations. You can rebook another flight by connecting with the airline.  

Connect with Air Canada Live Person 

Being the largest airline in Canada, the airline also has a vast team to assist its passengers. The customer care executive is present 24x7 to help their passengers. Get connected with the live person through phone calls. The customer care executive at the airline can provide you brief details about the Air Canada missed flight policy.

  • You can dial 1(888) 247-2262 or 1-802-902-2009 for contacting the live person.
  • Follow the IVR menu and speak to the live customer care executive.


Connect With Official Websites

You can also visit the website of the airline. Apart from contacting the airlines through their website, you can access other information like bookings and flight status.

  • You can visit their official website 
  • On the top, you will see an option for “Customer Support.”
  • Through this window, you access various ways to contact the airlines and do the needy. 


Contact a nearby Airport

If you missed your flight, you could contact the nearest airport from where your flight departed. By doing so, you can book another flight from the closest airport, and you can complete your journey.

Chat with Air Canada Airlines

Suppose you are not able to connect on call. Then, you can also opt for a live chat box. Apart from this, you can also drop a mail on the official mail id of the airline. 

  • You can visit the customer support page on their website. 
  • You will see their official mail id and a box saying “ask us a question” in the bottom right. 
  • You can drop a mail on their email ID or explain your query in the chat box.


Some potential options for resolving a missed Air Canada flight:

Check your ticket or fare rules of the booked ticket with Air Canada Carefully read the terms and conditions of your fare. The terms and conditions vary from fare to fare.
File a claim with travel insurance for missed flight on Air Canada If you have travel insurance that covers missed flights, you may be able to file a claim and receive compensation.
Check the status of your Air Canada Flight You can easily check the flight status of Air Canada flights through the website. In case of delay and cancellation try booking another flight without any delay.


How Do I get a Refund for Air Canada Airlines Missed Flight?

Flyers can find out what can be refunded and under what conditions by the airline under the refund policy for missed flights.

Therefore, to get your compensation for missing flights, you must review the terms and circumstances of this policy:

  • When you miss your flight with Air Canada, you often cannot obtain a refund.  
  • If you decide to cancel your reservation after going through security, Air Canada won't give you a refund.
  • This airline will return the whole cost to your original payment method in the event of a natural disaster, such as lightning strikes, earthquakes, or severe rain. If not, the airline may also provide you with a ticket for the subsequent journey.
  • In some instances, travelers who miss their flights due to the airline's check-in or boarding pass delays may be able to get their money refunded.
  • When passengers miss their flights owing to medical reasons, the airline will assist by issuing a refund to those passengers.
  • In rare circumstances, travelers may get the flight instead of a refund.


Quick Steps to Take After You Miss Air Canada Airlines Flight

Firstly, connect with an Air Canada agent and inform them about your missed flight. After this, try booking another available flight. If you can, try to reach the airport to board the next scheduled flight.

Check for standby options:

Your chances of opting for stand-by options depend on your ticket type. It differs from ticket to ticket. However, Air Canada doesn’t charge a penny for putting you on the standby list and completing your journey even if you miss a flight.


Now as you know all about the Air Canada missed flight policy, you don’t have to worry even if you miss the flight. Following some steps, you can complete your trip without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Yes, as per the missed flight policy of Air Canada, you can get a refund if you miss a flight. However, you must have a valid reason for missing a flight. The airline also provides you with a facility to rebook another flight. So, you can also opt to rebook another flight after you miss the previous one.

The airline will assist you in rebooking another flight on the same day. Air Canada constantly tries to provide the best services; with this, they won’t disappoint you by delaying the flight.

You can connect with Air Canada by calling on 1-888-247-2262. The live agent will help you in booking another flight. You can seek their assistance and follow their instructions to deal with the scenario.

No, Air Canada doesn’t charge a single penny for missed flights. Instead, Air Canada will assist their passengers in booking another flight to their destination.

As per the terms and conditions of Air Canada, if you are rescheduling your flight 5 days before the departure day. Then you don’t have to pay any extra amount.