Emirates Airlines Missed Flight Policy & Refund Guide

Emirates Airways is renowned for the amenities and facilities it provides to flyers. The people on-boarding the flight can take advantage of the services. But still, some flyers need to catch their flights. Emirates Airways missed flight policy is there to assist flyers if they miss a flight. 

Emirates airways missed flight policy is made to assist flyers even in challenging situations. If you have missed your flight, the airline can assist you in booking another available Emirates flight. You must connect with the agent at Emirates Airways or your travel agent with whom you have booked your ticket. You can also request a refund from Emirates Airways. Emirates Airways usually provide a refund after inquiring about the situation of the flyer. 

Missed Flight Policy

Similar to other airlines, the missed flight policy has some rules and regulations that the flyer must obey to. If the flyer follows the policy's instructions, they can easily cope with the situation and find a better solution. However, if you are booking your tickets with a travel agent, you must contact him after missing your flight.

  • Whether you are missing your connection or non-connection flight, the Emirates Airways missed flight policy tries to cover your loss and enables you to find another option.
  • While talking about the policy, it’s adaptive. The fare can be canceled within 24 hours of booking. Within 24 hours, the flyer is eligible to claim a full refund. 
  • In a booking where a travel agent is involved, the flyer needs to contact the agent to make changes to the booking. 
  • If you miss your flight, you must ensure to connect with the airline or your travel agent without further delay.
  • If the flyer doesn’t contact the airline even after missing the flight, then Emirates Airways can implement a no-show policy.


What might happen if you Miss Your Flight on Emirates Airways?

If you uncertainly miss your flight on Emirates airways, then you won’t be able to complete your trip. But still, you shouldn’t become hopeless. Instead, you should try other options in the missed flight policy. Contact the source you have booked your ticket with, either the agent at Emirates or your travel agent. Ask them to rebook another flight available for the destination. 

Connect with a Live person at Emirates Airways 

As soon you realize that you have missed your flight, try contacting either your travel agent or the live person at Emirate Airways. You can get in touch with the live agent at Emirates Airways through a few simple steps;

  • Dial +971600555555 to connect with the live agent.
  • Carefully listen to the instructions on the IVR menu.
  • After following the IVR menu, you will be connected with the Emirate live agent.


Connect through Websites

The flyer can also access the main website of Emirate airways. They can book a flight through the website, manage their booking, claim compensation, and connect with the airline.

  • Visit the official website
  • Search for the “Help” option at the top.
  • Once you click on the option, you can find several ways to connect directly with Emirates.


Contact the closest Airport

You can find other options to fly by contacting another airport. If you still need to look for your previous find, quickly search for the closest airport and ask if there is any other available flight. You can rebook another flight from a different airport to complete your trip.

Chat with Emirate Airways 

The flyers can easily chat with the agent at Emirates Airways. This way, they can easily explain their scenario and discuss finding a solution. To get connected over chats with Emirate airways, follow some easy steps.

  • Visit the website of the Emirates
  • Click on the “Help” option at the top.
  • Then, click on the “Help and Support option.”
  • You can see the live chat option and connect with the agent through live chat.


Some potential options for resolving a missed Delta flight:

Check your ticket for Emirate Airways You can choose to rebook another flight or claim a refund. But this choice depends upon the term and conditions mentioned in your ticket.
File a claim with travel insurance for the Emirates If flyers have travel insurance then they are on the positive side. The travel insurance for a missed flight can cover their loss and save them from any additional charges
Check the status of your Emirate flight Constantly check the status of your Emirates flight so that in case of any delay or cancellation you can rebook another flight. Depending on the situation you can also request a refund from the Emirates.


How can you claim a refund for Emirates Airways Missed Flight?

A flyer can’t claim a refund for missed flight with Emirates Airways. The airline usually provides no refund for a missed flight. The flyer should contact the customer care executive at the earliest. If claiming compensation, the airline will assign an executive with the flyer. The executive will further inquire you about the details. After analyzing completion, the executive will refund the payment source. 

Quick steps after you miss the Emirates Airways flight

If you missed your scheduled flight with Emirates airways, don’t worry because Emirates Airways missed flight policy will assist you in every possible manner. You must ensure to take some quick steps after missing your flight.

  • Try to get in touch with the agent at Emirate Airways or your travel agent who has booked the flight for you.
  • Ask for a subsequent flight and try to rebook the earliest flight available. 
  • Ask Emirates to put your name on the standby list, if possible.
  • Depending on your choice, you can also request a refund from Emirates. As per the missed flight policy of Emirates Airways, flyers are eligible for a refund if they have missed a flight. 


Check for standby options:

Stand-by options are available at Emirates Airways. These options are for flyers who have yet to book their previously booked flight. The airline puts their name on the standby list so they can complete their trip easily without any hustle and delay.

If you have missed your flight, you can contact the customer care executive of Emirates Airways and ask them about the availability of stand-by flights. Depending on the availability of seats, the airline can put your name, and you can quickly board the standby flight.


Missing the flight isn’t a big deal, but if a passenger is unaware of the missed flight policy of the airline, then it can become a big deal. With the knowledge of this policy, missed flights can’t be troublesome. So, if you plan a trip with Emirate airways, you must go through the Emirates Airline's missed flight policy.

Frequently Asked Questions;


Yes, as per the missed flight policy of Emirate Airways, you are eligible to claim compensation. Ensure to connect with the customer care executive of Emirates. After completing the inquiry, the assigned executive will initiate the refund.


If you miss the flight and you are also absent at the airport. Emirates will consider you a no-show and charge an extra fee. The no-show fee is USD 218.


Yes, changing flights is possible with Emirate Airlines. However, you must ensure that you should change your flight 7 days before the scheduled departure. After that, you might be able to change flight


Emirates Airlines usually refunds the missed flight after a successful inquiry through the agent. So, in this case, you can contact the customer care executive at Emirates to initiate your full refund.


You can connect with Emirates Airways through various ways such as live chat, their website, and the live agent or customer care executive. You can call 9167003333 for general inquiries, 02240974097 for flight booking queries, and 9167083333 for baggage-related services.