Frontier Airlines Missed Flight Policy & Refund Guide

If you have booked a flight on Frontier Airways for your next trip, you must be aware of the Frontier missed flight policy. This will help you find the solution instead of worrying about the missed flight.

Flight Policy and Refund

The airline will reschedule your trip according to Frontier Airlines' missed flight policy. Interestingly they won’t charge you for this service. In Fact, if your flight is delayed or canceled you can claim a refund.

Missed Flight Policy

You can easily find a solution if you are well-informed about the policy and its guidelines. The airline tries to assist you in any situation, but you should also know the rules and regulations. 

  • According to Frontier Airlines' missed flight policy, if you miss your booked flight. Then the airline takes responsibility for booking the next flight for you. While rebooking another flight you don’t have to pay.
  • If you are missing your flight because of unexpected situations, you can seek help from the airline. Frontier Airlines missed flight policy is there to assist you if you miss your flight unexpectedly.  The airlines will ensure to book another flight for you satisfying your comfort level.
  • In some cases, the airline penalizes the passenger for not arriving at the airport on time.


What might happen if you miss your flight on Frontier Airlines?

If anyhow you are not able to arrive on time. Additionally, if you miss your flight on Frontier airlines, they will ensure to book another flight. However, the airlines have the right to charge no-policy to passengers who aren’t arriving on time.

But the airline will try to assist you if you explain the valid reason for missing the flight. In addition, the airline can initiate a full refund for your booking, depending on the scenario.

Connect with Frontier Live Person

There are several ways to connect with the airlines. You can connect with the agent of the airline through phone calls.

  • If you want to speak to Frontier Airlines, you can connect by phone. You can dial 1 (801) 401-9000 or 1 (806) 459-9001. You can
  • Call toll-free number 1 (806) 459-9001 to speak with the live agent. The live agent is available 24x7.


Connect With Official Websites

You can visit the website of Frontier. By visiting the airlines, you can seek more information about your issues.

  • You can visit the official website
  • On the website, you can rebook another flight, check the flight status, and check various other information.
  • You can scroll down and see the “connect with us” option.
  • By clicking on this option, you can see various options for connecting with the airlines.


Contact a nearby Airport

You can contact the nearby airport if you miss your scheduled flight on Frontier Airlines. You can board another flight with the same ticket. As your flight is departed, you should quickly inquire about the nearby airport.

Chat with Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines has multiple ways to help out its passengers. If you are not a call person, then live chat must help you find solutions. Follow the below-mentioned steps to initiate your inquiry related to Frontier Airlines' missed flight policy through the live chat box.

  • You can visit the official website of the airline.
  • Scroll down to find the option “connect with us.”
  • By clicking on the window, you can see multiple ways to connect with the airlines.
  • Drop a mail or chat in the live chat box. You can explain your query to the customer care executive.


Some potential options for resolving a missed flight on Frontier Airlines:

Check your Frontier ticket or fare rules Review the eligibility of your fare by going through the terms and conditions 
File a claim with travel insurance for Frontier You can use your travel insurance that covers your loss for missed flights.
Check the status of your Frontier flight You can check the status of your flight on the website of Frontier. In case of delay or cancellation, you can file for a claim or rebook another flight. 


How Do I Get a Refund for Frontier Airlines Missed Flight?

The airline will initiate a full refund for your missed flight. However, they will investigate whether your reason is valid or not. The refund will be credited to the same payment method.

You can follow these simple steps to initiate your refund with Frontier Airlines:

  • If you already know that somehow you will not make it for the departure. Inform the agent on Frontier without any delay.
  • If you inform them in advance, you are eligible for a full or half refund.
  • If the air carrier cancels your flight after the designated time, the money you paid for your ticket will not be refunded.
  • You will receive a refund only for refundable tickets.
  • If you want to cancel your flight, visit their website. You can open the “manage my bookings” window
  • You can cancel your booking and claim a refund.


Steps after you miss Frontier Airlines Flight

If you have missed the flight or know you will miss a flight, follow these simple steps.

  • Contact the airlines immediately and inform them about your missed flight.
  • If you know you will miss a flight, you must manage booking through the official website.
  • You can cancel your booking and claim a refund.
  • Inform the executive, and you can ask them to rebook another flight.
  • Do not instantly buy a one-way ticket if you miss your scheduled flight.


Check for standby options:

If you miss your flight on Frontier Airlines, you can opt for standby options. The airlines can put your name on the standby list. However, this can only happen when seats are available in the standby options.



The missed flight policy is how this airline deals with situations where passengers arrive at the airport after scheduled departure. Additionally, this strategy works hard to help passengers save money after missing a flight. Along with money, passengers save a whole lot of time using the services under the missed flight policy of Frontier Airlines. You can make the changes through the official website of the airline or you can contact the live person on the airline for making any changes to your flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions;


Yes, you can get a refund for your missed flight. According to the missed flight policy of Frontier Airlines, the refund varies from fare to fare. Adding to it Frontier Airline will follow all the refund policies before initiating your refund.


In case you have missed your flight on Frontier Airlines because of any delay or cancellation then you can ask the airline to rebook another flight for you. The airline will surely try to arrange another seat on the next earliest flight. Instead, you can also buy a new ticket if you urgently need to travel without any delay.


If the flyer misses the flight due to any unavoidable or uncontrollable situation then Frontier Airlines won’t charge even a single penny. Instead, the airline will try its best to assist by rescheduling another available flight.


Frontier Airlines will book the next available flight at no additional cost if you try to inform the airline on an immediate basis. You should be able to report to the airline because if you are not present there at the airport the airline would consider you a no-show and they may charge some nominal amount as a no-show policy.


For connecting with the customer care executive of Frontier Airlines you can call on (801) 401-9001. You can reach out to the customer care executive 24x7 for any kind of queries. They will assist you through your problems and help you find a better and more accurate solution for them.