Missing a flight is a very unfortunate circumstance that can panic you and can possibly ruin your trip. But you may have to put in some extra effort to emerge from this situation as soon as you can to save your bucks and time. Although, it's not a new term as many people often miss their flights. 

But many of you may not be aware of the steps that you must take right after you face a stressful situation like this.

So, through this article, we will learn about the Air Canada Missed Flight Policy to avoid any worst situation. Not only that but here you will also get some ideas to re-book a flight or to claim a refund for a missed flight. 

Air Canada Missed Flight and Refund Policies

If you are flying with Air Canada, then you must have a good knowledge of its missed flight and refund policies to prevent any unwanted surprising events. More details can be explored below; 

  • Air Canada Missed Flight Policy allows you to rebook the flight if you missed the original flight for any reason. However, some charges can be applied. 
  • The only condition is that you must rebook your flight to the same destination and under the same fare class. 
  • If you miss your flight because of a flight cancellation by Air Canada, then you will be rebooked on the next available flight. If the next available flight is not on the same day, then you will be accommodated on the earliest departure the next day.
  • Unfortunately, if you miss your flight because of a medical emergency or someone's sudden death, then Air Canada will rebook you on the next available flight. Even if there is no available flight on the same day, the airline will assist you with the next day's flight. Not only this, but in case you cannot reach your destination with the rebooking option then you can also get a refund of your original ticket.
  • However, the refund will be based on your fare type and the reason why you missed the flight. 
  • If you miss your flight for any other reason, then you will be rebooked on the next available flight, subject to availability. You may also be required to pay a difference in fare, if any.
  • To rebook a missed flight, you can contact Air Canada customer service. You can also rebook your flight online or through the Air Canada app.
  • If you fail to inform the airline priorly that you are going to miss your flight, then the airline will mark you as a “no-show”. 


Some general terms and conditions apply to Air Canada Travel classes are described in the table given below; 


Fare Types Changes/ Re-booking Refund
Economy Class Non-Changeable Non-Refundable
 Premium Economy Class Changes are allowed without any charges Fully Refundable
Business and Signature Class Changes are allowed without any charges Fully Refundable

What Happens if I Miss My Flight on Air Canada Airlines?

Missing a flight can put you in a very frustrating situation as you may have to deal with many unpleasant events and solutions. Some of the things that may happen to you are jotted down below; 

  • Once you miss the flight, the airline will cancel your flight. Not just that, they will also cancel your returning and connecting flight as well (if any). 
  • You will have to pay the “no-show” penalty charges to the airline authority if you miss your flight due to not arriving at the airport on time. 
  • If your reason is valid then the airline may rebook your flight without any charges. And if they find the reason invalid then you will have to pay some additional charges. 
  • However, the amount of the additional charge can vary depending on your fare type and the circumstances of your missed flight. 
  • In some cases, the airline may be able to rebook you on a later flight without charging a fee. This is more likely to happen if you have status with the airline or if you are a frequent flyer.
  • If the airline is not able to rebook you on a later flight, you may be able to purchase a new ticket. However, you will likely have to pay a higher price for a last-minute ticket.
  • If for some reason, you fail to rebook your flight, then no worries you may get a refund for your missed flight. However, the airline will not provide you with any refund if you missed your flight due to your own negligence.
  • If there are no suitable flights available immediately, the airline representative may suggest alternative routes or connecting flights to help you reach your destination. They may also provide information on standby options or other available flights.
  • You can likely get to hold on a standby mode. 


Can I Rebook My Missed Flight at the Airport? 


