Cheap Flights from New York to Fort Myers

Having difficulty finding flights from New York to Fort Myers? Worry no more, you will get all the insights helping you decide the best flights for this route. The JFK to RSW flights is not always cheap, even if you book it in an LCC, for comfort you will have to upgrade your seat. Also, you sometimes, need some extra services This might add up to cost you a good amount at the end. 

Route from JFK to RSW

Looking at the data, the route from JFK to RSW is about 3 hours of flight. The flight covers a total distance of 1074 miles (1728 Kilometers). There are several airlines that operate this route non-stop and with layovers. A direct flight from JFK to RSW would keep you in the air for 2 hours and 35 minutes. The fastest flight to cover this distance is American and JetBlue Airlines in 2 hours 53 minutes. 

Right Airline for Your JFK to RSW Flight

The most crucial task is to choose the right flight for this route. If you are unaware of the services and facilities the airlines flying through this route provide, you will now get to learn them. After reading, this you will be able to decide your flight all by yourself.

  • The flights to Fort Myers from New York are majorly operated by JetBlue Airlines. JetBlue has numerous affordable flight options operating day and night via this route. With JetBlue, you will get free entertainment and wifi onboard. It provides one of the most spacious economy-class seats. Also if you opt for a frequent flyer program, JetBlue has an even better TrueBlue program with better advantages.
  • Southwest is the most lenient airline you can find in the USA that allows you to carry two checked baggage and one carry-on for free. With the added advantage of onboard entertainment and free WiFi service. The loyalty program also is unique offering you credit for the money you have spent rather than the miles flown. 
  • Delta is a pioneer in the airline industry with wide coverage over the USA and other major international destinations. It provides one of the best staff and services onboard. The loyalty program of Delta is best rated in the industry. 

How to Find Cheap Flights from New York to Fort Myers?

Booking JFK to RSW flights for a cheaper rate is an achievement you can make. You don’t always find a cheap ticket, but knowing the trick can surely make your day. Check out the tips mentioned below to make sure you can save some bucks on your travel. 

  • If you are booking your tickets, make sure to book it at least a month before, this can get you a great deal.
  • Usually, the month of December has an increase of 26% from the base fare and the best time to book is during October when the prices drop more than 31%.
  • You must check out the official websites regularly to find the lowest fare. If you are lucky enough you can get your tickets at as low as $65.
  • During booking keep note that you book evening flights as morning flights are 17% more expensive.

Airports Information

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Opened in 1948, the airport is now a major hub for American and Delta Airlines. This airport is also on the focus list of JetBlue Airlines. 

The airport incorporates a total area of 5,200 acres with a total of 4 runways. Annual footfall at this airport is more than 55 million. 

Southwest Florida International Airport

Opened in 1983,  the airport is the third-largest airport by area in the US. Western Global Airlines makes it a hub for operation.

The area of the airport is 13,555 acres and has a total of 1 operational runway. The airport sees a total of 10 million passengers annually.


Publish Date: 05/04/2023