Qatar Airways Missed Flight Policy & Refund Guide

One of the most known airlines is Qatar Airways. The amenities and services that Qatar offers travelers who purchase tickets there are well-known. While talking about the services, the airline also assists flyers in their tough times. For instance, if the flyer accidentally misses a flight, then the missed flight policy of the airline will help the flyer.

Flight Policy and Refund

The missed flight policy of the airline assists the flyer in deciding the process and steps after missing the flight. However, if the flyer reaches the airport just after the flight’s departure, the airline might consider them a “no-show.” The flyer won’t be able to claim a refund or seek assistance from the airline.

Although, as per the Qatar Airways missed flight policy, the refund also depends on the type of ticket purchased by the flyer. The flyers with non-refundable tickets can’t easily claim a refund. 

Missed Flight Policy

  • Qatar travelers sometimes experience missed flights because of overbooking, delays in the airport, or cancellation of flights. For this, Qatar Airways is responsible for the rebooking of the customer with no additional cost on another flight.
  • Within the scheduled flight time eligible for these policies, passengers must contact Qatar Airways within 6 hours. With this, also note that the new flight is within 24 hours of the flight you missed and on the same route.
  • You have been considered under the category of No Show if you can't reach the airport at the time of the flight departure.
  • As soon as possible, inform the airline about the external situation by which your arrival is delayed and out of your control. If you do this, you may excuse your situation from the penalty, and the airline may upgrade your ticket to the new flight.
  • If you booked your tickets through Qatar channels, the official portal, or the ticket booth of the airline, you can also request rebooking and compensation.


What Happens If you Miss Your Flight on Qatar Airways?

You need to contact Qatar Airways first if you miss your flight of Qatar Airways.

  • Depending on the circumstances, you can also rebook your flight without additional cost.
  • As soon as possible, contact Qatar Airways, as different airline policies and procedures may vary sometimes.
  • As per the Qatar Airways missed flight policy, the airline is responsible for your missed flight, they will do your rebooking procedure and are accountable.
  • If the delay is caused by your end;
  • Go to 'My Booking' and search for Change/Upgrade flights.
  • You can ask an airport executive for help and submit a form. Only three hours before takeoff are adjustments permitted.


Connect with Live Person 

After missing the flight, the flyer starts wandering here and there at the airport. However, doing this can’t solve the problem, but surely getting in touch with the agent at the airline will solve the problem most efficiently. The flyer can follow the below-mentioned steps to get in touch with the airline.

  • Dial 022 66859540/41.
  • Pay close attention as you navigate the IVR menu.
  • You can contact the airline's live agent after doing so.


Connect through Official Websites

Besides calling, the flyer can also explore various other ways to connect with the airlines. The customer can do this by going to the airline's official website. On its website, the airline offers a number of additional channels for communication.

  • Visit the official website
  • For the "Contact Us" option, scroll below.
  • You can choose any way of communication, depending on your choice.


Contact Nearby Airport

You can search for other available flights from other airports. If you need to travel immediately, you might discover another choice. Contacting a local airport can be beneficial. The flyer can rebook another ticket and complete the trip without further delay.

Chat with Qatar Airlines

Apart from the ways mentioned above, the flyer can connect with the airline through its live chat option. By following a few simple procedures, the flyer can connect via live chat with the agent in Qatar.

  • Visit the official website.
  • Select "Contact Us" from the menu.
  • A chat box on the screen can be used by the airline to connect with the airline.


Some potential options for resolving a missed Qatar flight

Check your ticket or fare rules with Qatar Read the terms and conditions of the ticket you bought for the Qatar Airways flight very carefully. By doing this, you can determine if you qualify for a refund or a rebooking.
For Qatar Airways, submit a claim with your travel insurance You can file a claim and receive compensation for any additional expenses you incurred as a result of the missed trip if your travel insurance covers delayed flights.
Check the status of your flight Using the Qatar website or getting or touch with customer  support, you may find out your flight status


How Do I Get a Refund for Qatar Airways Missed Flight?

The refund for the missed flight depends on the fare type purchased by the flyer. However, Qatar Airways only initiates the refund for refundable tickets. But the person with the non-refundable may or may not receive a refund for the missed flight. Although if one wants to claim a refund for the missed flight, one can follow some simple and quick steps.

  • The flyer can claim a refund through the official website of Qatar.
  • The customer care executive or the live agent in Qatar can also help the flyer to get a refund.
  • If the flyer misses the flight due to delay or cancellation from the airline, they are eligible for a full refund.
  • The flyer can also drop a mail on the official mail id of the airline along with the unused ticket for claiming the refund.


Steps After You Miss Qatar Airlines Flight

Follow these easy actions if you've already missed your flight or know you will.

  • Contact the airlines as soon as you can and let them know you had to cancel your trip.
  • If you are aware that you will miss a flight, you must manage your reservation on the official website.
  • It's possible to cancel your reservation and ask for a refund.
  • After alerting the executive, request that they arrange another flight.
  • Wait for a one-way ticket if you miss your flight.


Check for standby options:

Flyers who miss a flight with Qatar Airways can also contact the company and inquire about standby options. Following an availability check, the airline can put the passenger's name on the standby list. The traveler will be able to finish their journey without any additional hustle if they do this.


Now if you are planning a trip and booking a flight with Qatar Airways, you can use the Qatar Airways missed flight policy to solve the mess. The missed flight policy of the airline will ensure to assist throughout the journey. The airline will also help in rebooking another flight as per the availability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Refunds for missing flights are based on the kind of ticket the traveler booked, according to the missed flight policy of Qatar Airways. So before claiming a refund with Qatar Airways, the flyer must go through the terms and conditions of the airfare.


They can claim a refund if the flyer misses the flight due to delay or cancellation. If the flyer misses the flight due to the airline’s error, they are eligible for a full refund. Apart from this, the flyer can also ask for a rebooking with the airline.


The Qatar Airways missed flight fee is determined by the cause of the missed flight. The airline surely considers the reason for the flyer. However, the airline may also consider the flyer a “no-show” if they don’t inform the airline about their missed flight and the reason for missing the flight.


After missing the flight, the flyer can easily connect with the airline through various ways. The flyer can also connect with the live agent through a phone call. By calling on 022 66859540/ 41, the flyer can connect with the live agent and seek assistance with the missed flight policy.