Missing a flight can ruin the fun and excitement of a trip. This kind of situation can occur due to your or the airline’s fault. Curious to know how?

You possibly miss the flight if you cannot show up at the airport before the flight time. The reason behind this could be anything. But the main question is what are the ways to save you from this grave? What is Frontier Airlines missed flight policy? 

If you are not aware of the answers to these questions, then no need to panic at all because, in this article, you will find all the answers in detail.

Frontier Airlines Missed Flight and Refund Policy

Some general guidelines about missed flight and refund policies of Frontier Airlines are explained below; 

Missed Flight Policy

  • If you miss your flight due to some unfortunate situation that is beyond your control, then the airline will help you to board the next available flight that will fly to your destination. 
  • If you miss a flight due to your fault even after completing the Frontier check in and boarding procedure, then you will be able to rebook the next flight. 
  • In case, you could not make your appearance at the airport, on the day of your flight departure, you will be considered under the “No Show Policy”.
  • If you get marked as a no-show, then you will have to pay some penalty fees. 


Refund Policy 


  • Frontier Airlines Refund Policy is very much flexible for its passengers. 
  • According to this policy, If you cancel Frontier flight 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time, you will get your ticket value back within a few working days. 
  • However, no refund will be granted to you, if you fail to show up at the airport on time that is before departure. 
  • In case, you miss the flight due to some reasons like death, or if someone in your family or you get sick, or due to any weather condition that you can barely manage to board the flight, in these cases Frontier Airlines will offer you a refund. 
  • On the other hand, if you miss your flight, because of your own fault, you will not get any refund. 

To check which travel class of Frontier Airlines is eligible for ticket changes and refund, kindly check the table given below; 

Fare Types Changes/ Re-booking Refund
Basic Changes are Allowed Refund is permitted if done 24 hours before the flight departure
Classic Changes are Allowed Refund is permitted if done 24 hours before the flight departure
Classic Plus Changes are Allowed Refund is permitted if done 24 hours before the flight departure

What Happens if I Miss My Flight on Frontier Airlines?

There are many situations that can occur after you miss your flight. Not just that, there are several steps that you can take to prevent the situation to get worsen; 

  • At first, your first flight and connecting flight (if any) will get canceled by Frontier Airlines. 
  • In case, if you have a valid point to support the reason why you missed your flight, then you will get an option to rebook a flight. The airline will assist you with the procedure. 
  • If you are not comfortable with the alternative flight, then you can ask for a refund. 
  • On the other hand, you will not get any refund for the reasons that are under your control. Apart from that, if you are under the no-show policy, then also the airline will restrict you from getting a refund. 
  • You will have to pay a no-show penalty. 
  • However, under every situation, you are eligible to rebook your flight. 
  • The airline may also put you on standby mode, in case of no next available flight. 
  • Under any technical glitch from the airline side, you will be assigned to rebook a flight or claim a refund. 
  • If you miss a connecting flight because of the airline, then you will board on an alternate flight. 
  • If you have travel insurance, then you can claim a refund. But for that, you have to check the terms and conditions that the insurance has. In case, the policy does not mention any condition about the missed flights, then you can contact the insurance provider and seek guidance. 


How to Rebook Frontier Missed Flight? 


As per Frontier Airlines missed flight policy, there are two ways through which you will be able to rebook a missed flight. The details are elaborated on below; 


  • Browse the official website of Frontier Airlines. 
  • Then move ahead to the “Manage Booking” section. 
  • Select the section, and enter your details such as your Frontier flight booking details, number of passengers, travel date and time, and both departure and arrival destinations.
  • Select whether you want to book a one-way flight or a round-way flight. 
  • Then, cross-check the details to avoid any unwanted problems. 
  • Once you are done, you will have to pay the rebooking fee. 
  • Then, you will get the confirmation mail, which will include the ticket details and boarding pass. 




  • If you are unsure about the online procedure, then you can go for the offline mode of rebooking. 
  • For this, you will have to contact the customer care cell of Frontier. 
  • Then listen to the IVR Menu carefully, then proceed accordingly. 
  • Once you get a hold of the Frontier representative, you will have to tell them the reason why you called. 
  • After that, they will assist you with the rebooking procedure. 
  • To complete the procedure, you will have to submit the required details to them. The details will include your flight details, total passengers, travel date and time, and departure and arrival destinations.
  • After confirming the details, you may proceed with the payment. If you are going to pay via your credit or debit card, then you will have to tell the agent the card details.
  • Once the booking procedure gets completed successfully, you will receive the ticket and boarding pass details to your registered email id or phone number. 
  • Or if you are at the airport, then you can find the Frontier ticket counter and proceed with the rest of the formalities. 


How Can I Claim a Refund for Missed Frontier Flight? 


Claiming a refund is simple if your ticket and reason to miss a flight fall under the terms and conditions of Frontier Airlines. The first thing that you must do is check whether you are eligible for a refund or not. If you are then you can follow the below-given steps for a seamless procedure; 

  • If you have booked your missed flight from the official website of Frontier, then contact the airline customer department and proceed accordingly.  
  • And if you are at the airport then you will have to go to the Frontier counter. Only then will you be able to get your refund.
  • Whereas, if you chose a third-party agency to book your flight, then you will have to reach out to them. Then they will assist you further. 


How to Get Connected With Frontier Airlines?


You will get various ways to contact Frontier Airlines representatives. Methods are described below; 

1. Visit the Frontier Airlines website: Browse the official website of Frontier Airlines. Once you are on the Frontier Airlines website, you will find various options and information related to flights, bookings, reservations, and customer service. Take some time to navigate through the website and familiarize yourself with the available options.

2. Contact Frontier Airlines customer service: Frontier Airlines provides customer service support through various channels. Look for the "Contact Us" or "Customer Support" section on their website. You may find options such as phone numbers, email addresses, or live chat support.

  • By Phone: If you prefer to speak directly with a customer service representative, look for the phone number provided on the website. The times may vary, so be prepared to wait on hold. 
  • By Email: If you have a non-urgent inquiry or prefer written communication, you can send an email to the provided email address. Make sure to include your query or request clearly in the email.
  • Live chat: Some airlines offer live chat support where you can interact with a representative in real-time. Look for a "Live Chat" or "Chat Now" option on their website and click on it to start a conversation.
  • Social media: Frontier Airlines may have an active presence on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Check if they have official accounts and look for any contact information or messaging options available there.

3. Visit a Frontier Airlines ticket counter or airport office: If you prefer face-to-face interaction or need assistance while at the airport, you can visit a Frontier Airlines ticket counter or their airport office. The airport office is typically located in the main terminal of the airport they operate from. The staff at these locations can help you with reservations, changes, or any other queries you may have.




Frequently Asked Questions;

No, it is not possible that Frontier Airlines automatically rebook missed flights. You will need to contact the airline staff and they will tell you what you can do in this situation.

If you think you might miss your Frontier Airlines flight, you should contact the airline as soon as possible. The airline may be able to offer you options for changing your flight or rebooking on a different flight. It's always best to be proactive and contact the airline to discuss your options rather than waiting until after you've missed your flight.

If you have missed your flight with Frontier Airlines, you will have to inform the airline authority as soon as possible, informing the airline will make your chance to get a standby or new flight. Otherwise, if you will not inform the airline you will be marked as a No-show and you will not get any assistance from the airline side.

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