Air India Missed Flight Policy & Refund Guide

Air India is prescribed to be the most significant international carrier. The facilities and policies of the airline help the flyer to cope with the toughest situations. Flying with Air India not only assists the flyers in enjoying the benefits but also assists in every possible situation.

Flight Policy and Refund

If a flyer cannot catch the flight for any unavoidable reason, then according to the missed flight policy, the flyer can request a refund from the airline. The flyer can also ask the airline to rebook another flight. However, after checking the flight availability, the airline can rebook another flight.

The flyer can expect a full refund or some sort of discount from Air India for a missed flight.

Missed Flight Policy

A flyer needs to inform the airline as soon as possible after missing a flight. The missed flight policy of Air India Airlines is another important thing to recall after missing a flight. However, there are a few key points that the flyer must recall after missing a flight with Air India.

  • If the flyer has missed the flight, the first step is to inform Air India airlines about the missed flight.
  • Sometimes, flyers have their tickets booked with their travel agent. They must ensure to connect with the agent and inform them about their missed flight.
  • Depending on the reason for missing the flight, the airline can also urge Air India to rebook another flight.
  • According to the Air India missed flight policy, the flyer can also claim a refund if the reason for missing a flight is unavoidable and Air India understands it.


What Happens if you Miss Your Air India flight?

Missing a flight means you won’t be able to complete your trip. However, while talking about Air India airline's missed flight policy, many helpful things can help the flyer to come out of the situation. The flyer must recall to inform the airline as the earliest and ask to rebook another flight. Additionally, if completing the trip isn’t important, the flyer can certainly ask for a refund from Air India airlines.

Connect with Air India Live Person 

After missing a flight and wandering here and there at the airport, the flyer can quickly connect with the airline or the customer care department of Air India. There are several ways to connect with the airline, and contacting the live person is among them. By connecting with the live agent the flyer can seek information about the missed flight policy of Air India.

  • Call on 01242641407
  • Carefully listen and follow the IVR menu.
  • After waiting a few minutes, the live agent will get connected on the line.


Connect With the Official Website of Air India

The flyer can also visit the official website of Air India airlines. The website can be used to book a new flight and make changes to previous bookings. The flyer can also contact the airlines with the mediums available on the official website of Air India airlines.

  • Visit the official website
  • The “Contact” option is available in the right corner.
  • By clicking on the option, you can find various options to connect with Air India Airlines.


Contact the closest Airport

The flyer must try to connect with the closest airport and find the availability of another flight for the same destination. If there is any available flight, the flyer can rebook a new ticket and complete the trip. After missing a flight, the flyer is always tense about the trip instead of getting worried and messing up the whole situation.

Chat with Air India

Unlike the other Airlines, Air India has a slightly different process of chatting. If any flyer wants to connect with Air India through chats, they can send “Hi” on WhatsApp at 9154135505. The flyer can also choose to contact through other mediums depending on the location they are currently based.

Additionally, for any queries or information, the flyer can drop a mail at the official mail id of the airline. The mail id of Air India airlines is available on the official website.

Some potential options for resolving a missed Air India flight:

Check your Air India ticket or fare rules Review the terms and conditions of your ticket or fare to see if you are or you are not eligible for a refund or rebooking due to a missed flight.
File a claim with travel insurance For Air India airlines If you have travel insurance that covers missed flights, you may be able to file a claim and receive compensation for any additional expenses you incur as a result of the missed flight.
Check the status of your Air India flight You can check the status of your flight on the website or by contacting the customer service department of Air India Airlines. If your flight has been canceled or delayed, you may be able to rebook on a different flight or request a refund.


How Do I get a Refund for Air India Missed Flight?

According to the Air India Airlines missed flight policy, a refund for the missed flight can be requested. However, it depends on the type of ticket and the destination. If the flyer has booked the ticket with the travel agent, then they must approach the agent for a refund.

  • The flyer can request a refund through the website.
  • On the website, an option stating “Refund Request” is visible. The flyer can proceed to file a refund request through the option.
  • The flyer can also connect with the live agent at Air India airlines for requesting a refund for missed flight.


Steps after You Miss Air India Flight

Your quick action after missing a flight can help you escape the situation. You must ensure to recall the Air India airlines missed flight policy.

  • Try to connect with the live agent at Air India airlines or the travel agent with whom you have booked your ticket.
  • Check for the availability of another similar flight and ask the agent to rebook the flight.
  • You can also contact the closest airport for checking out with the availability of a flight to the same destination.
  • If you wish, you can also claim a refund with Air India airlines.


Check for standby options:

After missing a flight with Air India airlines, there’s one more way to complete the trip. The flyer can ask the agent at the airport for the availability of seats on the standby flights.

If there’s any availability, the airline can put the flyer’s name on the list. This can be a helpful medium for the flyer to complete the trip without any problems.


Now you are much aware of the Air India airline's missed flight policy. You can easily get out of stressful situations without any hurdles. However, the missed flight policy of the airline differs from fare to fare and also the source of ticket booking.

Frequently Asked Questions;

The refund policy of Air India airlines totally depends on the ticket purchased. If you have booked the ticket with the travel agency, you can ask the agent for a refund. Otherwise, you can contact the live agent at Air India Airlines.

Yes, you can change the flight with Air India airlines. Air India airlines have bought the feature for their passengers. Now passengers can easily make changes to their flights through the website of the airline.

The airline helps passengers after missing a flight. The flyer can ask the airline to rebook another flight. Adding to it, the refund policy for the missed flight depends on the type of ticket purchased. The flyer can explain the reason to the agent at Air India in medical emergencies.


You can contact Air India airlines in various ways after missing the flight. If you want to get connected with the live agent through a call, you can call on 01242641407. You can also get in touch with the airline by dropping a mail on their official mail id.

Yes, Air India does charge a penalty amount if a passenger misses the flight. However, the amount can vary from fare to fare. Apart from this if the flyer urgently needs to complete the trip then the airline can assist in rebooking another available flight.