You can fly with your pet to many of the 48 states in the US with the Sun Country Airlines pet policy. Unfortunately, this airline does not allow pets on flights internationally. Make advance arrangements for your pet to travel as there are limited seats available. Connect with Sun Country customer service at 651-905-2737 and make a reservation for your pet.

Importance of Understanding Pet Policies Before Travelling With Your Pet

Have you thought about bringing your pet with you on your next trip with Sun Country Airlines? It's important to understand their pet policy to avoid any issues when boarding. If you don't follow the guidelines and rules set by the airline, you may be denied boarding with your pet.

To avoid this, it's best to be familiar with their policies before you travel. This will ensure a smoother and stress-free travel experience for you and your furry friend.

Pets Allowed on Sun Country Airlines

Different airlines have a variety of qualities and guidelines when it comes to pet policies. Contact the customer care executive of the airline to know about their pet policy. Talking about the pet policy, Sun Country Airlines allows only dogs and cats. The airline also allows all service animals and emotional support animals.

One thing that you should remember while carrying your pet is that the airline allows only pets on all domestic flights. The pet policy does not apply to international bookings by travelers.

Dogs and Cats

Even though Sun Country Airlines allows you to carry dogs and cats on the flight, there are a few points that you have to consider while carrying your pet along with you. The rules and regulations for carrying dogs and cats are mentioned below:

  • Dogs and Cats having a total weight of 16 pounds along with their carrier are allowed to travel on the flight along with the customer.
  • Larger pets can be only transported as checked- baggage or cargo.
  • There are certain specifications regarding the size, health, vaccinations, and all the other requirements of cats and dogs.

Service Animals

Apart from dogs and cats, permission for service animals is also given by Sun Country Airline. Service animals are basically those animals who are trained specially. Below mentioned are the key points that you must consider before taking the service animal along with you.

  • Proper documentation of their training must be provided to the airline.
  • When it comes to the service animals make sure to inform the Sun Country Airline 48 hours prior to the departure of the flight.
  • You can take the service animal along with you to the cabin without any additional fees. 

Emotional support animals

So far, Sun Country has allowed emotional support animals to fly. So, you can take 1 emotional support animal with you. Check out the points given below.

  • The flyer must provide documents printed on the letterhead.
  • The airline will verify the documents before onboarding the emotional support animals on the flight.

Restrictions on Pet Travel with Sun Country Airlines

Even though Sun Country allows you to carry your pet along with you there are certain limitations and restrictions that the airline implies on the flyer before onboarding the pet on the flight. You can check out the list of restrictions that the pet policy Sun Country Airlines implies on the passenger.

Breed Restrictions

There are certain breeds that Sun Country Airlines doesn’t allow to board. The list of the breed includes  Boxer, Bulldog, Pit Bull, Pug, and a few others.

Age Restrictions

Sun Country Airline has also some specific guidelines about the age of the pet that you want to carry along with you while traveling. Below is a brief that the airline has released with respect to the pet policy. You can have a look at the age restrictions that are mentioned below.

  • The pet you want to take along with you must be 8 weeks old because below this age the pets aren’t eligible to travel on the flight.
  • Pets older than 16 weeks must have the proper documentation for the vaccination and health-related things. All the documents must be issued within 10 days of traveling.
  • Contacting the customer care executive of the airline to knowing more about the age restrictions on pets can be helpful.

Health Requirements

There are certain health requirements that the owner of the pet must take care of before planning to board the flight along with their pet. Below mentioned is the list of the health requirements that the pet owner can take care of;

  • You should carry a health certificate from a veterinarian. Make sure that the certificate is issued 10 days before the departure date. 
  • You must prove to the airline that your pet doesn’t have any kind of infection or disease.

Sun Country Pet Carrier Requirements

While talking about the pet carrier requirements of Sun Country Airlines it varies. You can check the below-mentioned points that are applicable for both pets traveling as checked baggage or as carry-on baggage.

  • If your pet is traveling as checked baggage then you have to smartly play with the size and weight of the pet. 
  • While talking about the weight keep in mind that the weight of the pet must be 16 pounds including the weightage of the carrier. On the other side, the size of the carrier must be  17 inches long x 16 inches wide x 8.5 inches high (43 cm x 40 cm x 22 cm). 
  • The carrier should fit underneath the front seat.


Fees and Charges For Traveling with Pets on Sun Country Airlines


Now you know a lot more about the pet policy of Sun Country, you must have a look at all the types of charges that the airline implies on the flyer following the pet policy.

Sun Country Pet Fees

Sun Country Airlines does charge a nominal amount as pet charges. However, the Sun Country Airlines pet fee depends on the destination and the type of travel that the flyer is opting for. You can check the list share below for checking on the pet fees charged by Sun Country Airlines.

  • The charge for the pets traveling in the cabin is $125 each way. 
  • If your pet is traveling as checked baggage, then the charges are $199.
  • On some international flights where the airline allows pets. The charges depend on the distance the flyer is traveling and the type of fare.

Pet Carrier Fees

While talking about the pet carrier fees then, Sun Country airline doesn’t charge any fees for the carrier. However, it should be compact enough that it fits the restricted guidelines of Sun Country Airline. Below shared in the guidelines instructed by the airline for the pet carrier.

  • The carrier should fit under the front seat.
  • The size of the carrier should not be more than 17 inches long x 16 inches wide x 8.5 inches high


If you cancel the pet reservation with Sun Country Airlines within 24 hours of booking, then according to the pet policy of Sun Country Airlines, the airline will refund you the whole amount you paid as the price of the ticket. But in case, you canceling the flight after the allotted i.e. 24 hours of time period then the airline may charge you some sort of cancellation charge to the owner of the pet.

Tips For Flying with Pets on Sun Country Airlines

Now as you are all aware of the pet policy of Sun Country Airlines. There are a few things that may help you throughout your trip with the pet on Sun Country Airlines. Scroll down and read the pointers that you can recall while carrying your pet with you.

  • There are a few things that you must take care of and exercise as a pre-flight preparation. Take your pet to the veterinarian for a check-up and obtain the certificate. Apart from this ensure to mention all the details on the carrier. You have to properly feed the pet before boarding the flight, as the airline won’t allow you to open the cabin for feeding.
  • You must inform the cabin crew about your flight. Try to avoid sedation. Apart from this, you must ensure that your pet doesn’t feel anxious, so keep track of their activity. Provide plenty of water before boarding the flight to your pet throughout the journey.


With all the information provided above it is very clear that if you obey the Sun Country Airlines pet policy then you can travel with your pet without any problem. Lastly, being an owner of a pet there are several other things that you must ensure while taking your pet. Although the customer executives at the airport are there to assist you in any kind of situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The charges to bring a pet to Sun Country vary on the type of fare and the distance the flyer is traveling. However, the airline will charge you $125 if you travel with your pet in a cabin. But on the other side, the charges for checked baggage are $199 each way.

According to the Sun Country airlines pet policy guidelines of the Sun Country airline, the flyer must ensure the size and weight of pets traveling in Sun Country Airlines. The weight should not exceed more than 16 pounds along with the carrier. On the other side, the size must not exceed more than 17 inches long x 16 inches wide x 8.5 inches high.

Sun Country airline doesn’t allow some special kind of breeds on the flight. This list of the breed includes Bulldogs and Boxers.

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