The United Airlines UMNR Policy goes through four main levels getting ready for the flights, formalities at the airport, In flights services, and formalities on arrival. Every parent or guard has to follow this sequence for stress-free booking of Unaccompanied Minor. 

As we all know children traveling alone is a very difficult situation for parents so, the UMNR policy made for less the burden of stress for parents. UMNR Policy with the minor fees takes the responsibility of the child's traveling from departure to arrival. 

How Does United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy Work?

  • The United UMNR Policy is for children who are travel without any adult. They take children under the age range of 5-14 years. They are eligible for this policy. The children who are 15-17 years old, this service is optional for them. 
  • There will be a nominal fee with the ticket fare which will be charged for this facility. This fee includes seats, complimentary food (if available), and preboarding.
  • This policy will take the child only on non-stop flights and booking will be made on the call only, directly with customer service of United Airlines. 
  • Children aged between 15-17 years can travel alone on a flight operated by United Airlines or United Express or as Unaccompanied Minors.


Important Aspects of the UMNR Policy


This information helps passengers to make a clear vision of the policy. Just passengers need to follow all the aspects given by United Airlines for UMNR Policy:

  • The first and most important aspect is the child who is traveling alone should be under the age of 5-14 years only then he/she can consider an unaccompanied minor.
  • The reservation should be made by the Unaccompanied Minor’s parent or guardian so they are aware of the policy requirements and the details of the guardian should also be correct.
  • The legal documents of a child are required like a Birth certificate or any legal identity proof for check-in at the airport.
  • United Airlines allowed Unaccompanied Minor travel on international flights too.
  • The airline will suggest you book a non-stop flight for the unaccompanied minor otherwise the flight will be operated by the United Airlines or United Express.
  • The passenger should reach the airport 30 minutes before the required time of check-in so the formalities will be done on time.
  • Parents or guardians should be 30 minutes before the arrival time so the handover formalities will complete on time and also for child security reasons.
  • Parents will be requested to stay at the airport until the flight will take off. The airline may need them in any emergency.
  • The details required by the airline for UMNR Policy are filled and signed by the parents or the guardian. It should be filled in correctly.


Services under Unaccompanied Minor Policy


Unaccompanied Minor is too little to take their own responsibility for anything. When they are traveling alone so that will be very difficult so the airline provides the service under UMNR policy to take care of the child, let's talk about its services in the category:

At the Airport

  • At the airport, the assistant will take the child from the parents at the gate and take them to the counter.
  • The Unaccompanied Minor should have to check in at the counter only so that the staff of the airline can check all the contact details and documents. The agent also provides the special wristband and the envelopment to keep the documents of the child.
  • For the security check, if your child is flying out of the US you are allowed to go to the ticket counter with the gate pass.
  • Once the check-in procedure is completed the assistant will take further the security check. The assistant will help the kid with all the airport procedures.

At the arrival

  • Children should wait on the seat for the attendant to come and take the child with them for arrival.
  • The child will be with the attendant until the attendant hand over them to their guardian or parent.
  • Parents will suggest being there at the airport at least 30 minutes before the arrival.
  • The parent will allow coming to the ticket counter for picking up their child by getting the gate pass.
  • The attendant will hand over the child to the parent or guard once they check the legal Photo Identity proof of the parents or guardians.


For Booking Procedure For United Airlines UMNR


After getting all the information about the United UMNR Policy. Parents and guardians of a child think about making the reservation this is an important procedure for which parents are curious to know. There are two different methods of booking the Unaccompanied Minor Reservation:

Online via the website

  • Go to the official website 
  • Select the advanced search options 
  • Select the number of children by the age 
  • Deselect the number of adults
  • Select the suitable flight 
  • Fill passenger’s information required
  • Fill in the form details required in it
  • Make the payment 


On the phone (call on 1800-864-8331)


  • Call on customer service number 1800-864-8331
  • Select the option for unaccompanied minor booking
  • Ask the agent for a suitable flight option 
  • Select the best-suited flight and give the details  of the passenger
  • The agent will send you the form link for some details required by the airline
  • Pay for the booking and get the details in your email

Requirements for booking

  • While doing the booking, the details of a person who is going to pick up and drop off the child are filled in correctly.
  • If you make the reservation online there will be a service of $25 which you may need to pay.
  • Details of the child should be filled in correctly
  • Please select the appropriate seat for an Unaccompanied Minor. Children are not allowed to seat in the aisle because of security reasons. You select the seats 48 hours before the departure
  • If the child travels with any adult who is on a different reservation, the unaccompanied minor fee will not charge to them. Just need to inform the airline of the link to the reservation.


Fee for UMNR


Here is the table for fee requirements for Unaccompanied Minor traveling according to the number of kids traveling:

Number of Unaccompanied Minor Travelling Fees for one way Fees for round trip
1-2 $150 USD $300 USD
3-4 $300 USD $600 USD
5-6 $450 USD $900 USD

The explanation is here for the table: The 2 unaccompanied minors are allowed on the fees of $ 150 USD each way but they will be considered only when they are from the same family. If the 3-4 unaccompanied minors travel together then will cost $300 USD each way and if the 5-6 kids are traveling together they cost $450 USD each way. This fee includes one complimentary snack for each child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is always suggested to book a flight in advance. The airline always wants unaccompanied minors booking book the flight at least 2 hours before the time of departure flight.

United Airlines provides assistance with the child through out the travel which will be responsible for the child’s safety and security.

Yes, an unaccompanied minors can travel on connecting flights but the connecting flight will be operated by the United Airline only.

The documents required for traveling to UM are legal Identity proof or a birth certificate and for international traveling passport is also required with these documents.

Yes, United Airlines provides this facility, they allow the kids to travel on international flights to international destinations.

The unaccompanied minors travel with each other on flights the fees will applicable according to the number of kids.

The UMNR policy of United Airline Allowed kids between 5-14 years of age and 15-17 years can travel alone and if they want they can opt for this service by paying the fees.

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