JetBlue allows the passenger to make the name correction in their original itinerary under the name change policy. JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy is not allowed to change the customer for one another. The change should match our change policy criteria if it does not match with it then the name correction is not allowed. After generating the PNR the name change is not allowed. If you want to transfer the ticket the same PNR will not work need to make a new reservation.  

According to the name change policy, making name corrections is chargeable. The airline will corporate to make the correction in the name within 24 hours of booking for free. If the name correction will be done after the 24hour from the booking time will be chargeable with the nominal fee. You can do the name correction by phone, on the website, or by email.

The criteria need to follow for name correction are:

  • The name correction must be validated by JetBlue (B6/279) only.
  • Name change on the tickets must be operated and validated by JetBlue (B6/279)
  •  Only once the name correction is allowed on the ticket because the ticket will be reissued only one time. More than a one-time name change will be put through a change fee or higher fare.
  • Name change policy does not permit the change in flights, travel class, travel fare, travel time & date.
  • If the passenger wants to change the name in mid-travel minor name corrections are accepted by the airline with the issued government ID proof.
  • Birth date correction or gender correction is not permitted on any ticket by the Name Change Policy. 
  • Minor changes in birth date are allowed because of booking errors but only if the name is not changing.
  • One passenger is allowed to do corrections only once on the ticket more than one is not permitted by the policy of name correction.
  • Multiple-time name correction may charge higher fees or the passenger needs to cancel the ticket and book a new reservation.
  • The airline will validate all the legal documents under the JetBlue name change policy while doing the process of a name change.


When You Can Do The Name Change According To JetBlue B6 Flights

Usually, mistakes in name while booking happens by the passengers, so the airline will make it easy and hustle free to do the changes by keeping in mind some parameters that which airline needs to follow to make the changes in the name of the passengers. The name change is allowed only on some parameters with legal government-issued proof. 

Here are some parameters to name change:

  • Error in Spelling: The spelling error in your first/ middle/ last name, the airline will allow you to make the changes. The changes of nicknames to the original name are also allowed. The Inverted name, adding a middle name and additional last name is also allowed in this policy but with the list of documents of legal Id proof issued by the government. The changes done within 24 hours of the booking will be free. The charge may differ according to the type of correction in the name.
  • New Legal Name: In this parameter, the name change allowed for marriage, divorce, and in the case of adoption. Some more legal documents prove required like for divorce the court order document needed. A marriage certificate is needed for name change after marriage. In case of adoption, legal documents and court approval are needed.
  • Personal Reason: The airline always considers the reasons for a name change of the passenger there are other personal reasons also which may be considered by the airline for name correction. Passengers need to call directly to the airline and tell their personal reason for changing their name. 


Note: For legal name change JetBlue provides a code to waive the fee for making the correction in name i.e. NAMECRT. Passengers can use this.

Mid-Travel Name Correction

JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy give other the opportunity to change their name in mid of traveling. Changes are allowed on the above parameters of error in spelling, new legal name, and personal reason. Airlines allow any modification in name but it should match with the government-issued Id proof. The correction in a birth date and gender is not permitted.

If there are major changes in the name mid-travel changes are not allowed passenger needs to rebook their tickets.

Instruction To Keep In Mind

There are some instructions that need to follow while making the changes in the name. These instructions respected the given name change policy by the airline:

  • The parameters above represent the permission for name correction in JetBlue Airlines.
  • Make name correction on the original PNR if it is not possible passenger needs to rebook a flight.
  • If you are booking the new PNR try to book on the same fare as the previous flight if it is not possible to book for the lowest available class (the original fare will be the same).
  • The saved data of the passenger will be re-entered with the corrected name and must be matched with the birth date fill during the first booking.
  • Cancel the flight if you are not able to make the changes on the same PNR. This will help you to release the seats and cannot count in duplicacy while rebooking the seats.
  • By using the waiver code NAMECRT you can waive the fees for the name change on reissuing the tickets.


Name Change Policy For Interline/Codeshare Flights  

The minor changes can be done by the airline-validated tickets of Interline/ codeshare flights. They can even reissue and exchange the tickets without any penalties. Minor name changes are allowed by ensuring the details of the ticket match with the government-issued Id proof of the customer or with the passport.  

The OA partner should also accept the name correction and give the approval. In this JetBlue Name Change Policy also name correction is not allowed to change the name of one customer to another.

The Criteria For Name Correction Policy Of Interline/ Codeshare Flights

JetBlue Airline provides the opportunity for changes in the codeshare flights which are booked by travel agencies. You just need to contact the travel agency to make the changes in the codesharing flights for this people need to go through the criteria.

Here are some criteria which passengers need to follow to make name corrections for interline/ codeshare flights:

  • It should be validated by the JetBlue (B6/279) carrier.
  • The JetBlue B6/279 and OA Interline JetBlue partners must validate the tickets. 
  • The travel agency needs to take approval for name correction from OA partners. If the OA partners refuse to the name change the changes will not be permitted. 
  • Only one-time reissue is allowed for name correction. Additional changes may cost a change fee and more fare.
  • Change of flights, dates, times, routes, or fare classes is not allowed with the name change.
  • Minor changes are also allowed in mid-travel but prior approval is needed from OA partners of JetBlue.
  • The birth date or gender will not change on the name change policy it should be the same as priorly booked ticket
  • The minor birth date change is allowed due to booking error only if the changes are not in the name.
  • Only one-time correction for one customer is allowed.
  • There is a penalty fee for name change it may vary with the type of change.


Acceptance Of Correction Type And Changes

The changes are accepted for the error in the spelling of a first name, last name, and middle name. The change of nickname to the legal name is also allowed. For inverted names, adding a middle name and adding an additional last name is permitted. Jetblue allows name modification that matches the government-issued Id proof. 

The legal name change in the case of divorce, marriage, and adoption is also permitted just with legal documents required for verification. People can use the waiver code NAMECRT for waiving the fee.

Instructions Keep In Mind

  • Book a new PNR with the correct name, if there are multiple passengers then the agent needs to divide the reservation.
  •  Always take prior permission from other airlines to see if they accept the name correction or can reissue the tickets for the original class for their new flight.
  •  After accepting the name correction ask to remain on the original travel class. 
  • If the OA partner is not agreeing on name correction then it will be not permitted.
  • The secured data of the passenger from the previous ticket must be entered as it is. Please verify the birth date should be the same as the prior tickets.
  • Changes in both name and birth date together are not allowed.

Covering Up With

After getting all the information about JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy that it allows the name change on the ticket. JetBlue did not allow the name transfer to the other passenger. The name changes are allowed only when it is validated with the JetBlue B6/279 carrier. JetBlue also allows name changes with interline/ codeshare flights. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, passengers can make the name correction online on the Website of JetBlue airline. Just go to the official website, select the manage trip option, fill in all the required details, and follow the instructions.

For making the correction in the name first need to check the eligibility criteria of JetBlue airlines, then need to connect with the agents to make the changes. An agent will ask you for some details and documents and in the end, make the payment of the fee.

It is not compulsory to fill in the middle name it is optional, but if your government-issued ID has the middle name then you should at the time of booking.

JetBlue Airline for making the correction in name, required government-issued Id proves of passport, original tickets, or e-ticket number.

The JetBlue Airlines Name Change Fee is around $100 USD for blue basic passengers. The fees may vary with the type of change and the travel class.

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