Sun Country Unaccompanied Minor Policy and Fees

The Sun Country UMNR policy is a set of rules and guidelines to help fliers. The airline assists their children in boarding without making any adjustments to their safety.

Things to consider include age restrictions, the documentation process to be followed, fees for UMNR policy, and services provided by the airline.

Sun Country Unaccompanied Minor Policy (UMNR)

Mentioned below are the points that you may consider as UMNR policy for Sun Country Airlines.

Age restrictions for UMNRs

You can check below the guidelines for age restrictions that Sun Country airlines considers.

  • Sun Country follows very strict guidelines when it comes to the UMNR policy, so all minors who are 14 years old or younger than 14 years can only travel with adult passengers.
  • The Sun Country airline claims that 15-17 year-olds who are young adults can travel alone with Sun Country airline. However, they can travel on specific routes like within the U.S. and to Puerto Rico.
  • Minors who are between 5-14 years of age, must be accompanied by young adults as per the guidelines of Sun Country Airline.
  • On the flight covering routes to Central America, Mexico, or the Caribbean, the minors must be accompanied by adults who are 18 years old or above.

Traveling with Young Adults (15-17 years)

Sun Country Airlines follow rules that are made for the safety and security of unaccompanied minors. In other, we can say that the airline doesn't hold the responsibility but wants to make sure that small children traveling with the airline are safe. So to lessen the problems the airline only permits minors to travel with adults or young adults.

  • All children between the age group of 15-17 years old must be accompanied by adults who are 18 or above. The airline claims that the adults who will be traveling along with the minor must be on the same flight and same compartment as the children.
  • All the accompanied passengers who are younger than 18 years can’t hold the responsibility of the child flyer. It can only be possible if the accompanied passenger is the parent of the child.


Policy for Lap Children/ Infants


Sun Country Airlines UMNR policy allows children between 8 days and 24 months to travel for free with Sun Country Airlines. However, there are several things that the parent flyer must consider before flying with their baby;

  • Make sure to carry the birth certificate of the child for age verification by the airline.
  • The person who has a ticket in their name can hold the child in their lap during the journey.
  • As per the Sun Country UMNR policy, the airline only allows 1 child per ticket.
  • Young adults i.e. flyers aged between 15-17 years can’t travel with these children unless they are the only parents of the child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

According to the unaccompanied minor policy of Sun Country Airlines, children can travel along with their parents or must be accompanied by young adults. However, if you are carrying infants or lap children then ensure to carry their birth certificate for documentation purposes.

Sun Country airlines don’t offer unaccompanied minor policies for flyers, but there are certain guidelines that you can consider. For example, children between the ages of 5-14 can travel along with a young adult, and children below 5 years old can travel with adults of 18 years old or above.

If the flight gets delayed or canceled then Sun Country airline ensures to take care of the children till the arrival of the next available flight. The airline believes in the safety and security of these minor child travelers.

If the parent or guard wants to make changes to the UMNR’s itinerary details then they can get in touch with the customer care executive of the Sun Country airline. The executive can assist them with Sun Country UMNR policy in making changes and briefing them about the traveling details.

Undoubtedly Sun Country Airlines has been renowned for the satisfactory services it provides instead of being a low-cost carrier. Sun Country airline provides assistance to all flyers with special disabilities. The airline assists in arranging things like wheelchairs.

The airline follows strict rules when it comes to the safety concerns of the minor child traveling. So, only a legal guardian or family member can travel along with the child. However, if a non-family member travels then they must be required to carry their authorized letter from the parent.