Yes, whether you have a refundable ticket or a non-refundable ticket, after missing the Air Canada flight, you can rebook your flight. Not only at the airport but you can proceed with the rebooking via your phone as well. The details are explained below; 

  • The first and most important thing that you must do to rebook a flight is to contact the airline as early as possible. The sooner you will get connected with them, the faster they will be able to help you with rebooking. 
  • The process to contact Air Canada is very simple. You can use various methods such as via phone, or in person at the airport to connect with them. You can also go through their website.
  • After getting connected with them you will have to provide them with your booked flight information and your contact details. Apart from these, to proceed further you will have to explain the reason that caused the missed flight situation. 
  • After that, the representative will check if there are alternative flights available that can accommodate you. They will consider factors such as seat availability, upcoming flights, and any applicable fees or fare differences.
  • Some additional charges or fees can get involved in rebooking, however, it solely depends on the airline's policy and the circumstances of your missed flight. These can include change fees, fare differences, or any penalties outlined in the terms and conditions of your ticket.
  • Once you complete the rebooking procedure, the representative of Air Canada will make the required changes to your reservation. Then he will issue a new Air Canada boarding pass, and if applicable, collect any additional payment required.


Is It Possible to Contact an Air Canada Representative? 


Yes, it is possible to get connected with the Air Canada live agent. All you have to do is to read the points carefully that are written below; 

Get Connected Via Call

For any kind of queries that are related to reservation, you can contact the Air Canada agent at the toll-free number 1 888 247 2262. This number is working 24*7 within Canada and the US. If you stay outside Canada or the US then you can try some other international numbers. 

Write the Agent an Email

You can also email them your concern. As soon as they will read your mail they will revert back. In the mail, you can add all your queries regarding reservations. You can also write a request mail to claim a refund for a missed flight. 

Contact Them Through Social Media Platforms 

If you are more into social media, then you can use the platform to connect with the Air Canada representative. The members of this airline are reachable on social media platforms to help you out like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can directly message them or can tag them in a post. 


How Can I Claim a Refund for My Missed Flight?

Missing a flight can cause so much damage to your trip, but if you have a refundable ticket, or you have a solid and valid reason to miss the flight, then you can take a relaxing breath. As these factors will help you to claim a refund very easily. The ways to claim a refund for Air Canada Missed Flight are given below; 

  • Start by checking Air Canada Airlines’ website or the terms and conditions associated with your ticket. Look for the policy regarding missing flights and involuntary changes. This will give you an idea about the Air Canada Refund Policy. 
  • After reviewing the policy, you may contact the airline’s customer service or the specific department that handles refunds. 
  • When contacting the airline, explain the circumstances that led to your missed flight. If it was due to a delay or cancellation on their part, mention that as well. Be polite and provide any necessary documentation, such as medical certificates or official letters if applicable.
  • Right after that provide them with your original booking details which include your flight number, travel date & time, and other relevant details that are required. 
  • After you submit the details, the airline will assist you with the procedure to proceed. In the procedure, you might have to submit a formal refund request. You can send this either through an online form or by email mode. Make sure to comply with their instructions and provide any additional documentation they request.
  • Air Canada has a specific time limit for submitting the refund request. You must make sure to act promptly and submit your claim within the pre-decided timeframe. Missing the deadline might result in your request being denied.
  • If you encounter difficulties or face challenges in claiming your refund, don't hesitate to follow up with the airline or escalate your complaint. You can ask to speak to a supervisor or contact the airline's corporate office. Document all communication and keep records of the dates, times, and names of the representatives you speak with.
  • By any chance, if Air Canada refuses to provide a refund due to some terms and policies, then you must not panic at all. Instead, you must explore other possibilities, such as seeking compensation through travel insurance, if you have coverage. Additionally, if you paid via your credit card then you can check the refund option from there as some credit card companies offer protection to their valuable passengers for flight-related issues. So you can definitely try contacting your credit card provider to ask about any available options to get rid of this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, as per the missed flight policy of Air Canada, you can get a refund if you miss a flight. However, you must have a valid reason for missing a flight. The airline also provides you with a facility to rebook another flight. So, you can also opt to rebook another flight after you miss the previous one.

The airline will assist you in rebooking another flight on the same day. Air Canada constantly tries to provide the best services; with this, they won’t disappoint you by delaying the flight.

You can connect with Air Canada by calling on 1-888-247-2262. The live agent will help you in booking another flight. You can seek their assistance and follow their instructions to deal with the scenario.

No, Air Canada doesn’t charge a single penny for missed flights. Instead, Air Canada will assist their passengers in booking another flight to their destination.

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