Delta Airlines' name correction policy allows its passengers to correct their names which can be either misspelled or typed wrongly on their tickets. The process is simple and easy to follow as well as understandable to passengers who have mistakenly or because of mistyping gotten their names incorrect. The corrections could not be very large but only a minor correction is allowed to be made.

There are also some eligibility criteria that also need to be in mind before filing a name change request. The eligibility criteria can be anything like a new marriage or divorce or even adoption and legal or personal reasons.

It is usually free but if it is charged then the Delta Airlines name change fee can be anything between the range of $75 to $500 again based on the eligibility criteria. The fee will be charged based on many factors such as if the ticket is refundable/non-refundable, or the price of your fare as well as the destination.

here's a table outlining Delta Airlines' name change policy:

Ticket Type

Fare Rules

Name Change Policy

Delta One Refundable Allowed
First Class Refundable Allowed
Main Cabin Refundable Allowed
Basic Economy Non-refundable Allowed

Note: This table is subject to change and is intended for informational purposes only. It is recommended to always check the Delta Airlines website or contact their customer service for the latest and most accurate information.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy Overview 

  • Delta changing the name on a ticket can be possible for certain circumstances, such as a legal name change, a misspelling/typo, or a change due to marriage/divorce/adoption.
  • The policy also allows for name changes due to serious illness or even death, but under these conditions, the airline may require additional documentation.
  • The name change process is very simple & understandable as well as it is not very time taking, just by following the steps correctly one can make corrections to their name. If you need help changing the name you can also contact the customer care service of Delta Airlines.

Eligibility for Delta Airlines Name Change

  • Talking about the Eligibility criteria for changing the name in Delta Airlines, the name can only be changed under certain circumstances such as the name being mistakenly typed or a typo or even misspelled as well. 
  • Some other legal reasons for Delta Airlines' name change could be marriage/divorce or adoption-related issues can also be resolved. 
  • The passengers are also bound to provide proof of their name change, the proof could be a single document of your legal ID proof or a marriage certificate and even an order from the court could be needed to prove your eligibility. 
  • Passengers should contact Delta Airlines directly or review the airline's website for more information on name change eligibility requirements.

When Can You Change the Name on Delta Airlines Reservation?

There are certain reasons that determine when you can change your name on a Delta Airlines reservation:

Legal name change

Delta Airlines allows passengers to change their names for any legal reasons for such changes the passengers will need to provide legal documents like ID Proof issued by the government or some other legal documents can also be needed for some specific requirements. 

Misspelling or typo 

For the requests like spelling mistakes or mistyped name corrections, the passengers would need to provide the same documents as legal name change such as government-approved ID Proofs and other documents. But there could be a limit to changing the name such as first/middle/last name corrections may vary.

Marriage or divorce

In the case, like if the passenger has recently got into marriage and they have booked the tickets before the marriage or even a passenger’s marriage ended and they filed a divorce case then the passenger would need to provide the legal certificates of marriage/divorce and sometimes the court orders could be needed as well regarding these issues.

Adoption cases

In the case of passengers who have just adopted a child or in a legal custody case the child’s name has been changed, these types of cases are also accepted in Delta. The passengers will have to provide the legal adoption certificate and other supporting documents such as court orders.

Fees for Changing the Name 

Delta Airlines usually in most cases do not charge any fee but if it is charged it will be on some other factors and criteria, some important information about the fee structure is given below:-

Legal name change

Delta Airlines' name change fee for a legal name change is $75 USD. The fee can be higher based on many factors such as the flight ticket type, seating class and destination.

Misspelling or typo

With a limited number of letters allowed to change Delta Airlines charge no fee for the requests such as name spelling mistakes or typo mistakes. The First/Middle/Last name can be changed with limited words allowed if you exceed the maximum word limit you may have to pay an extra fee.

Marriage or divorce

There will be no fees charged in case of a person getting into a new marriage as well if a person is going through a legal divorce case and they want to change their name again there will be no fees charged.


In the cases of adoption if a person booked a flight before the legal adoption happened they can also change the name free of cost. 

Steps to Change Name on Delta Airlines

You need to keep in mind some very important steps to change your name on Delta Airline. The steps are super easy to follow and will not take too much time to change your name all you need to do is follow the steps given below ;

Check Eligibility

To start the name change process the first thing you will need to do is check your eligibility for the name change policy in Delta Airlines. Visit the official website and read the eligibility criteria for the name change process. Or you can just simply call on the customer care service regarding getting knowledge about the eligibility in the name change policy of Delta Airlines.

Contact Delta Customer Service

If you meet the eligibility requirements make a call on the Delta Airlines Customer Service number at 1800 123 6645 and ask the representative to make a request to change your name under the name change policy.

Provide Necessary Information

Provide all the information as well as the legal documents required for name change such as your government-approved ID proof like your Passport or other ID Cards, if you want to change the name for marriage purpose or divorce purposes provide the valid certificates same for adoption you will need to provide the valid certificate to prove the adoption and your name then will be changed.

Pay the Required Fees

Usually, in most cases, Delta Airlines does not charge any fee & it is free of cost. But if there is a requirement of a fee to pay in your case please pay the required fee. There are many payment options available for paying the fee you can even use your credit/debit cards.

After paying the money collect your new booking details with the correct name on them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Delta Airlines allows passengers to change the name on their ticket in certain circumstances, such as a legal name change, a misspelling or typo, or a change due to marriage, divorce, or adoption.

The fee for a name change on Delta Airlines varies depending on the type of ticket and the reason for the change. Fees may range from $75 to $500 or more.

Yes, name changes are allowed for award tickets, but may be subject to additional rules and restrictions. A fee may also apply.

No, Delta Airlines does not allow name changes for tickets that are not in the passenger's name. In such cases, the Delta change name on the ticket will not be possible & you will need to cancel and have a new one issued.

Delta Airlines may require a marriage certificate or divorce decree to support a name change request.

Delta Airlines may require legal adoption papers or a birth certificate showing the new name to support a name change request.

You can change the name on your Delta account or SkyMiles account at any time, just visit the official website and change the account details whenever you want and it is also completely free of cost.

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