It is prevalent to make mistakes while booking a flight ticket. We all expect a solution in case we have made a mistake while booking a flight ticket, and here the Name Change Policy plays its role. Under the Name Change Policy, the airline allows you to make corrections to your name in case you make a mistake while booking your flight ticket. 

There are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow if you wish to make changes to your flight ticket. You need to pay some amount to the airline in order to get your name corrected on your ticket. This process can either be carried out online, i.e. through their official website, or over a phone call with customer care support. 

Eligibility for Air Canada Name Change

If you are one of those, who have made a mistake while booking a flight ticket, and now wish to correct it, Air Canada gives you the option of making corrections. For doing so, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

  • You need to carry out this process within 24 hours from the time you booked your flight ticket.
  • The airline allows you to make corrections only if there are minor mistakes like the wrong spelling of your name or the last name is missing.
  • You can only change the First and the middle name in case of divorce, marriage, or transgender. 
  • For making any changes, you need to have a set of required documents and a valid reason for the name change. 
  • If you have booked a ticket with the help of an agent, you can even consult that agent for the Air Canada Change Name on Ticket. 


Note: If you have error in your whole name then it is advisable to cancel your flight and rebook a new one. For more, you can check Air Canada Cancelation Policy. 

When Can You Change the Name on Your Reservation?

If you wish to change or correct your name on your flight ticket, there are certain reasons why the airline allows you to follow the process. Under certain circumstances only, you have the right to make changes. Under these categories also need to follow a set of rules in order to make the changes smoothly. Make sure you have all the required documents. For a better understanding of the reasons why you can make the changes, go through the details listed below carefully. 

Spelling Errors

In case of a spelling error on your ticket, the airline allows you to make corrections. For that, you need to inform the airline within 24 hours of time, and also provide them with any legal document verified by the government for validation. In case you do it after that, you will have to pay an additional fee. 

Change in Name Due To Marriage Or Divorce

If you are willing to change the name on your ticket in case of marriage or divorce, then according to the Canada Name Change Policy, you have the full right to make changes, but for that, you need to submit all the required documents for validation. In case of marriage, you need to submit any government-issued document you hold before the marriage and your marriage certificate. If it is a divorce case, submit any government-issued document, and an official document confirming your divorce case. 

Any Personal Reason

If you have any personal reason for which the name has to be changed on your flight ticket, you need to connect with the airline’s officials and explain to them the concerned reason, they will try and help you in the best way possible. 

Fees For Changing The Name

The airline will not ask you to pay any charges if you make the changes in your ticket within 24 hours of time. Although, you will have to pay the fare difference if applicable depending upon the route of your travel. If you make any sort of changes after the given time which is after 24 hours of your Air Canada booking, the Air Canada Name Change Fee is USD 200 per person as a name correction fee, along with the fare differences charge if applicable, again depending upon the route of your journey. 

Steps to Change Name on Air Canada Reservations

If you are one of those who wish to make changes or corrections to your ticket and have absolutely no idea as to how to go about with the process, well do not worry. Air Canada has a very simple and straightforward process for changing the name or making any correction. Below are a few steps which need to be followed for Air Canada Change Name on Ticket

Step 1: Check the Eligibility

Before making any changes to your flight ticket, make sure to go through the points that come under the eligibility under the Name Change policy. The eligibility criteria say that you should inform the airline within 24 hours from the time when you have booked your flight ticket, and you should have all the required legal documents for the verification process. Also, you can connect with the concerned agent if you had booked your ticket through an agent. 

Step 2: Contact Air Canada Customer Care Support

Once you have checked the eligibility criteria, and if you fit into those points, you need to connect with the customer care support of the airline. You can either call them at 1-888-422-7533, which is available on the website, or you even use the chat feature available on their website. 

Step 3: Provide the Necessary Information

After connecting with customer care support, you need to provide them with all the necessary information, such as the reason for a name change, and all the documents required for the name change for validation. Along with this, help them with your booking name, booking number, etc. for carrying out the process smoothly. 

Step 4: Pay The Required Fees

If you are making changes within the given time which is 24 hours, you need not pay any charge. Only pay the fare difference charge, that too if applicable. But, if you do it after that then you need to pay the Air Canada Name Change Fee which is USD 200. This fee needs to be paid after you are done with all the steps mentioned above. 


Now, that we know that we can change or correct names on our tickets with Air Canada, things have become quite easier and smooth. All you need to do is abide by the Air Canada Name Change Policy rules and criteria. The airline allows you to make changes in case of spelling correction, legal cases like marriage or divorce, and for any personal reason. You need to inform the airline immediately in case you wish to change the name on your ticket. Do not wait until the last minute, as it might cause a lot of problems, and may cause hindrances in your journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The name is printed on your ticket according to the name available on any ID proof issued by the government. You can only change up to 3 characters while making any changes. For that too, you need to re-submit your government-issued documents for validation.

Yes, the airline allows changing names to international passengers, but for that, they need to submit a set of required original documents for validation.

The airline allows you to change or correct your name within 24 hours time from your flight booking time. It is advised to make all the changes immediately after rectifying it.

If you wish to make changes to your ticket, then as per the Canada Name Change Policy, you need to submit a list of required documents, and all the documents should be government-issued for validation. You can submit any ID proof for changing your name in case of a spelling error. If you are changing the name due to marriage, you need to give the marriage certificate too for verification.

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