United Airlines is the major and one of the largest airlines in the United States. United Airlines serves more than 64.9 million passengers in a year. It is traveling to 362 airports and with 4500 flights daily. It has several hubs in the United States the main hub is Denver where the total footfall is 8.4 million and the other main hubs are Chicago, Houston, Newark, and San Francisco according to this data it proves that United Airlines is a large carrier airline.

United Airlines facilitate many services to their passengers like name change, baggage allowance, and upgradation in the travel class. The United Airlines Name Change Policy is very flexible with this airline. The airline allows minor changes in the name on the tickets and ensures that it will perfectly match the valid ID proof of the passenger.

Here's a table outlining United Airlines' name change policy:

Ticket Type Name Change Policy Fare Rules
Standard Economy Allowed within 24 hours of booking The fees will be $75 if it is after 24 hours then the fees between $100-$200
Premium Economy Allowed within 24 hours of booking The fees will be $75 if it is after 24 hours then the fees between $100-$200
Business Class Allowed within 24 hours of booking The fees will be $75 if it is after 24 hours then the fees between $100-$200
La Premier Class Allowed within 24 hours of booking The fees will be $75 if it is after 24 hours then the fees between $100-$200

Note: It is recommended to always check the United Airlines website or contact customer service for the latest update regarding policy this table is just for informational purposes only.

Eligibility for United Airlines Name Change

The eligibility criteria for the United Name Change on Ticket is the name on the ticket should match the name on the valid ID proof. 

  • Name change eligibility is for every passenger who has purchased tickets with United Airlines regardless of any travel class and fare type. 
  • Minor changes like spelling corrections in the last name are allowed or if the name is not properly matched with your name on the legal ID proof
  • If you have the non-refundable ticket then also you can make the corrections in your name according to the Valid ID proof.
  • The name change is allowed only on the basis of proof of Legal ID of the passengers.

When Can You Change the Name on Your Reservation?

  • Spelling Errors- The United Airlines Name Change Policy is allowed you to make changes or corrections in the spelling according to the government ID proof. You just need to make a call to United Airlines customer service to ask for the name change. Please provide the valid documents they need for the process. There will be name change fees for all the conditions.
  • Name Changes Due to Marriage or Divorce- In the case of marriage and divorce it is very difficult for the airline to make significant changes in the name they need the necessary documents to make the changes. There is also a fee between $75 - $200 to make the corrections.
  • Personal Reasons- Personal reasons can be considered for the minor name corrections but the fees will be charged in this case too.
  • Name Changes Due to Adoption- In case of adoption we consider the name change you need to provide all the legal documents need for the process and fees will be charged and may vary according to the process.


  • The airline will not consider the entire name change only minor or legal name change is allowed.
  • In case of booking from a travel agency, the name change is not allowed, passenger needs to call their travel agency to make the changes.
  • United Airlines allows the name change only on the fee conditions, so without fees, the airline will not make the changes.

Fees for Changing the Name

United Airlines Name Change Fee for making the correction in the name varies according to the time of booking if the passenger will make the name correction within 24 hours of the booking the fee will be approximately $75 and when it is after the 24 hours then fees will be $100- $200 vary on the condition of a name change.

Steps to Change Name on United Airlines Reservation

Step 1: Check the Eligibility

Passengers should check the eligibility criteria that he/she comes under the eligibility criteria of a name change. United Name Change Policy only allows minor spelling corrections or any legal name changes the fees for the name change differ according to the conditions.

Step 2: Contact United Airlines Customer Service

To make the changes in the name on the United Airlines tickets you have to directly contact the airline customer service and provide the necessary details to the agent other than this you may directly go to the website or mobile app of United Airlines to make the changes in your name.

Step 3: Provide Necessary Information: 

When you are ready to make the changes in your name on the ticket the things you need to keep ready in your hands are your reservation number, ticket number, correct name, and Legal proof that needs to be updated. For some conditions, legal documents are needed to make the changes like affidavits and government-issued IDs.

Step 4: Pay the Required Fees

United Airlines make the changes by charging fees. Once you provided all the necessary documents for the reservation and agent will proceed with the process then they will ask you to make the necessary payment according to the required condition. The fees may vary according to the reasons for a name change. The payment methods may be credit cards or any other online option.

Legal Documents Needed for Name Correction:

United Airlines Name Change on Ticket required the number of the documents listed below:

  • Government issue Id proof like Driver’s License 
  • Passport- In case of middle name addition
  • In the case of divorce, a certificate of divorce needed
  • In case of adoption- a certificate of adoption required
  • The marriage certificate is required in case of marriage

These all documents required the correct name on them which you want to update on your ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can make the changes on your online reservation of United Airlines, but it is allowed only on the fees and in the condition of minor spelling mistakes or legal name changes.

The United Airlines Name Change on Ticket charge for the name correction is between $75- $200 but it may vary according to the reason for the name change.

No, the transfer of tickets in another's name is not allowed by United Airlines.

The United Airlines Name Change Policy is allowed only in the case of minor changes in the spelling or legal changes in the name.

Yes, at the time of the name change the agents will help you to add the middle name if required or you can also add it by visiting the official website.

You need to call directly to customer service or you can also make the changes by visiting the United Airline website.

Go to the official website there is the option of my trips up there, once you open your trips there will be the option to edit the passenger details from there you can make the changes or you can call the customer service.

The United Airline customer service number is 1800-551-0943

In the airline, the name change required the United Airlines Name Change Fee for making the correction in the name

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