Porter Airlines does allow name change, however, in the case of minor spelling mistakes and legal name, you are allowed to change your name. You will be required to showcase your ID proof in order to change any minor errors.

Check out all the passenger classes and their name change policy for Porter Airlines:

Ticket Type Name Change Policy
Basic Class Within 24 hours of booking.
Freedom Class Within 24 hours of booking.
Flexible Class Within 24 hours of booking.
Standard Class Within 24 hours of booking.

What Are The Eligibility for Porter Airlines Name Change?

  • You will have to apply for a totally different ticket if there is any mistake on your ticket. Porter Airlines does not allow any name change policy on confirmed reservations or partial travel journeys. 
  • You should check the details on the tickets within a day i.e., 24 hours of purchasing so that you can apply for correction without any fee. 
  • Ticket cancellation and rebooking both are available on reservations. Porter Airlines' name change policy is applicable for every type of ticket.
  • For changing the name on your non-refundable ticket you need to follow some strict rules that come alongside. If there are some kind of spelling mistakes you will need to understand that the changes will be done only after you provide all the required documents to the concerned agent. 
  • If you have purchased a refundable ticket, you don’t need to worry anymore. You may change the name on your ticket for any reason, so long as it's within the time before the flight’s departure. For example, in the case of a divorce or marriage, you may entirely change your surname, but only after providing certain documents requested by the airline. Check all the details mentioned on your tickets before making the payment. But remember, changes cannot be made to confirmed reservations.

When Can You Change the Name on Your Porter Reservation?

Here are some of the conditions that you need to understand while making changes to your name:

Spelling Errors

While making your booking, there are many factors that might get your name spelled incorrectly by the person booking your ticket. 

Mistakes can be made by both humans and machines. So it is suggested, to check the flight ticket details thoroughly after receiving them on your registered phone number or mail id, and if you rectify any mistake on the ticket within 24 hours of purchasing then you may contact the customer care service for a quick solution. 

For Porter Airlines Change Name on Ticket call on 1-888-619-8622 and connect to an agent who will help you get your name corrected.

Due to Marriage or Divorce

Usually, to get cheaper tickets, you get to the booking counter months before you actually fly and get your tickets booked. In between those days or months, you may get married or divorced. 

In that situation, you can apply to change your last name on your flight ticket. If this is the case you can directly contact the airline's customer service for cancelling or correcting your tickets. After that, you can proceed with the surname change procedure. 

To change your name you need to submit your marriage /divorce certificate to change the last name.

Personal Reasons

Sometimes there might be some personal matter due to which you may have changed your official name. 

But due to this, you will also need to get your name changed on the itinerary as well. So get your changed ID proof and get to customer support for changing your name/surname.

Name Changes Due to Adoption

If you booked your ticket earlier and then got adopted, your surname has changed in official records, then you will have to submit those documents to the airport authority. 

After successful verification, your name change application will proceed further. If you still have any doubts, get to the customer support right away.

What Are The Fees for Porter Airlines Name Change?

Below are the details for it:

Name Correction

If you are applying to correct your name within 24 hours of ticket purchase, either there are small mistakes or changing the whole name will be free of cost. 

However, doing the same thing after 24 hours will cost you some amount. 

Marriage or Divorce

If you have to change your name due to divorce or marriage, this would include changing your surname. So it is advised to cancel the ticket and book a new one instead. 

However, if you still want to change the name, the fee may range between $30 to $100.

How Do I Change My Name on Porter Airlines?

The steps to change your name on Porter Airlines Reservation are mentioned below-

Step 1: Check the Eligibility

According to the Porter Airlines Name Change Policy, you are only allowed to change your name for minor spelling mistakes or any legal name change requirements. 

For a legal name change, you will have to produce all the required documents that are related to your claim. 

Step 2: Contact Porter Airlines Customer Service

Small changes can be done by yourselves using the mobile app or the official website if done within 24 hours of booking.

After this period you will have to contact the airline's customer service to get your name changed.

Step 3: Provide the Necessary Information

In order to make changes to your itinerary, you will have to provide certain details and documents as mentioned below-

  • booking number/ flight details
  • A government-issued ID with the current name
  • Marriage / Divorce certificates (in required case)
  • Legal adoption papers/court orders (in required case)

Step 4: Pay the Required Fees

After completing your change procedure, you will have to complete your payment so as to confirm your changed itinerary. 

The charges will depend on the type of ticket you have purchased and the class you are traveling into. 

Note: These guidelines are general guidelines of Porter name Change Policy, if you wish to learn more details either visit the official website or contact customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, you cannot change the name on your Porter Airlines reservation online. You will have to contact Porter Airlines customer service in order to request the change.

The credit card that you used earlier to purchase the tickets, the same card will be used to charge you the fees for the name change as well. If you wish to use a different form of payment, you should contact Porter Airlines customer service and get to know all the options available there.

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