Flair Airlines Pet Policy is very flexible and allows you to travel happily with your pet. You should consider whether your pet is ready to fly with you. Worryingly, they do not allow pets as checked baggage nor do they have any cargo service. Therefore, carry-on pets are the only option. They welcome pets to travel in the cabin on most of their flights.

Flair Airlines Pet Cabin Travel

Flair Pets are only allowed to travel in the main Cabin. The Airline does not allow pets to travel as Checked baggage and also the airline does not offer any Cargo hold service for the passengers to carry their pets with them. If you do not want to have any confusion, then you can get information about the Flair Airlines baggage policy.

Flair Airlines' in-cabin pet policy allows small domestic cats & dogs as well as puppies & kittens to travel with their owners in the cabin for a fee. Pets must be able to fit well and cozily in a carrier that can fit under the seat ahead of the owner. The carrier must be leak-proof and ventilated.

Only one pet will be allowed to carry per passenger as well as only a total of 6 pets are allowed to carry in the aircraft. It is recommended to all passengers who are willing to take their pets with them to book pet travel in advance as there is a limited number of pets allowance.

Age & Breed Restrictions Flair Airlines

  • Flair Airlines only allows small domestic dogs and cats as pets in their aircraft. For space reasons not all breeds are accepted, only small breeds can fly with the airline.
  • Luckily, short-nosed breeds are allowed to board as well with the same condition that they should be small.
  • There are also no specific age restrictions for pets to travel in Flair.


Service & Emotional Support Animals Restrictions

You can take Service Animals with you for free if you are a heavy need to take them, but you need to know that there are some rules to take service animals with you;

  • Under the category of service animals, only service dogs are accepted
  • Only customers with disabilities are allowed to carry service dogs in the cabin
  • Your dog must be professionally trained as well as certified as a service dog
  • It is mandatory for you to notify the airline of the breed of dog and its weight & dimensions
  • If your animal is causing any disruption, including barking, growling, howling, chirping, or another disruptive manner, they may be denied boarding.
  • For the comfort of all other passengers, Flair will decide where you and your animal will be seated, in consultation with you. 
  • You must obtain a valid health as well as a vaccination certificate with you, along with these certificates you must also obtain the entry permits of the pet and other documents that can be required by state, territories, or country entry and transit. 

You must assume full responsibility for your animal because if such crucial documentation is absent, the airline will not accept the service animal.

Talking about the emotional support animals Flair Airlines Pet Policy has not accepted any pet as an emotional support animal since December 2021.

Required Documentation For Pet Travel

Flair does not require specific health certificates or vaccinations for pets traveling on its flights, but owners are responsible for ensuring that their pets are healthy and fit to fly. But for the convenience of the passengers the airline advises the owners of the pets to always carry a Health Certificate as well as a Rabies Certificate with them. 

Flair Airlines Pet Fee

If You're Booking Fair Airlines Flight, and want to take your beloved pet along with you. Flair is always present here for you, by paying a very minimal Flair Airlines pet policy fee of $79 + tax if you reserve a pet online and a fee of $99 + taxes if you are reserving your pet at the Airport. So don’t waste your time, reserve your pet online so that you will not have to pay more money than usual. If you need to take a service animal along with you Flair will not charge any money and you can take your pet free of cost.

Carrier Size Restrictions & Requirements for Pets

Pet Policy Flair Airlines has some restrictions as well as requirements for carriers or the Kennel which are used to take the animals by their owners; these rules must be followed by the passengers who are taking their pets with them on Flair. The list of these rules is as follows;

  • The Carrier must be soft-sided so that it will not hurt anybody in the aircraft & made of a durable material with secure fastenings
  • The Carrier should be big enough for the pets that they can move properly whenever they want to as well as small enough to fit under the seat in front of the owner
  • The maximum size allowed is 16 x 9 x 10 inches or 41 x 23 x 25 centimeters & the maximum weight of 10 kg (22 lbs), including the pet
  • Have a leak-proof and well-ventilated as well as waterproof bottom & a comfortable interior for the pet

Pet Etiquette

When traveling with a pet on Flair Airlines' pet policy, it is important to follow proper pet etiquette to ensure a comfortable and safe flight for everyone on board. Following are some tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Book your pet travel in advance, as there is a limited number of pets allowed on each flight as well as it will be cheaper for you 
  • Arrive as soon as possible at the departing airport so that you will have some extra time for your Flair Airlines check-in process & any other necessary paperwork
  • Make sure your pet is well-behaved and not disruptive to other passengers or airline personnel
  • Keep your pet's carrier on your feet or under the seat ahead of you during the flight all the time
  • Do not let your pet out of its carrier during the flight, as this can be a safety hazard
  • Bring a sufficient amount of water & food for your pet, as well as any other necessary items such as medication or comfort items
  • Make sure your pet is neat & clean as well as not smell bad  
  • Be prepared to provide documentation such as health and vaccinations of your pet if requested by airline personnel
  • Be courteous to other passengers and you can also ask if they have any concerns or allergies related to pets


  • There are no specific breed or age restrictions for pets traveling in the cabin, but pets must be well-behaved and not pose a risk to other passengers or airline personnel. You must ensure your pet carriers must meet specific requirements and restrictions. It is important to follow proper pet etiquette during the flight to ensure a comfortable and safe experience for everyone on board.
  • For more information on Flair Airlines' pet flying policy, it is recommended to check their website or contact customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Are the

Only small domestic cats and dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin with some breed, size & weight restrictions on Flair Airlines.

No, there are not any specific restrictions regarding pet breeds traveling in the Flair Airlines cabin but big cats and dogs are not allowed to carry.

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