Avianca Airlines Missed Flight Policy & Refund Guide

Missing a flight can create tension in your head, but sometimes you must keep your tension aside. Even though you are all set still, certain uncertainties can lead to your missed flight. If you are planning a trip and booking a flight on Avianca Airlines and, for any reason, you miss a flight, you may seek an advantage for the missed flight policy.  

What Happens If You Miss Your Flight Avianca Airlines?

Avianca Airlines are known for its facility and services. The airline always takes every chance to assist you in any situation. Even if you miss a flight, they will ensure you do not miss your trip. 

Below mentioned are a few points of the missed policy that you can consider if you have missed the flight.

  • If you know you will miss the flight or have already missed it, you must inform the airline. If you don’t inform the airline, they consider you a “no-show.”
  • According to the “no-show” policy of the airline, you won’t receive any amount as a refund. 
  • If you inform the airline on time, they might schedule your trip with the next flight.
  • The airline can also make arrangements for stand-by flights.
  • The airline may charge you a certain amount for missing a flight and rebooking another one.

How To Connect With Avianca Airlines?

Calling is a better option because, on call, you can easily explain your issues and find a solution for them. You can connect with the Avianca live person through a call and inform them about your missed flight. The live agent can elaborate on the flyer about the missed flight policy of Avianca Airlines.

  • You can dial 1 (800) 284-2622 or +1 (802) 636-9417
  • You can speak with a live agent through the IVR menu.

You can visit the website of Avianca to check what you can do after missing a flight. Through the official website, you can rebook another flight, manage your bookings and check your flight status. 

  • You can visit the official website 
  • In the top right corner, you can see the “Help” option. 
  • After clicking on the “Help” option, you will be redirected to a page with certain information.
  • You will find the “Contact Us” option after scrolling down. Through this option, you can connect with the airlines.

How Do I Get a Refund for Avianca Airlines Missed Flight?

As per the missed flight policy, you can claim a refund for missed flights from the airline. However, your reason for missing the flight must be genuine and considerable. The policy provides a refund in the below-mentioned cases. 

  • If you arrive late at the airport due to a medical emergency and miss the flight, you can expect a refund from the airline. 
  • If you miss a flight due to natural calamities, you can still expect a refund from the airline. 
  • Missing a flight because of the airline’s fault makes you eligible to claim a refund from the airline. 
  • The airline provides a refund in the form of credit.

Publish Date: 05/23/2023