Porter Airlines is an airline from Toronto, Canada. They allow your loving pets to join in on your flight. You can take your cat or dog on the journey in-cabin or as a carry-on with Porter Airlines. 

In this article, we have given all the necessary information about Porter Airlines Pet Policy.

Allowed Pets On Porter Airlines

  • You can travel with your domestic cat or dog on the aircraft of Porter Airlines. 
  • Inside a comfortable pet carrier, your furry friend can embark on the journey with you. 
  • This airline approves only one pet per passenger. 
  • And make sure that your pet’s carrier is leak-proof and fully ventilated. Only then you can travel with your pet. 

Fees For Pet Travel

If you are traveling with your pet on Porter Airlines, remember that they do not refund the pet fee. So, make sure to book accordingly. This carrier charges around $50-$58 each way. You also have to pay the taxes separately. Service animals can travel for free on this airline.

Pet Travel Restrictions

Before carrying your pet with you on a flight, you should know whether pets are allowed to the location you are traveling or not. 

  • Pets on Porter Airlines can only travel if you have paid your full fare.
  • Traveling with an infant does not permit you to bring your pet in this carrier.
  • Minors who are unaccompanied can also not travel with a pet.
  • You can check in online with your pet on Porter Airlines' official website. But for the boarding passes, you have to collect them at the airport ticket counter only. 
  • Porter Airlines does not allow your pet to travel as checked baggage. 

Size and Weight of Pet Carrier Allowed on Porter Airlines

  • Porter Airlines allows a pet carrier that can fit easily under your front seat. If it doesn't fit, your pet can be denied traveling.
  • We have mentioned the size and weight of the pet carrier for Porter Airlines down.
  • The combined weight of your pet and the carrier should be not more than 10 kg (22 lb). 
  • The size of your pet carrier has to be 27cm high, 55cm long, and 40cm wide.

Some restrictions on pet carriers

Your pet should remain inside its carrier from the boarding point to the landing destination.

Only one pet can travel in a single pet carrier.

  • Any part of your pet should not be outside the carrier.
  • Your pet should easily lie down, stand up, or move inside the carrier.

Booking Your Pet

Pet travel booking on Porter Airlines is based on the available space. They allow only 2 pets in the cabin on all their flights. If you are sure that you are going to travel with your pet, then make the booking while buying your ticket. 

You can also contact Porter Airlines at 1-888-619-8622 to reserve your pet's seat.

International flights

Every country has different requirements regarding your pet's health. For this, you should consult with the particular country's embassy and know about the pet restrictions.

Additional Information On International Pet Travel

  • In case you are traveling with your pet from your home country (US) to Canada, you should meet all the pet entry and exit regulations. 
  • Contacting your pet's doctor to make sure that it complies with foreign pet policies is necessary.
  • Health and vaccination certificates are needed for the travel of your pet.
  • If you are traveling from some other country to the US with Porter Airlines, rabies vaccination of the last 12 months is very important.
  • You should arrive at least 90 minutes before boarding with your pet.

Pet Allergies On Porter Airlines

Allergies are a very common thing and they can be extreme or minor. If your pet is prone to any kind of allergy, you should inform Porter Airlines beforehand. 

  • You should give a notice to the airline at least 48 hours prior. 
  • For pet allergies related to nuts, they will remove any nut products from their menu. You and your pet will be given a seat in the buffer zone where no passenger is allowed to eat nuts.
  • In case your pet is allergic to dander or fur, Porter Airlines will make sure to take your pet away from the zone to reduce any exposure.

Security Screening With your Pet

While traveling with your pet, you need to go from the security checkpoint at the airport. It is a very easy and smooth process. You just have to take your pet out of their carrier and hold them in your arms on the security counter. Keep walking through a metal detector and your screening is done.

The carrier of your pet will go under the X-ray machine at the same time. 

If you are worried that your pet will get scared at the airport. You can ask for a private screening too for your pet.

Emotional Support Or Service Animals On Porter Airlines

If you plan on traveling with a Service Animal or Emotional Support Dog, you should notify Porter Airlines at least 48 hours before departing. Your ESA should also have a proper certificate from an animal institution. 

Service animals can only travel on Porter Airlines if you have all the required entry permits to the destination you are going. 

Professionally-trained service animals are not included in Porter Airlines' Pet Policy.


Overall, while there are some restrictions and requirements to keep in mind, Porter Airlines’ pet policy is relatively accommodating for pet owners who want to travel with their pets. 

Follow the guidelines of their pet policy and prepare your pet for the flight. By doing this, you can get a wonderful travel experience for sure.

You should remember that flying can be a bit frustrating for your pet. If you do decide to fly with your pet, carefully review Porter Airlines’ pet policy and plan accordingly.

We have also summarised the key highlights of Porter Airlines’ pet policy in the table below:

Allowed Pets

Dogs and Cats

In-cabin Pets


Checked Baggage Pets

Not Allowed




$50-$58 and applicable taxes

Service Animals

No Charge

Emotional Support Animals

No Charge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Only small dogs and house cats are allowed on Porter Airlines.

The fee can range from $50 to $57.50 per direction. During the time of the booking the cost will be confirmed.

No, Porter does not allow any pet to sit somewhere else except in the carrier.

According to Porter Airlines, pets are not affected by the seasonal baggage policy.

Porter Airlines does not have any strict restrictions over pets, but the pet should be fit in its carrier.

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