Porter Airlines Pet Policy And Fees Guide

If you are planning a trip and want to take your fur baby (small cat or dog) along with you, then you should travel with Porter Airlines. But before that, you must have some general knowledge about the basic yet essential guidelines of Porter Airlines Pet Policy to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. 

Does Porter Airlines accept passengers to travel with their pets?

Yes, accept passengers with their pets because Porter Airlines is one of the most popular and trusted airlines in the US. This airline has a very flexible pet policy under which you can carry your pet in the passenger cabin. However, only domestic cats and dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin. Apart from these two species all the other animals such as birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs can only travel as cargo pets. 

If you have a cat or dog that is at least 8 weeks old and weighs under 7 to 8 kg, then you can carry them in the passenger cabin. However, you should keep one thing in your mind, the combined weight of your pet and carrier should be under 20 lbs (9 Kg). 

What Are the Porter Airlines Pet travel fees?

  • If your pet meets the guidelines of the Porter Airlines Pet Policy and you want to take your lovable pet in the cabin, then you have to pay around $50 CAD/USD per direction. Kindly note that the fee is non-refundable. 
  • If you have a large pet and want it to travel in cargo then you have to pay a non-refundable fee of approx $100 CAD/USD per direction for the cargo hold. 
  • If you are differently abled and want to travel with a service animal then you have to inform the airline on a prior notice. Porter Airlines does not charge any special fee for the service animal. However, only dogs are allowed as service animals. The dog should be well-behaved and obedient to this owner. 

What are Porter Airlines Pet travel restrictions?

As per the Porter Airlines Pet Policy, there are certain travel rules and restrictions that you should follow. Details are given below; 

  • A pet cannot travel with a minor or unaccompanied minor. Pets with an adult are allowed to travel in the cabin and cargo. 
  • If you are traveling with an infant or an unaccompanied minor, then you cannot travel with a pet. Neither in the cabin nor in the cargo. 
  • You can travel with only one pet. And in one pet carrier, only one pet is permitted. 
  • During the whole journey, make sure that your pet is in the pet carrier comfortably. 
  • The carrier along with the pet should meet the weight and height restriction. And must be placed beneath the seat space given in front of the passenger. 
  • Porter Airlines does not allow any aggressive or distressed pet to travel in the cabin or the cargo hold. 

What Pet carriers count as cabin baggage in Porter Airlines?

If you are willing to travel with your pet in a passenger cabin, then you are obliged to meet the weight and size restrictions applied by the airline. As per the norms, the size and weight of the pet carrier should not exceed 13" x 17" x 6" (33 cm x 43 cm x 16 cm) and 20 lbs (9 kg).

Can I take pet International flights with Porter Airlines?

All the above-mentioned restrictions about different species and the size, and weight of the pet and the carrier are also applicable for Porter Airlines international flights.  Although some additional restrictions can be implied. However, it is solely dependent on the designated country. To avoid any last-minute fuss, you are advised to cross-verify the details with the airline authority.  

How far in advance should I book travel for my pet on Porter Airlines?

Porter Airlines allow only 2 pets in a cabin. So, it is advisable to book the flight for your fur baby as soon as possible to ensure enough space for them on the flight. 

For a hassle-free journey with your pet on a Porter flight, there are some general tips are given below; 

  • Before bringing the pet on a flight, make sure to get your pet fully vaccinated. 
  • Bring all the vaccination and health-related certificates with you to show at the airport. 
  • Train your fur baby to stay in the carrier comfortably, to avoid any issues during the journey. 
  • Do not feed your pet too much before the flight. Always give them a light meal before the journey. 
  • During the journey, your pet might get thirsty and hungry, so always carry a travel bowl and some water along. 
  • Pack some favorite toys of your pet and give them during the flight to keep them occupied. 
  • Always be patient and understanding. During the journey, your pet might feel uncomfortable, so be enough patient to console them throughout the journey. 

What are the Check-in and boarding time For pet travel?

To board a flight, the most important thing is to be on time to complete the formalities and procedures. If you are traveling with a pet, then you must complete the check-in and boarding within the designated time. A detailed elaboration is given below; 

Domestic Flights: 

If you are flying domestically, then you should reach the airport at least 2 hours before the flight departs to complete the check-in. Along with this, try to complete the other procedure as soon as you can because the boarding closes 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. 

International Flights: 

If you are going to travel internationally, then complete the check-in at least 2.5 to 3 hours before the flight time to get plenty of time for other formalities. The boarding closes for international flights 20 minutes prior to the flight departure time. 

Publish Date: 04/25/2023